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Mt. Vernon Democrats! The Good, the Bad, the Ugly and Bipolar ! This is why we are the laughing stock of Politics!
Mayor Davis, Reggie Lafayette, heck the entire Mount Vernon Democratic City Committee are playing the public for fools. Saying one thing in public, but doing the complete opposite behind closed doors. Talking out both sides of their faces, like the seasoned politicians they are. Taking pictures together like everything is all good in the hood, while they plot, plan and scheme to continue to plunder, pillage and play the public.

Let’s start with Davis, the man investigated by the fed for seven years or so, the man who took a plea bargain and pled guilty to two counts of tax evasion, oh excuse me, ‘just not paying his taxes on time’ as he likes to refer to it. The same man who at the last mayoral debate said he would support who the party choose as its nominee. The same man who after losing the primary told News 12 (with former mayor Clinton Young by his side, like a partner-in-crime) that he would support Richie Thomas. The same man who told News 12, Black Westchester and others he is not running as a write-in candidate.

This same sterling example of an individual who epitomizes the thug-like, retaliatory political propaganda that Mount Vernon has become known for. While he claims he is doing everything he can to support the young Democratic mayoral nominee, he has his people waging a concentrated, collective and calculated write-in campaign to the likes which Mount Vernon has never seen. Democrats Exposed could not find another example of such a campaign in the state of New York or even the east coast for that matter.

Reggie, Reggie Reggie, Can’t You See
Sometime your words, infuriate we
We can no longer stand your deceitful ways
First Davis gotta go, then numbered too, are your days
Next up, I believe that would be, the Democratic Don of Dons, who controls the symphony, Reggie Lafayette who is either the best at playing both sides of the fence or has just plain out, all but  lost control of the party he rules over. Now with Lafayette, we are still trying to figure out is he outright just plain lying, playing a shell game with the people? Allowing you to see this, while doing that. He says the party is united and stands together to support the nominees. Wait, wait, wait, let’s stop right there.
  • Davis is doing a write-in campaign, but publicly says he supports Richie.
  • Clinton, publicly paints the portrait that they are all working together, while privately conspiring to support the embattled Senator, who also lost the primary.
  • The Senator that owes her last win to retain he senatorial seat to Davis for taking out her competition, one Crystal Collins who he has been linked to romantically and received a city hall job for backing out the race so Ruth could win.
  • Then there is the bipolar, former City Clerk and current City Council Candidate Lisa Copeland, who is breaking party lines by running with Ruth in the General Election as she did in the primary and then trying to help position, Independence Party Council candidate Janice Duarte to take out her running mate and fellow Democratic City Council nominee Andre Wallace.

Copey is only running to pad her pension. She isn’t even participating in the process, refusing to do debates, hasn’t done any campaigning since well before the primary.

No need to try to get your message out to the people when she knows the fix is in, so she is off on vacation or something. She telling everyone she has already won. Not very democratic of her, but hey, this is Mt Vernon, rules don’t apply to the few, the shamed, the sold, you know the Democratic machine.

But back to the matter at hand, either Reggie is either playing the people like a finely tuned musical instrument or he is just downright and desperately in denial because he has lost all control. Either way he is a liability the City of Mount Vernon can no longer afford to have at the helm.

Everyday another story runs exposing the dirty politrics of the Davis Administration and Reggie’s band of Dirty Dems. Reggie, the man who wore too many hats, to the point evidentially will not be effective in any of his conflicting positions.

We could go on and on about Clinton Young, Senator Ruth, the rebel without a pause or a cause, Debbie Reynolds or Davis’s dirty deeds, but that list as is long as a summer’s day or one of Davis’ answers where he gives you the history of Mt Vernon instead of actually answering your question.

What we are witnessing is a few self-entitled individuals desperate to hold on for fear of becoming obsolete, without their titles, at the cost of the people.

This double-dealing, underhanded, pay to play, my way or the highway systematic corruption, the City of Mount Vernon has suffered two decades under the Davis Administration and the Dem Don’s rule, has left the poor citizens of Mount Vernon singing Sam Cooke songs…

There have been times that I thought I couldn't last for long
But now I think I'm able to carry on
It's been a long, a long time coming
But I know a change is gonna come, oh yes it will
While we the good citizens of Mount Vernon are being sold a dream of unity in the community, the double-dealing Dems and making deals to take each other out, so they can the last man or woman standing.
Under the current crop of top Democratic, dysfunction has become the new normal, and as we can continue to stay plugged in to the matrix and live out our dyslexic disillusion that Davis,

Reggie and the crew are never going to consider me and you in what they do. They are deceiving you. Telling you one thing and doing as they damn well please, to pad their pockets, their pensions and prolonging their privilege and pleasures, just a little longer before they ride off into the sunset. Ernie & Reggie – the new blues brothers are leaving behind destruction and decay in their path, never once looking in their rear view mirror as they dash with the cash.
We can continue to listen to the wonderful words coming out of their mouths or watch their actions and judge them by the fruit their bear. 

Mt. Vernon! WAKE THE F**K UP!
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