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Just when the Mount Vernon Democratic Party had finally appeared to be working together for one Mt. Vernon, longtime loyalist Lisa Copeland goes against the party she has pledged loyalty to for decades. Mount Vernon Democrats have to ask has MVDCC Chairman finally lost all control of the party that continues to be further divided by the actions on Copeland.
While the MVDCC looked to finally be coming together Thursday night at Republica Cigars (550 Gramatan Avenue) at a fundraiser for Andre Wallace, the other Democratic Nominee for Mt. Vernon City Council, despite the publicly posted pictures of Lafayette, Davis, Thomas and Wallace, that flooded social media, Copeland is the lasted Democratic to go against the party.
While Wallace, Thomas, Lafayette and Mayor Davis publicly posed together, and an ad in the October edition of the MV Inquirer displaying Richard Thomas, Judge Adrian Armstrong, and City Council nominees Copeland and Wallace together and Lafayette proudly proclaim the party’s loyalty as one, Saturday at Democratic Headquarters, Copeland has been making several questionable moves and statements privately and publicly that paints anything but the loyalty we have been led to believe is taking place.
First Copeland who ran on both the Democratic Party ticket or Davis, Armstrong, Copeland and Boykin as well Ruth Hassell-Thompson for Mayor’s ticket leading into the primary, which garnered her the highest vote total in the primary. Then Copeland is secretly making deals to run with Ruth’s ticket (going against the party) going into the General Election in November.
Copeland has also been publicly proclaiming Janice Duarte who is a Democrat running on the Independence Party line as her candidate for Council. Several Democratic loyalist have complained that Copeland has gone as far as to publicly make these statements in the face and presence of her fellow Democratic Party nominee Andre Wallace as well as publicly talking bad about Wallace to her inner circle and publicly.
Copeland was invited to Wallace’s fundraiser as Wallace tried to show unity with his fellow Council nominee, by both Wallace and Robert Debenedictis who helped put the fundraiser together at the Cigar spot owned by his family. Debenedictis was insulted by Copeland who he said told him not only was she not coming, she is not supporting Wallace. Copeland was said to have told Debenedictis as well as others, that she got many more votes than Wallace in the primary and nothing Wallace tries to do to support  Richard Thomas (should he be voted in a mayor) will get through, because Wallace is only one vote and ‘We are four.’ Not even in office yet she has already aligned herself to Marcus Griffin, Yuhanna Edwards and Roberta Apuzzo, who have long been considered puppets for Mayor Davis and not big fans of Thomas, their fellow councilmember. 
We have to wonder how someone considered a longtime Democratic loyalist can be making moves that are basically disloyal to Lafayette and the Mt. Vernon Democratic City Committee. While Lafayette is calling for all candidates to support the nominees, how can Copeland not only a nominee, but the number one vote getter in the primary, be doing everything in her power to further divide the party, she claims to support and love so much.
This after rumors and flyers are circulating around Mt. Vernon about Davis running as a write-in candidate after denying it publicly on News 12 and proclaiming he would support the nominee in the Journal News debate and again outright saying he along with former mayor Clinton Young, that they would support Richard Thomas on News 12 the night Thomas won the Primary. 
With rumors of Young calling many key Democrats to support Hassell-Thompson, Davis threatening to run as a write-in candidate, Debra Reynolds who was taken off the ballot for the Primary running on the Conservative line, Hassell-Thompson running on the Working Family line
Copeland publicly disrespecting Wallace, and making allegiances with Democrats running on other lines like Independence Party council candidate Duarte and Working Family Mayoral candidate Ruth Hassell-Thompson, how can we believe the words coming out of Lafayette’s mouth about a party united.
Either he is outright lying to the residents of Mount Vernon and secretly supporting these political shenanigans or he has in fact lost touch and total control of the party. Either way Lafayette maybe showing he too has been in this position for far too long and is out of touch with the party. 
Lisa Copeland’s actions are just the latest proof that the Mount Vernon Democratic Party is totally broken and they may be a need for fresh blood in the City Chairman position. 
One thing we know for sure is none of this buffoonery, political pettiness and betrayal of the party, would be going on under Lafayette’s predecessor David Ford. Many people proclaim, Lafayette is good for Mount Vernon, but he is not half the leader Ford (who made the Mount Vernon Democrats a political force to be reckoned with) was. The party stood proud and strong under Ford and now is a mere shell of the powerhouse it once was under Lafayette.
Richard Thomas and Andre Wallace are to be commended for trying to reunite the party despite the attacks they both have faced at the hands of the party, under Lafayette. But Copeland shows despite their fruitless efforts to achieve unity, the party is broken beyond repair and Lafayette (who lost the last three mayoral primaries in succession) has lost all control of the party.
Copeland may have been the highest vote-getter but she may also be the latest if not one of the biggest liabilities to the unity of the party, she claims to support and love. 
Do we really want someone like that in City Hall for the next four years? Someone who is only running because she is eight months short of a pension and the party wouldn’t even hire her in the last administration in the city clerk’s office to help her get it. If Davis administration didn’t want her, why should we help her pad her pension at the cost of the tax-payers and residents of Mount Vernon. Copeland is both a casualty and culprit of the kind of politics Mount Vernon has suffered under the last twenty years. 
Mount Vernon cannot move forward into the future with this residue of the past!

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