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Prayer and action to SAVE South Africa

In these difficult times, when many signs point to our nation being captured, SACLI is lending its support to the civil society coalition SAVE South Africa. Even with the dropping of charges against our finance minister today it is essential that the church pray and act to ensure that corruption not gain a foothold in our nation. 

I have included an invitation to the SAVE SA People's Assembly and a prayer for use in our homes and churches over this week. 

Moss Ntlha 

Prayer for South Africa 

1) Our God in heaven, we worship and adore You. Hallowed be your Name in all the earth. 

2) We are thankful for the many blessings bestowed on our nation over the last 21 years. We thank you for the constitution of our nation, and the different institutions that strengthen our democracy. We thank you for the rainbow people of our country and their quest to realize the promise of freedom and justice.

3) We celebrate much forward movement made in our nation in different ways over the last 21 years. We celebrate the strengths and talents of the diverse people of this land as they work out what it means to be the South Africa that is just, prosperous and inclusive.

4) We lament the failures of our leaders to live up to their calling to lead with integrity and justice as servants of the people. We lament their betrayal of the hopes of so many of your people who are still to be set free from the bondages of poverty, ignorance and disease.

5) We lament the many signs that point to the fact that ours is a captured state that can no longer be answerable to the people of South Africa. 

6) We repent from our high tolerance of rampant corruption in our public institutions, and for allowing evil to triumph on our watch.  

7) We pray for the removal of those in government who have made themselves instruments of evil and corruption. We ask you to remove them from positions of influence which they have used to harm your people. We pray that you raise others who have a heart to serve with diligence and faithfulness. We pray that you strengthen the hand of those who serve Your people well.

8) We pray for the swift removal of the State President from power, for disrespecting his oath of office and plunging our nation into crisis through his lack of ethical leadership. 

9) We thank You for answering our prayers, for all power and glory belongs to You, now and forever more. 

10) We pray in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen


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