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The Tar Heel Knight

JULY 2016

The Official Publication of the North Carolina Knights of Columbus
State Officers:
  • State Deputy: Colin Jorsch
  • Chaplain: Father Lesak
  • Secretary: John Nussbaum 
  • Treasurer: Dan Lange
  • Advocate: JC Reiher
  • Warden: Chris Losack
  • Immediate Past State Deputy: Jack Murray
Regional Membership and Program Consultants
  • #1: JP Horvat
  • #2: Tom Smith
  • #3: Walter Kulla, Jr.
  • #4: Sergio Miranda
  • #5: Richard Hamel
  • #6: Wayne Kleven

In This Issue:

State Deputy
New Members
State Secretary
State Advocate
State Warden
General Programs
Culture of Life
Family Life
Disaster Relief
Ultrasound Machine
Awards Dinner
Golf Tournament
Choose Life Plate
Knights in Action


Greetings to each one of you from Fayetteville!

Gina and I hope this edition of the Tar Heel Knight finds you well and in good spirits!
On behalf of all the state officers, I would like to offer our sincere gratitude to the entire leadership of the North Carolina State Council (and that is anyone who held a leadership position in your council, all the way through the chairmen, directors, District Deputies and Regional Membership and Program Directors).  Any success that was realized in our great state was purely because of all of YOUR efforts throughout this past Fraternal Year.  Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you!
Gina and I have had the distinct pleasure of visiting many councils and activities throughout the state.  What a warm welcome we received each and every time.  For that we are deeply grateful. 
I would also like to extend that gratitude to the Mahoney Agency for the efforts of our Field Agents and General Agent assisting those councils in achieving STAR Council.
To the leadership of this coming Fraternal Year, Thank-you for assuming a leadership position in our state.  We truly hope and pray that you will be successful in bringing God’s Kingdom to the corner of the earth that He has entrusted to you.  Our desire is that you found the Council Leadership training informational and useful to start you and your council off on the right foot.  Please know that if there is anything we can assist you with, we are a mere phone call or email away and are truly looking forward to working with you.
Gina and I had the privilege of traveling to New Haven, CT a few weeks back.  We were pleased to hear that the emphasis on Building the Domestic Church, While Strengthening Our Parishes initiative is moving forward with fervor.  The great thing about being in North Carolina is that the majority of our councils are Parish based and already embedded in the mission of our Church.  Of those councils that have homes, they are strongly associated with so many activities in the Parishes they support that there is little transition for us to accomplish. 
I will ask you to keep, first and foremost, in your minds as we travel this new road that we do so in the support of our Parish Priests.  We need to ask how we can help and how the Knights of Columbus can best fit into the mission of the Parish.  Council leadership, please ask to meet with your Pastor and find out his needs.
Until next month, it is our prayer that God continues to watch over you, keep you safe, and provide you and your families with many blessings.

May the Peace of Christ be with each of you!

Colin Jorsch
State Deputy


Daniel Travieso
Godfrey Fondinka
Matthew Mayor
Jimmy Phelps
Jason Namowicz
Thiau Sian Mung
Michael Farino
Melvin Henry
Robvert Wernersbach
Antonio Garcia
Christopher Cole
Barry Sanders
Alan Underkofler
David Hughes
Matt Riggs
 Adam Becker
Kenneth Woodworth
Luis Gonzalez
Timothy Cooper
Benjamin Dauer
Mark Rouff
Scott Kimmel
Brian Ashworth
Johnny Farmer
Glenn Schwoyer
William Simpson
Freddy Otero
Daniel Stickley
Canh Tran Van
Francisco Reyes
Jason Neves
Dr. Peter Robie
Adnan Nasir
Eddie Gagne
Glenn Preslar
Tom McVay
Michael Breen
Rodney Lowman
John Holpe Jr
Thomas Moyer
Jon Hamilton
Rene Bernard
Jesse Tanner Jr
Doglas Thilman
Roger McCabe
James Clethen
Brian Smith
Antonio Bernal
Ismael Alfaro
Mario Silva
Gregory Mosher
Jason Theobald
Stephen Angelli
John Thelen
Gavin Parsons
Long Khong
Dean Textor Jr
Matthew Huff
Robert Boretti Jr
Jim Demarais
Joao Costa
William Frazier
Paul Kaplar
Romeo Marata
Christopher Latham
Kevin Marion
Joseph Smith
Ronald Battan
John Ason
Daniel Ballard
Perry Mastrocola
Sylvain Nzeyang
Clinton Schaney
Paul Semiraro
Rick Szafran
Danoto Rodriguez
Cayman Starnes
Diego Montoya
Dean Yobbi
Joe Vodenichar
Christopher Angerman
John Auerlio
Gilles Geierman
Craig Janak
Jason Elkin
Michael O’Connor
Dennis Hobbs
Harry Van Guilder
John Mercado
Brian Gaffney
Calvin Rice
Michael Sheaffer
Roy Guerrette


Lori and I send our greetings from Wendell.

We truly thank everyone for their thoughts, prayers and support. It really means a lot to us at this time.
As we come to the end of another fraternal year and start a new one, it is a very busy time. Take the time to show your appreciation to those that have stepped up and took a leadership role this past year. Many of them may be continuing on as a leader this year, but possibly in a new position. They need you to show your support for them. Show them your support as the new fraternal year is planned. We are all called to use the special talents that God gave each of us. Don’t ignore your call.
This month, I was in Dallas, Texas for a meeting held by Supreme. It was a one-day session, like our Regional Council Leadership Training Sessions. We were also hit with a lot of information on a number of important topics.
For me there were two themes that were weaved into everything that they talked about; Building the Domestic Church and growth (membership).
As they talked about “Building the Domestic Church” throughout the day, I kept coming back to something the Deputy Supreme Knight said in his opening remarks; “We are part of the Church, we are not apart from the Church”. How right he is.
Building the Domestic Church should have two levels for each of us. The first is our personal families where we are the head of that family. As the head of our family we have responsibilities. Families are the Domestic Church where Jesus grows in love of spouses, he grows in the lives of children. As fathers and head of the house, we need to pass our Faith on to our family. Our Family Director, Fred Burton, has done an excellent job of trying to help us do just that. Please take the time to look at the excellent program he has laid out for us.
The second level of Building the Domestic Church is Family of Families, our parish life. This is where some of us may need to do a little work. It all starts with working with your pastor. We are here to serve him. Our Council programs should help your pastor in three areas:
  1. Fraternity & Formation – Programs that support the spiritual and social development of Catholic men in our Councils and parishes.
    Our Church & Council Programs
  2. Family Life Outreach – Programs that promote the family as domestic church and strengthens our parish through commitment to “Whole family” activities, particularly a commitment of service to Catholic youth ministries.
    Our Family and Youth Programs
  3. Parish Community Outreach – Programs where our councils lead parishioners in a charity that evangelizes and energizes the parish community through commitment to the corporal and spiritual works of mercy.
    Our Community and Culture of Life Programs. 
We need to tailor our programs to better help our pastor and our parish do the work of Christ? Remember, “We are part of the Church, we are not apart from the Church”.
If I can ever serve you in any way, please let me know. I am always here to serve you.

Fraternally yours in Christ,

John Nussbaum
State Secretary


Brothers All,
I truly hope this article finds you and yours well. As always, it was a pleasure for Manon and I, seeing so many of you at the State Convention in Winston-Salem this past May. Thank you for your continued confidence and support!

It was equally a pleasure for me to see many of you at our June Council Leadership training sessions, which I hope everyone had an opportunity to attend, somewhere close, which didn't require too much travel. As I mentioned during the sessions that I facilitated, it is our hope and prayer that the training was both informative and helpful.

Last month, I attended at training meeting in Dallas, TX and want to remind everyone of the very important information relevant to Protecting God's Children. Those required to complete the Supreme youth protection training via Praesidium’s Armatus will receive an email, with a username and password and instructions for completing the training. If you are a Grand Knight, Faithful Navigator or Youth Leader at the Council level, this training is mandatory. If you have not received your username and password, please email Supreme at or by calling the K of C Safe Environment Program line at (203)800-4940 and request your username and password. As was the case last year, at this time, for those who simply wished to complete the Praesidium Armatus training solely to have it, Supreme's position on the matter is that they greatly appreciate ones willingness to step up and volunteer for training and the desire to set such a good example, however, are unable to add additional people into the training. It is possible however, that additional invitations may be made in the future.

Brothers, make it a point to build a relationship with Jesus. Spend time with our Lord every day and allow Him to enter your hearts.

May our Lord continue to guide us and protect us all, may we surrender to Him, and may He use us for His glory, as we Go Make A Difference! Until we meet again, Vivat Jesus!

JC Reiher
State Advocate
NC State Council



Brothers All, Vivat Jesus!
As we begin another fraternal year in North Carolina, I would like to extend my congratulations to all the new Grand Knights throughout the state. Being a Grand Knight is a wonderful responsibility and I hope that through the recent Council Leadership Trainings you have learned that you are not alone in your role. You have your entire Council there behind you and all of you become better when you lean on each other.
As many of you know, part of my duty as State Warden is to ensure receipt of all forms that are submitted to Supreme. These include Form 185 Election of Council Officers and Form 365 Program Personnel, as well as the Form SP-7 (which is the Columbian Award), to name a few. The Form 185 and SP7 were due on June 30th. Many of you have already submitted the Form 185 to the State Deputy, and I thank you for that. If you have submitted these to Supreme but have not sent them to your District Deputy and the State Deputy, please do so right away. If you have not submitted them, please do so even though the deadline has passed. In addition to submitting the Form 185 which is critical to establishing the communications path with Supreme, you will need to fill out the State Directory form that is on the State Website. This form is the manner in which the State Council can get information to you and your Council. The information from the Form 185 does not fulfill this requirement. The Form 365 is due on August 1st and is important for Supreme to be able to communicate with the correct program directors. You do not have to wait for the deadline; submit as soon as the positions are filled. Remember to always include your District Deputy on any form submitted. This way, I can communicate directly with the DD if the need arises.
Finally, there are still two Councils that have not submitted their Form 1295 from February. We are very close to needing the one due on August 15th and the one from February has not been completed. Not completing the semi-annual audits is reason for Council suspension and you will not be able to conduct any business. You know who you are….please complete and submit the required audits ASAP.
If I can be of assistance to you in any manner, please feel free to email me at
Vivat Jesus,




Congratulations on your election or re-election to your positions.

As you start your year, we know you have lots to do. From the membership and retention side of your council the Best thing you can to is too appoint, highly motivated and energetic men, to your membership  and Retention Team Positions.

After you have appointed your team s, it’s time to plan.

1st thing – sit down with your membership , retention team, and officers to review your roster.

Rate your members, by the ones you know their Statius, and the one you don’t. The ones you don’t  get your retention team on them now!  Year round Retention programs once established are the best way to say in touch with your members. Remember saving a Brother Knight is just as good, as bringing a new one in!

Share the membership reference guide, with your officers and teams. It has many of the tools of the trade. (Found on membership info) along with many other resource’s they can use.

For membership drives, set dates now, get with your pastor, get on the church calendar; inform you district deputy, and insurance agent of dates.

Use knights handouts (most are free, from supreme) at all you events.

Please remember, we are here for you.
Use your State Membership Team.
Just contact us, and let us know your needs or questions.
God bless,
Pete Devlin
Membership Director



As we begin another fraternal year with our Great Order I want to extend my best wishes to all the returning and the newly elected officers at the State, Region, District and Council levels.  Hope you all enjoy a blessed year and enjoy.
Our State Officers are returning for another successful year as are a number of Directors, Chairman, Regional Membership Program Consultants and District Deputies.   You all did a great job last year and with the addition of new officers the State is going to do great.
The State Deputy would want each District Deputy to have a least one District Warden. You may have more than one but one is necessary.  The State will pay for the District Warden’s jewel upon receiving a proper voucher.  Please make your Warden appoints very soon and provide me with his name, address, phone number(s) and e-mail address.  I have been asked why the reason for a District Warden?   There are probably several but the two I must mention is that he is your right hand man.  He should know as much as you about the district.  He should be able to act on your behalf when you cannot make a meeting or function.  If you have a conflict on meeting nights, he can attend one and you the other.  He is very important to have and work with you on your council installations.  Yes, I know DD’s who have done installation without a warden, and yes I know how they turn out.  That being said I would suggest that you have a sit down with the brother you are considering as a warden.   Make sure he understands what he has to do and the time needed for the position.   Does not make sense to appoint a brother and does not show when required.  Good luck and do not forget and do not forget to send me your appointments. 
Council Officers please be aware of the dates for Form submission.  If your council did not send in Form 185 (New Officers) it is late—it was due July 1st.  This form is the responsibility of the outgoing Grand Knight.   If it has not been submitted please get it submitted ASAP.  The next form due is Form 365 (Council Directors and Chairmen).   This form is the responsibility of the new Grand Knight.  If you need help with any forms please advise your District Deputy.
The next due is Form 1295 (Semi Annual Audit), this form is due August 15th.  Remember that the noted dates are the dates the forms have to be in Supreme, not the mailing date.
Again,  the best to all members of the Knights of Columbus in North Carolina.
God Bless you all.
Vivat Jesus,
Vince Cerullo
State Chancellor/Executive Secretary



Brothers all,

Now that we have closed out the past year and started the new year I would like to take the opportunity to congratulate all new officers for the upcoming year. I had the opportunity to attend and participate in two of the Regional Training Sessions and would like to congratulate all those councils that received awards for the second half of the year. As General Program Director, it makes me proud to see all the great works of charity that you do on a continual basis.
I am pleased to announce the State Program Directors for the upcoming year. The Church Director is Jeff Hoffman, the Community Director is Angelo Gibilaro, the Council Director is Nick Nastasi, the Culture of Life Director is Boyce Williams, the Family Director is Fred Burton, the LAMB Director is Richard White, the Membership Director is Pete Devlin, and the Youth Director is Ken Friend. These men are here to help you and look forward to introducing their teams later as the year go on.
As we start the new year, I would like to take just a few sentences to go over the initiative that was announced last year which was Building the Domestic Church. This calibration between the Council and Parish Priest must become a central focal point when you meet with the Parish Priest as you start this year. The importance of working alongside the parish’s life needs to be a major part of your consideration when putting together your calendar for the upcoming year. Remember “We are a part of the Church, we are not apart from the Church.” The family is the first and primary place where we experience and are formed in our Catholic faith. By building upon our current programs and activities, the Knights of Columbus continues to promote the family as a ”domestic church” where husbands and wives, parent and children, grow in their knowledge and practice of the Catholic Faith. In order to perform its important mission of evangelization, each family needs to find support in the sacramental life of the parish. We are there to assist as we can in doing this. If we approach everything in this manner, programs will draw new and old members together in this vision of what Fr. McGivney had in mind for us, supporting each other. Stay tuned for much more to follow.

Once again thanks for all you do.
Vivat Jesus
Paul Spire GPD   




  • Habitat For Humanity - Promote a need for Councils in the community to assist others
  • Veteran’s Affairs - Apprise the needs of the Veterans
  • Disaster Relief - Design A Disaster Relief Plan
  • Social Justice - Identify issue, and develop action plans


Habitat For Humanity brings people together to build homes, communities and hope.


Veterans’ Affairs – Organize and conduct patriotic programs


Develop a Disaster Plan, appoint a local council representative

Note: Gene is our new Disaster Relief Chairman.  Gene is a PGK, Trustee and Community Programs Director.  He was also a member of the County Community Emergency Response Team, and a Regional Disaster Coordinator.

Feed the hungry, clothe the naked, house the homeless, comfort the sick and imprisoned.  Charity tends to be simple.  If someone is hungry, the problem is solved with food.  Social Justice leads us to ask, “Why are they hungry?"


Brothers All,

Another Fraternal year has started. I would first like to congratulate all the newly-appointed officers, as well as the returning officers and I would also like to take this opportunity to introduce myself as well as my chairmen who will be here to assist you.

I am Nick Nastasi, your State Council Director. I have been a Knight since 1998. My home council is the Fr. Vincent J. Mahoney Council 7024 in Swansboro where I am a PGK earning Star Council in 2011, a PFN for the Fr. George A. Gunst Assembly and FDD for District 29 earning All-Star District in my last years from 2013-2015. I also helped establish the St. Michael’s Squires Circle 5619 in 2014. Last year was my first year as your State Council Director You can email me at Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need any assistance.

The State Athletics Chairman is Craig Smith. Craig is out of Winston-Salem. He has done an amazing job in coordinating State Athletics event and he needs your help. He needs Councils, Districts and Regions to step up and volunteer to host an athletic event. We are still looking for a Council to host the State Golf Tournament. If your Council is interested in hosting an athletic event, please contact Craig and visit the State website on what needs to be done. You can email Craig at

The State Olympics Chairman is Brother Michael Garguilo. Michael has been a Knight for 26 years.  He first joined Council 13355 - St. Malachy parish in Tamarac, FL and transferred to Council 939-Our Lady of Grace in Greensboro in 1994. Michael has served as Inside Guard, Outside Guard, and Squires Chief Counselor of Squires Circle 2472 from 2000 to 2002. Michael has served as the Special Olympics Chairman for the last 3 years. Michael has also worked for Special Olympics North Carolina for 11 years as the Field Services Director for the Western Region.  You can email Michael at

The Traveling Gavel Chairman is Anthony Thompson.  Anthony is a PGK of Pius X Council #3498 in Burlington, North Carolina. He is the current Faithful Captain of Assembly #2254 in Burlington as well.  Anthony was born in Charlotte but was raised in Trenton, New Jersey. He served 6 years in the US Navy from 1981 to 1987 in San Diego and Long Beach California before moving back to North Carolina. He has been married to his lovely wife Lucia Thompson for 35 years and has two children- Michelle 33 and Maurice 24. They now reside in Burlington. Anthony is employed by the United States Postal Service as a tractor trailer operator in Greensboro. Anthony’s goal to continue to promote UNITY & FRATERNITY among our councils. You can email Anthony at
Please do not hesitate to contact me or one of my chairmen if we can assist your regions, districts and councils in going and making a difference in this fraternal year. Most importantly, go and make a difference within your Council, Church and Community. It is an honor to be serving you as your State Council Director for this state of North Carolina and for the Order.

Vivat Jesus,
Nick Nastasi
State Council Director



Welcome to the start of the new Fraternal Year. I am Boyce Williams your new Culture of Life Director. I live in High Point with my wife Mary, we have 3 Daughters 2 son in laws and 5 grandkids. Spent 4 years in the Navy and was Qualified in Submarines. I am a computer tech but have been a mechanic and in retail management in the past. I have spent the last 2 years as RMPC 3 along with Admin Assistant to the Master and also have the honor of the titles FDD, PGK, PFN. I look forward to this new challenge so lets get started.
There are 4 area Chairmen and one Ultrasound Chairman. Albert Hodges has the Triad & Mountain area, Joe Werrell is on the Coast, Bob Klein is in the Raleigh area. Our Ultrasound Chairman is Len Kobylus. I am working on getting one for Charlotte. These are the men to contact for help coordinating events in those areas like 40 Days for Life, Life Chains, March for life in Raleigh & Charlotte, and the Love My Life Youth rally. If anyone is thinking of fundraising for the Utrasound initiative please contact Len, he is a font of information.
Culture of Life is not just being against abortion although that is very important. We also need to look at how things are changing for the elderly with Health Care rationing and many states starting to allow euthenasia. Part of this is care of the elderly, something we all hope to become! We also need to look at the death penalty.
It is now time to plan for coming events. 40 Days for Life has a new campaign September 28 – November 6th. Life Chains will be on Sunday October 2. Every 1st Saturday everyone is invited to a Rosary on the corner of Main & Sunset in High Point at 9 AM. I have some very good news on this one, Carolina Womancare is going to stop offering abortions with the retirement of the current DR. Halelujah!
Boyce Williams
Culture of Life Director



New Ideas
Some of you have seen me at various functions around North Carolina. At the state meetings, of course, but I’ve also been asked to fill roles in first and second degree exemplifications. I’ve gone to distant council meetings when work brought me to their area. I’ve been invited to district meetings within a 2 hour drive of where I live. I’ll go and ask to talk briefly about family programs and in these select venues I usually find a small but interested and enthusiastic audience.
Yes, they learn a little about our programs and hopefully create some new ones of their own. But I also hear what the councils are doing. Great things. Original things. Creative things. Successful things! They send me photos and tell me who’s in them and what was being done. I’m always impressed and look forward to recounting these events or projects again when Council Service Program Awards come around. But I don’t! Do they not report them? Instead I read or hear the same events from other councils that we encounter every six months.  Yes, these are good things but done at the risk of becoming ‘stale’. 

Programs drive membership. If we have a good program in one council, it may attract new members for a year or two, maybe three, before it becomes ‘stale’. Then what? Do members then become inactive out of boredom? Do we lose potential members for lack of a new and different project that will interest them?
So how can we prevent this from happening everywhere? Simple, report your programs so that others know what you’re doing when those awards are handed out. They won’t necessarily duplicate your program but adapt it to fill their councils’ needs, opportunities and resources. 

We just started a new fraternal year and I’m taking this seriously! When council elections were approaching I looked over the descriptions of various officer positions and found one that suited my tastes: Chancellor. (That title will come as no surprise to those of you who know of my degree work.) According to Supreme’s website the Chancellor ‘strengthens member interest in council activities, assists the GK and DGK and serves on the admissions committee’. He also had a role to play in the ceremony for awarding of Honorary Lifetime Memberships. I seemed to recall reading one time the Chancellor also promotes spirituality and supports vocations. I saw I could further expand that by (1) seeing if there were any opportunities to introduce other programs and (2) assist the GK and Council Program Directors in writing up their events and reporting them for Council Service Program Awards. (Yes, I will have to recuse myself from judging that division if we submit a Family Program event. Paul, Patrick, I’ll send them to you – unless it involves your home council.) 

So, I’m issuing a challenge to all of you: earn more awards than my council by reporting about your programs and people! You can begin right now by submitting that first form 1993A for Family of The Month for June, 2016!

May Jesus Christ be praised and may His Blessed Mother be honored by all that we do.

Vivat Jesus, guys,

Fred Burton
NC Family Director


Brothers All,
As we start a new fraternal year and have a number of new Council officers, I thought I would recap the LAMB Program management team.

Operational Team

State LAMB Director – Richard White. Past Grand Knight of Council 10852 in Charlotte. I have been involved with LAMB since joining my Council in 2001.  I later served as the LAMB Director for the Council, then served as the State Corporate LAMB Chairman for 2 years and have been serving as the State LAMB Director for the past 7 years. 
LAMB Chairman for the East – James “Jim” Laraia – has held various KofC leadership roles such as Grand Knight for Wilmington Council 12017, Faithful Navigator and he is currently State Chairman East for LAMB. Jim is also a Board Member of the LAMB Foundation of NC, Inc.  Jim’s email address is:

LAMB Chairman for the West – Stephen “Steve” Purcell – Steve is Past Grand Knight of Hickory Council 6451, was the RDD for Region 7 and is currently also serving as the McGivney Guild Chairman for the State. Steve’s email address is


LAMB Foundation of NC, Inc. – as you may or may not know, although started by a Brother Knight, PSD Bill Scott, the LAMB Foundation of NC is an all-volunteer, 501(c)3 public non-profit  charity, separate from the Knights of Columbus.  It is of course however the main charity supported by the Knights of Columbus in North Carolina, with Brother Knights supplying the vast majority of the volunteer labor.   

There are two key individuals of the Foundation Board who are involved in the day to day operations of LAMB  that are not NC State KofC staff. They are PSD John Gouldie who is currently the President of the Foundation and Bob Desch who is the Foundation’s Treasurer. They can be reached at: and


Reminder that a new LAMB website has been launched, same address as before:  with much more LAMB related information available. Click on the “Log In” tab, enter the password which is billscott and take a look.

God bless, Richard
Richard M. White, State LAMB Director



Greetings Brothers All,
First, I want to recognize the following Brother Knights who have been a vital part of the success of the State Youth Programs last fraternal year:
  • Worthy Brother Pat O’Doherty – Boy Scout Chairman
  • Worthy Brother Michael Darrow – Soccer Chairman
  • Worthy Brother Gary Andrews – Poster and Essay Contest Chairman
  • Worthy Brother Rick White, FDD – Coats for Kids Chairman
  • Worthy Brother Chris Headley – “Keep Christ in Christmas” and Country Store Chairman
These gentlemen were a vital part of the success of our Youth Programs.  Thank you all so very much for your service.  I also thank all of those Councils who conducted a Youth Program during the Past Fraternal Year.

Now, we are entering a new fraternal year and new challenges.  There are some changes in the Youth Program Chairmen and Positions.  Below is a list of this year’s chairman and also changes:
  • Worthy Brother Pat O’Doherty will remain as Boy Scout Chairman
  • Worthy Brother Gary Andrews will remain as our Poster and Essay Chairman
  • Worthy Brother Chris Headley will remain as the “Keep Christ in Christmas”
  • Chairman and will continue to sell items at the Country Store at the Mid-Year Meeting and State Convention
  • Worthy Brother Joe McCarthy will be the Country Store Chairman
  • Worthy Brother Kenneth Friend Squires Chairman
  • Soccer Challenge, Free Throw Championship and Coats for Kids will be headed by the Youth Director
I hope that you will contact these individual with questions or help with their programs.  Their contact information is on the state website:

Soccer Challenge 
It is time to order your Soccer Challenge Kits The Soccer Challenge Kits should be ordered by July 5, 2016.  If you have not ordered them by that date, please order them immediately.  Please watch the Tar Heel Knight and state website for more information.  If you have questions, please contact the State Youth Director at The State Soccer Challenge will be held the first two weekends in November, dates and location to be announced (TBA).

Essay Contest
It is time to order your Essay Contest Materials The Essay Contest material should be ordered by July 5, 2016.  If you have not ordered them by that date, please order them immediately.  Again, watch the Tar Heel Knight and State website for more information.  If you have questions, please contact the Poster & Essay Chairman, Brother Gary Andrews 

Boy Scouts
The Knights of Columbus Council should have already transferred or in the process of transferring Sponsorship of the Boy Scouts of America.  There will be no Council Sponsorship of the Boy Scouts of America by December 31, 2016.  This does not mean that Brother Knights cannot help Boy Scout of America program.  This is only about Sponsorship of the Boy Scouts of America.  Should you have any questions, please contact Brother Pat O’Doherty 

“Keep Christ in Christmas” Card
It is that time of year again.  Start planning on ordering your “Keep Christ in Christmas” Cards soon.  This is a great funds raiser and helps remind everyone CHRIST is the reason for CHRISTmas.  Please go to our state website for order forms We ask that you do not call in orders, but submit completed order forms.

Columbian Squires
The Columbian Squires Program is alive and well!  The Squires Program is not going away.  If you have a Squires Circle, please continue to recruit and keep your Columbian Squire Circle active and growing.  The Squires are future Knights of Columbus.  If you have submitted a letter of intent to form a Circle, you can continue your efforts to form a Circle.  The State Deputy and State Secretary along with the State Council are fully supportive of the Columbian Squires Program.  Remember none of our programs should compete with our Parish Programs/Activities.  They should be active participants in all Parish Activities.  If your Parish Priest wants a Columbian Squires Circle, please have him write a letter requesting a Columbian Squire Circle and forward with your application of Intent to Establish a Columbian Squires Circle.  If you have questions, please contact Kenneth Friend 

I thank all of you for all you have done this past fraternal year and I look forward to the great things we can do this coming fraternal year.

Vivat Jesus!


Kenneth Friend
NC Youth Director


Brother SK Bob Yuzuik, Special Deputy North Carolina VAVS, is shown standing by his wall of recognition in support of our Veterans.  Bob has given of his time, talent and treasure along with his wife, Teri and the support of Jersey Care.  They have packaged and sent packages to our military all over the world, often time making trips to New Jersey to do this.    He has also led his Council and Assembly in Kernersville, NC in major campaigns in collection of clothing and dollars in support of our Veterans all over NC and in all USO.  Teri, a Columbiette has contributed in the same manner with her auxiliary. 

Here is one example of what two people can do.  Please consider working with your parish, Council and Assembly to provide support to our Veterans at any one of the four VA Medicals, VRQ in Asheville, USOs and our homeless Veterans throughout the state.

The leadership within our Order has officially changed for the fraternal year 2016-2017.  I would like to express my thanks to our former leadership, GK & FN, for their sacrifice of Time, Talent & Treasure in supporting our Veterans.  I welcome the new leadership and request their continued support of our VAVS programs. 

With the approach of our National Birthday, 4th of July, many of us will take the time to participate in parades, picnics and other celebrations.  Respectfully, I would ask that you take a few minutes of your valuable time to remember all those throughout history who have given their service and lives to secure our Country and our Freedom.

Budget:  As you complete your budgeting process, I hope you will reserve some of your charitable dollars to support our various Veteran programs.
  • Coats for Vets (new)
  • National Wheel Chair Games
  • Wounded Warriors (M.O.P.H.)
  • USO
  • Gift cards (grocery stores, restaurants, entertainment etc…)
  • Sweats (new)
  • Underwear, tee-shirts, socks                          
These items are not provided by the VA. 
National Wheel Chair Games:  Salt Lake City, Utah-June 26-July 3, 2016—Salisbury VA sent 13 Veterans and Durham VA sent 8.  A special thanks to all of the Councils/Assemblies and Brother Knights who made their dream possible through your generous cast donations which was used to pay for hotel and transportation.

VAVS Representatives:  I need volunteers (SK) for Fayetteville, Salisbury and Asheville VA.  If interested please contact me for additional information.



Disaster Planning
It’s Time
by Gene Ziemba, PGK

By way of introduction, my name is Gene Ziemba, and I’m the new Disaster Relief Chairman for the NC Council. A member of Council 12881 in Hampstead, I transferred from GA in 2014, where I was involved in disaster preparation efforts. I'm honored to be able to continue that work here in North Carolina.

Hurricane season officially began on the first of June. In celebration, Mother Nature provided us with two named storms. This is a good time to review your personal disaster plans, check your emergency supplies of water, food, medicine, batteries etc. If you’re like many of us and don’t have any of that “stuff”, please download the handy app from FEMA which has a really easy to use “Prepare” button. It won’t do the work for you, but it will give you lots of help in getting you and your families ready for any eventuality (summer or winter).

Preparation is also important at the Council level. In the event of a disaster, is your Council prepared to survive, and continue to support your Brother Knights and your church? Simple steps like planning on an alternate meeting site, having printed copies of your membership roster, and telephone tree list will go along way to rebuilding your Council. Appointment of an interested Knight as a disaster relief chair can be helpful in this regard.

At the State level a meeting took place in June between the Raleigh Diocese, Catholic Charities, and the State Deputy to discuss the first steps to a partnership in the area of Disaster Response. We are going to plan together, and you should look forward to hearing more about these initiatives. Frankly, this is very exciting.

Disaster response at any level is best done in advance. To paraphrase Yogi Barra: 90% of this game is mental, the remaining 50% is physical. I look forward to working with you.



The Father Albert J. Todd Council 12119 has been given the go ahead to start the fund raising for an ultrasound machine to be given to Birthchoice.   The discounted unit cost of the machine Birthchoice is requesting is $45,035.00. With Supreme giving a 50% rebate, the cost to the Council is $22,517.50.  We are asking if any Council would like to join us in this initiative with a financial contribution.  If so, please make checks out to “Fr. Albert J. Todd Council 12119” and put “Ultrasound Machine” in the memo section.  Send to our Financial Secretary:

                  Michael Zarreri
                  316 Sycamore Creek Dr.
                  Holly Springs, NC 27540-7343




Where: Etowah Golf Club and Resort
When: September 24th, 2016
Time: 12:00PM (Registration starts at 11:00AM)
Cost: $80 - Individual, $300 - Foursome

  • Bob Riffle - (828) 702-0674 -
  • Larry Schmitt - (828) 280-1788
  • Bill Carter - (828) 891-3429
  • Richard Post - (828) 595-1709
  •  Kyle Jambon 828-708-1047


Application for Choose Life License Plate.

You can now order a license plate from the North Carolina DMV to show your support for the value of an unborn human life.

In 2011, the North Carolina State Legislature approved a "Choose Life" license plate.  However, factions of the pro choice movement sued to have it revoked on the basis that there wasn't a plate available to express their view.  They succeeded and a judge ruled in their favor.  Recently, that ruling was overturned and the "Choose Life" plates are available.

If you would like to show your support, you can order one of these plates by clicking the link above to access the necessary form.

Thanks to Boyce Williams and Lew McCloud for bringing this to our attention.


Mr. Joe Zanone, a life long resident of Sapphire, NC and the 17,000th member degreed in the great state of North Carolina.  This is quite and acheivement for the Knights of Columbus in our state.  Thanks to GK Bob Martin of Council #16442 for the picture.
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