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The Tar Heel Knight


The Official Publication of the North Carolina Knights of Columbus
State Officers:
  • State Deputy: Colin Jorsch
  • Chaplain: Father Lesak
  • Secretary: John Nussbaum 
  • Treasurer: Dan Lange
  • Advocate: JC Reiher
  • Warden: Chris Losack
  • Immediate Past State Deputy: Jack Murray
Regional Membership and Program Consultants
  • #1: JP Horvat
  • #2: Tom Smith
  • #3: Walter Kulla, Jr.
  • #4: Sergio Miranda
  • #5: Richard Hamel
  • #6: Wayne Kleven

In This Issue:

State Deputy
State Secretary
General Programs
Disaster Relief
Culture of Life
Family Life
Social Justice
Ultrasound Machine
Golf Tournament
4th Degree


My Brothers, greetings to one and all from Fayetteville!

Gina and I hope this edition of the Tar Heel Knight finds you well and in good spirits!

It is hard to believe that the first month of the new Fraternal Year has already come and gone.  Where oh where does the time go?

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all who had a hand in making the District Deputies Organizational Meeting a resounding success!  Many changes were instituted, through your patience and efforts, I believe we executed a great meeting and much needed information was passed along.  Now we are relying on our District Deputies to get the information to where it really matters - you the councils!  Again, thanks to all who participated!

If you will allow me, I would like to take a moment to reflect on the readings from the Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time (24 July this year).  If you remember the first reading from Genesis, Abraham is persistent in his prayer to God over the people of Sodom.  So persistent, that I feel that I would have lost my patience with Abraham; but God shows us his infinite wisdom and patience.  In the Gospel for that Sunday, the disciples ask Jesus to teach them how to pray.  This is where we get Luke’s version of the Lord’s Prayer.  But further in the Gospel, Jesus also shows us to be persistent in our prayer through the parable of the neighbor asking for bread.  Jesus tells us to ask and we will receive; seek and we will find; knock and the door will be opened.

Brothers, I reflected on that simply to say that our world is in such a need of prayer.  I truly hope you joined the Supreme Knight this past month in his Novena for peace.  Please continue to pray for the Peace of Christ in the world.  

My pastor, in his homily also cautioned us to be patient.  He shared with us a note from his spiritual advisor that said (and I am paraphrasing) - it is better to let go of what you want so that God may give you what you need.  

You will be hearing much this month and in the coming months about Building the Domestic Church.  This, my Brothers, is exactly what we do when we reach out to those in need, when we pray for peace, when we share our gifts.  Help us to Build the Domestic Church and bring peace to that corner of the world that God has entrusted to you.

Until next month, it is our prayer that God continues to watch over you, keep you safe, and provide you and your families with many blessings.

Peace in Christ!

Colin Jorsch
State Deputy


Lori and I send our greetings from Wendell.

We truly thank everyone for their thoughts, prayers and support. It really means a lot to us at this time. Lori continues to do well. She continues to be in very good spirits. She will get through this.

Even thou we come from many different backgrounds, we all have one thing in common, our Faith. Building the Domestic Church, our families, is slightly different for each of us, but we are all called to show by example what Christ taught us to do. Each of us, as the head of our family, are being watched. Do we encourage others with a positive attitude or are we always complaining about something that didn’t go our way? More importantly, it is not through what we say but what we are doing that the members of our family are more influenced. By our daily actions are they taught our Faith and encouraged to carry it out in a way taught to us by Christ? 

The parish you belong to is your family of families. Much of what you are expected to do within your personal family is also needed in your parish. Each of us should be actively involved in something within our parish. Your pastor and your brothers and sisters in Christ need you to share your gifts and talents from God with others. Remember, it is through sharing that we receive.

What are you doing to grow in your Faith? How are you sharing your Faith?

During the first week of August, our North Carolina delegates will travel to Toronto, Canada for the Supreme Convention. I ask you to pray that they have safe travels and return to us safely. While there they will get to share ideas with people from around the world. We are truly a global organization that helps and supports our Church.

On August 15th, invoices for the NC State per capita and the liability insurance, required by our bishops, will be mailed to the Grand Knight and Financial Secretary listed on the NC State Directory. If your Council hasn’t taken the time to update the NC State Directory the invoices will be sent to the Grand Knight and Financial Secretary in the directory from last year.

If I can ever serve you in any way, please let me know. I am always here to serve you. 

Fraternally yours in Christ,

John Nussbaum
State Secretary


Calling All Recruiters
For councils (from supreme)
  • Recruit at least 12 new or former members between July 1 and September 30, 2016 and your council will win 31,000 VIP points
  • Bonus: The top 3 recruiting councils that recruit 12 members or more in each State  will receive the following bonus in order to buy stuff from online store: 
Gold 20,000 VIP points 
Silver 10,000 VIP points 
Bronze 5,000 VIP points 

For  the recruiters:
  • Recruit at least 5 new or former members between July 1 and September 30, 2016 and you will win 5,000 VIP points
  • For each member recruited over the 5 the recruiter will receive an additional 1,500 VIP Points
From the state of North Carolina
Top Recruiter Contest in each Division (4)
1st half of the Fraternal year (July – December) 2nd half,  same thing (January – June)
  • 1st place – $100.00
  • 2nd place – $50.00
  • 3rd place – $25.00
  • 4th place – $25.00
  • 5th place – $25.00

Top Recruiter for each Division for the entire year 

Receives $300.00 

(In the event of a tie, money will be split)

So get Started.
Let’s Go!!!!!!

God bless,
Pete Devlin
Membership Director


I have been asked on more than one occasion as to what does the State Chancellor do and what responsibilities does he have?   That question is best answered by saying it depends on who the current State Deputy is.  The position was started at the beginning of State Deputy Greg Kent’s term of office.  At that time he appointed two Chancellors, 
FDD Hadon Ware and myself.  Hadon worked the Raleigh Diocese and I worked the Charlotte Diocese.  Due to the illness of Hadon I was asked to provide whatever Chancellor duties there were to the entire State.  It has been so since that time.  Duties at that time included the distribution of all Supreme Awards to the Regional District Deputies and District Deputies for distribution.  A calendar was in place for a State Officer to make STAR Council award presentations to the council.  PSD Greg also asked if we could provide and send Birthday and Anniversary cards to staff members and to work with the Communication Director in having sick and deceased member’s name inserted on the State webpage under Good of the Order. There is a form on the State webpage under Chancellor.  You may use this form to indicate what you would like to insert under Good of the Order.  I will get your information to the Communication Director for insertion.  There were other requests by the State Deputy to set up meetings with councils and districts with a State Officer(s).  Over the past five years or so under the guidance of Past State Deputy Jack Murray and current State Deputy Colin Jorsch there were some changes to the program but always with the intent to improve the function of the position.  I would think the best way to describe the position is to assist the State Deputy and his officers in doing whatever has to be done. 

The State Deputy has a desire to have each District Deputy have at least one District Warden.  This is still being worked on and the District Deputies can expect communication from me in the near future as to the names of their Wardens.  

State Warden Chris Losack has asked me to assist him in contacting Grand Knights and District Deputies of those councils who have failed to complete and file Supreme forms.  At present these include Audit due in February; Form 185, New Officers due July 1st and Form 365 Service Program Personnel which includes council Directors and Chairman which is due August 1st.

Vivat Jesus,
Vince Cerullo
State Chancellor/Executive Secretary



Brothers all,

“Knights, become what you are.” This is the statement that was given by Pope Francis. He reminds us to view the family as that sanctuary of life and love which is at the heart of the domestic church. We all must realize that the Church is “a family of families” This is especially true of our parish churches, and this is the fundamental premise underlying our “Building the Domestic Church While Strengthening Our Parish” initiative. Pope Francis is encouraging all of us to redouble our efforts to strengthen family life. 

By becoming better fathers, family leaders, and builders of the faith within our home family, we are building the Domestic Church. By our participation in building of the Domestic Church, we will individually build our relationship with God with our families in a home setting. By allowing all Catholic men to become part of this Domestic Church, we can allow them to join us in our charitable work that we continually do for others.

Essential to those efforts, Pope Francis’s Amoris Laetitia (The joy of Love), provides us with some very good guidance in our new initiative of building the Domestic Church by emphasizing the family dedication to the Holy Family and concludes this document with this prayer:

“Holy Family of Nazareth, grant that our families too may be places of communion and prayer, authentic schools of the Gospel and small domestic churches.
“Holy Family of Nazareth, may families never again experience violence, rejection and division; may all who have been hurt or scandalized find ready comfort and healing.
“Holy Family of Nazareth, make us once more mindful of the sacredness and inviolability of the family, and its beauty in God’s plan.”

Our Supreme Knight requested that we also add: “Holy Family of Nazareth, grant that the Knights of Columbus may be a place where families experience the joy of the Gospel, grow as sanctuaries of love and life, and as true domestic churches witness to the beauty of the family in God’s plan.”
Vivat Jesus
Paul Spire General Program Director   

Vivat Jesus
Paul Spire GPD   



Lesson Learned:  Experience is a great teacher. Unfortunately tuition from the “school of hard knocks” (one of my alma maters) is expensive. Let me share with you a personal experience that I hope you do not repeat.

The hurricane season of 2004 was a busy one (15 storms, 9 hurricanes). It seemed that we in middle Georgia were constantly getting ready for, experiencing, or recovering from a tropical event from either the Gulf, or the Atlantic. At home, my mother was in deteriorating health. She had just been diagnosed with lung cancer, and was now constantly using the oxygen generator, that had previously been sitting unused for two years.

A Category 4 hurricane (Frances) was coming from the Gulf Coast. As usual, it hits the coast and begins  to slow, but as it hits our home in Warner Robins, the power goes out. Brenda and I were sitting on the couch, and I said to her as the house winds  down, “so that oxygen tank, how long is that good for?’ She replied that it should last for four hours, but that they had used it for 2 hours earlier that day visiting the doctor. 

My first reactions were anger at myself, and embarrassment. Embarrassment, that we had food, water, batteries, candles for 3 days, but Mom was going to be out of oxygen in two hours. Here I was, kind of an expert in disaster planning, and I hadn’t  seen this one coming. Real life and death consequences.

Fortunately for me I have a wife that does not panic, we called the oxygen company on the cell phone, and within an hour they were at the front door with ten tanks of O2. In the middle of a hurricane. The power was out that time for 16 hours, but it could have been worse, much worse. 

The bottom line is that in addition to standard preparations, only you know your individual family requirements and you must make those preparations prior to the event. 

Are you ready for a disaster? Last month I recommended downloading an app from FEMA. I hope you have and are making use of it. This time I have another app to recommend. ReadyNC , is a very well thought out app. It contains local weather, road conditions, power outages, open shelters, evacuations, NC hazards, Emergency plan/kit, flood gauges and disaster assistance. If you don’t have a smart phone you can go to for much of the same information.

As a Council. I am exploring avenues that Councils can take in working with local governments, charities  and  faith-based organizations. Some proposed Disaster Service Opportunities are Serving Meals, Clean Up, Debris Removal, Rebuilding Homes, Points of Distribution, and Shelter Management. In future articles I will propose local partners you can approach.

Disaster Relief Chairman



Brothers All,

In keeping with Supreme’s initiative of Building the Domestic Church while Strengthening our parishes, the councils in North Carolina need to respond to the most urgent needs of our churches, particularly through charitable and social outreach. In order to support the evangelization of family life today, our councils must be even more fully integrated into our parishes. We have a responsibility to dedicate our time, talent and resources to ensuring that our parishes are the examples of this new evangelization.

Hopefully by now, your council leadership has met or will be meeting with your pastor or priest so both your council and him can be on the same page moving forward with integrating our established programs with his goals for the parish. 

Some of you may be saying “How can integrate our Council activities into the parish community?”  Over the next few months, my chairmen and I will provide you with some programs that may help you answer that question.

Here is one example: September 11th is fast approaching and it is the 15th anniversary of the terror attacks in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania. It is the National Day of Prayer and Remembrance. This day happens to fall on a Sunday this year.  Some of the councils hold a corporate communion during this event. Why not extend the invitation to all in the parish leadership to help coordinate a parish event in honor of this day.

Brothers, this initiative is new but it will not be going away. This is a perfect opportunity for us to become more involved with our parishes while strengthening our families and church community.

Please do not hesitate to contact me or one of my chairmen if we can assist your regions, districts and councils in going and making a difference in this fraternal year in building your domestic church while strengthening our parishes. It is an honor to be serving you as your State Council Director for this state of North Carolina and for the Order.

Vivat Jesus,

Nick Nastasi
State Council Director



Greetings from High Point! We have 2 major events coming up:
  1. 40 Days for Life starts on September 28 at 5 locations in North Carolina Asheville, Charlotte, Fayetteville, Raleigh and Winston-Salem. Please check the locations on the Culture of life page on the state website.
  2. We also have Life Chains on October 2. A list of sites grouped by Region is on the Culture of life page on the state website. The list for each Region was also sent to each RMPC & DD.
These are both great things for Famlies to do together as part of the Building the Domestic Church initiative from the Pope and the Supreme Knight.

It is also time to make plans for the Marches for Life in January. The Charlotte March for life will be January 13th. The Love my Life Youth Rally and March for Life in Raleigh will be January 21st. The National March for Life will be January 27th in Washington. The Jacksonville March for Life will be January 28th.

If anyone is going to need help with plans for these events, contact the Area Chairman for that event or myself.
Boyce Williams
Culture of Life Director



What you’ll do AFTER completing Form 365

That’s the Service Program Personnel Report. On it you listed your Service Program Directors and Chairmen for this fraternal year. It WAS due the first of August. Yes, there should be a FAMILY DIRECTOR (sorry, I had to say that). Ideally, they VOLUNTEERED for those jobs. So how do you motivate them and keep them on-track?
My first real job after college was as a Management Trainee for a railroad. In one phase I was assigned the 2nd shift operation of a freight train yard in Tampa. One evening I directed a crew to do something. The next day I was called into the Terminal Superintendent’s office to verify that I’ve given an order to that crew. I had and I described the situation. “But you’re a Trainee and you don’t have the authority to give orders.” I was puzzled. ”But I’m still responsible for getting the work done, right?” “Oh yes!” “But I don’t have any authority.” “That’s correct, you don’t.”
I was more puzzled now. How was I to get the work done with no authority to give orders? It wasn’t sensible and perhaps a bit unfair but, like it or not, I had to devise entirely new ways to get people to do what they were supposed to do. I would have to PERSUADE them to do the work! Yes, kinda like motivating volunteers.
It was a trial-and-error process. I started by respecting my guys, their experience and their knowledge. I had an attitude: ‘They know their jobs a lot better than I will EVER know their jobs’ and ‘we’re all in this together’. There was communication – keeping them informed about what is needed and how we’re progressing, not to mention keeping them abreast of ever changing situations. It meant face time, too, outside in the weather. If there was a new operation or procedure (much like our Supreme Knight’s recent initiative), I had to make them ‘stakeholders’ in the process. Instead of telling them what to do and how I thought it should be done, I’d make a suggestion, ”It would be a real time saver if ……  How do you think we could do that?” Every success would be recognized and slip-ups would be minimalized or spun into a plan to do it better. If they had ideas, I LISTENED carefully, acted accordingly and let them know the outcome. And if superiors were impressed, I’d be sure they knew the role of my subordinates. Something went wrong? Mea Culpa!
This turned out to be one of the most valuable lessons I ever learned. After two careers as a supervisor and then as a surveyor and civil engineer, I am hard pressed to think of times I actually gave orders apart from addressing urgent safety matters. Each place ran smoothly and we accomplished much more than our bosses demanded. Indeed, when I was in trucking my drivers, with a little encouragement, involved themselves in sales. Newbies, it usually turned out, ended up being trained by almost everybody and many of their careers would eclipse mine. When I left a workplace (even involuntarily), my guys genuinely regretted my departure. 
So ….. you’ve got a list of guys who volunteered to run programs in your council. Or maybe they didn’t volunteer. How do you get them started? How do you get them excited? How do you make sure they’ll be proud of the things they accomplish? Envision yourself as someone with weighty responsibilities and no authority. Envision yourself and them as a team beyond compare in the service of Mary’s Divine Son. You’ll figure it out pretty quickly and go on to achieve Star Council and whatever other goals you set for yourselves. And you’ll truly make a lot of differences that count!
May Jesus Christ be praised and His Blessed Mother honored by all that we do.

Vivat Jesus, guys,

Fred Burton
NC Family Director


N.C. Families of the Month of June, 2016

Recognized by the Supreme Council

Our Pontiffs have proclaimed the family as ‘the Domestic Church’, the core of our Faith and the well spring of future evangelization.  The Supreme Knight’s 2015 initiative, “Building the Domestic Church While Strengthening Our Parishes”, accepts this truth and going forward  our Order’s pursuit of this high aim will define who we are,  what we do and what we strive to be.

Recognizing those families who do all they can to fulfill these ideals is a simple but vital honor we can all confer on them.  Many of your councils do exactly this by participating in our Family of the Month Program. The Supreme Council reviews the entries and selects but 100 families throughout the entire Order as their Families of the Month. It is with great pride we announce the following brother Knights and their families have been chosen to receive this special honor:
Jeremy and Rebecca Moulton along with Olivia, Evelyn and Avery
(Submitted by Council 3574 of Jacksonville, GK James Simpson)

Michael and Suzanne Callaghan
(Submitted by Council 8759 of Kill Devil Hills, GK Leo Holland)

Nick and Maria Tucci... and their NEW baby son!
(Submitted by Council 13016 of Swannanoa, GK Jesse Boeckermann)

Fred Burton, NC Family Director


Brothers All,

Now is the Time – to start preparing to request individual and corporate LAMB Donations as the majority of individual and corporate charitable giving occurs between September and December of the year.

Depending on your Council’s size assistance in getting the requests out is sometimes needed so please touch base with your Council’s LAMB Director to see if he needs any assistance.  Detailed information is in the LAMB Training Manual starting on Page 7.

Two important things to remember, donations to the LAMB Foundation are fully tax deductible and as an all-volunteer organization 93% of the money we raise goes directly to the programs we support.

Deposit Status – increased solicitation of individual and corporate donations are definitely going to be needed as YTD we are running behind where we were last year.

Our efforts are needed more than ever – as the institutions that we assist that support those with intellectual disabilities and Special Education Departments in Schools continue to experience funding cuts. 

Help Spread the News of the Great Work We Do.  LAMB is a “Top Rated” Charity by an organization called Great Nonprofits which is affiliated with Guidestar, one of the premier charity information sites. Charities get to be top rated based on the number of positive reviews they receive – which can include yours!

Go to and at the top of the page where it says Find: nonprofits, enter LAMB Foundation of NC. You will be taken to a page with the following:

Click on “Write a Review”, where you can see some past reviews and submit your own if you wish based on your experience with LAMB.  Just remember to click Five Stars! 

God bless, Richard
Richard M. White, State LAMB Director


The Third Theme of Catholic Social Justice

Rights and Responsibilities

The Catholic tradition teaches that human dignity can be protected and a healthy community can be achieved only if human rights are protected and responsibilities are met. Therefore, every person has a fundamental right to life and a right to those things required for human decency. Corresponding to these rights are duties and responsibilities--to one another, to our families, and to the larger society.
     -The US Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB)

The Life and Dignity of the Human Person is the first of the themes of Catholic Social Justice, and this is reflected as well in the third theme of Catholic Social Justice, “Rights and Responsibilities”; because the fundamental right from which all others flow is the Right to Life.

“The inviolability of the person which is a reflection of the absolute inviolability of God, finds its primary and fundamental expression in the inviolability of human life. Above all, the common outcry, which is justly made on behalf of human rights-for example, the right to health, to home, to work, to family, to culture-is false and illusory if the right to life, the most basic and fundamental right and the condition for all other personal rights, is not defended with maximum determination.” On the Vocation and Mission of the Lay Faithful (Christifideles Laici. . . ), #38

But the Right to Life is not the end of the story, because the Catholic Church believes that every human being does in fact have inalienable rights that stem from Natural Law.

“We must speak of man's rights. Man has the right to live. He has the right to bodily integrity and to the means necessary for the proper development of life, particularly food, clothing, shelter, medical care, rest, and, finally, the necessary social services. In consequence, he has the right to be looked after in the event of ill health; disability stemming from his work; widowhood; old age; enforced unemployment; or whenever through no fault of his own he is deprived of the means of livelihood.” Peace on Earth (Pacem in Terris. . . ), #11

But these rights do not exist in isolation, any more than human beings exist in isolation.

“In human society one man's natural right gives rise to a corresponding duty in other men; the duty, that is, of recognizing and respecting that right. Every basic human right draws its authoritative force from the natural law, which confers it and attaches to it its respective duty. Hence, to claim one's rights and ignore one's duties, or only half fulfill them, is like building a house with one hand and tearing it down with the other.” Peace on Earth (Pacem in Terris. . . ), #30

Furthermore, there are consequences when one ignores these duties to one’s fellow man, and we as American Catholic Knights living in an affluent society must be especially vigilant that we do not allow our rights to become our focus, and thus overwhelm our responsibilities.

“A link has often been noted between claims to a “right to excess”, and even to transgression and vice, within affluent societies, and the lack of food, drinkable water, basic instruction and elementary health care in areas of the underdeveloped world and on the outskirts of large metropolitan centers. The link consists in this: individual rights, when detached from a framework of duties which grants them their full meaning, can run wild, leading to an escalation of demands which is effectively unlimited and indiscriminate.” Charity in Truth, (Caritas in Veritate. . . ), #43


Greetings Brothers All,

I hope you and your family are surviving this NC heat wave!  Shortly, the season will change and we will be able to enjoy the outdoors again.  Again, I would like to welcome our new leadership in the Assemblies and Councils in North Carolina.  As your VAVS Representative/Veterans Affairs, I encourage and extend an invitation to invite your VAVS Representative/Deputy Rep. to attend your monthly meetings to share the needs of our Veterans in NC.  I hope you have selected and appointed a Brother SK Knight in your Council/Assembly to attend the monthly meetings and share the programs being promoted.  

A partnership between the FN and the GK is critical in the effort to provide volunteers, money and donations for needed Veteran causes.  At our four VA Medical Centers, Healthcare Centers, Veterans Retirement Communities, and USOs need our support.  

Leadership:  I am looking for VAVS Representatives and Deputy Representatives at the following VA Medical Centers:  Fayetteville, Salisbury and Asheville.  If you have an interest, please contact me at  for further guidelines.

Salisbury VA Medical Center Report from SK Mitch Miller, VAVS Representative:  
  1. NVWG - A total of $6,560 ($890 delivered on 4/27 and final $2000 was delivered at VAVS Qtrly Mtg) was donated by a large number of KofC coucnils, assemblies, plus other Brother Knights, Squirettes group and parishioners. Additional 40 hrs of time spent by KofC VAVS team on following up with groups and collecting donations.
  2. Used Clothing for Homeless Stand Down - $11,279 worth of used clothing (43 hrs for collecting, organizing, sorting and delivering) was collected by the KofC Council #8509 (SK Bob Yuzik) and the Columbiettes from Holy Cross in Kernersville. All the items were dropped off at the VAMC in Salisbury on 5/12.
  3. Operation Jersey Cares - A couple of boxes of mics items were shipped by Operation Jersey Cares (SK Bob Yuzik) directly to the VAVS office in Salisbury. Approx value is $400 total.
  4. W-S Dash Baseball Outing - The Triad Assembly #2282 hosted 9 wheelchair veterans and 3 staff members from the VAMC in Salisbury to a ball game on June 3rd. $132 was donated for tickets for the group as well $150 for food and $18 for parking was donated by the KofC. Approximately 5 hrs of time coordinating with VAMC RT lead person.
  5. Additional Activities - The Bishop Greco Columbieettes (Holy Family, Clemmons, #9499) held a "Poker for Patriots" fund rasing event on 6/4 and raised $751 from the event. 50 hrs of time was spent planning, setting up and running the event. Per the Columbiettes wishes, the funds will be provided to the VAMC Hospice. I am working with Deputy Rep Donna Montgomery from the Red Cross. Final details will be provided in 3rd quarter report.
National Wheel Chair Games:  These games were held in Salt Lake City, Utah the week of June 27-July 2nd.  On behalf of our Veterans, I would like to thank all the Councils, Assemblies and Brother Knights who contributed financial support which enabled the Knights of Columbus to pay for hotels, transportation and uniforms for the teams.  

Fayetteville VA sent 6 Veterans earning 17 medals.  Salisbury VA sent 13 Veterans and Durham VA sent 7 Veterans.  Below read the articles written by Abena-Jones, Durham team coach and Paul Stewart, a Veteran/Knight from Salisbury.
The Durham Avengers
Much like the Marvel Comic Book characters, these Veteran Athletes can’t be stopped!  The Knights of Columbus afforded these athletes the opportunity to attend and participate in the 2016 National Veterans Wheelchair Games held June 26-July 3, in Salt Lake City, Utah.  In order to participate in the NVWG,one must be a Veteran of the US Armed Forces, have been diagnosed with a spinal cord injury, neurological impairment, or a lower limb amputation.  The assistance provided by the KOC provided the Athletes the opportunity to compete in their perspective events and look good while doing it.  The Durham Avengers brought home 12 medals collectively.  The Veterans participated in events such as: basketball, baseball, 9 ball, bowling, shot put, discus, hand-cycle, power soccer, table tennis, archery, trapshooting, air pistols, air rifles, trapshooting, boccia ball and weightlifting.   All events were adapted so they could be engaged at wheelchair level.  The seven Athletes on the Durham Avengers Team are truly are super heroes, as they don’t let the diagnosis define them. They showed the world they are ABLE!

2016 National Veterans Wheelchair Games-by Paul Stewart, Salisbury

The National Veterans Wheelchair Games were held in Salt Lake City this year, and next year it will be held in Cincinnati, Oh. Over all the games was a great time. There were approx. 120 novice athletes and close to 600 total athletes competing.  From the Salisbury VA Hospital there were 13 veterans of which 6 were novices. The Salisbury team has brought home a combination of approx. 30 medals. 

The volunteers from the airport, hotels, transportation, and venues did a wonderful job assisting our veterans during the games. Some of the volunteers has never seen disabled athletes compete to this level. Some of the volunteers were friends and family members of veterans competing and spending time assisting at the games. You can see the joy in their faces just watching and talking with the veterans. I appreciate all that they did for us. 

Like many have mentioned, we come to the games not just to compete, but also to catch up with fellow veterans we have met at previous games or other events. We catch up with each other’s like a family would do. We compete like any other athlete. We teach others, novice or new to a sport about the game. We encourage each other. 

I enjoyed being in Salt Lake City competing at the National Veterans Wheelchair Games.  I am thankful my wife Kharen came out and volunteered at the games.  It was great talking with some of the new athletes and their family.  

For all the VA staff that has assisted at the games, thank you for your help. Please when you get back to your hospitals let your veterans know there is more to life than just looking at 4 walls in their home or hospital room. If you know or see anyone with a disability share your story of what you saw. If they are interested, let them know more about activities in the area. If you don’t know tell them to look up or and this should assist them. The more interest we get out there, the more the sports will be recognized. 

The Salisbury team and myself would also like thank the Knights of Columbus and the Columbiettes for their assistance of helping the veterans get to the games. This meant a great deal to our veterans, especially the novices. The organization’s support for our veterans helps out in many ways in return. By getting the veterans to try the games they learn their quality of life does matter. Some of the previous veterans from last year are more involve in the community, We advocate for people with disabilities. We assist in programs such as sports for children and adults with disabilities. 

No Veteran Dies Alone:  I am looking for volunteers who are willing to provide comfort to a Veteran during his/her final hours on earth.  Many of our Veterans do not have family members available to provide moral or spiritual support during this period.  You will be trained by the VA Medical Staff as to how to handle and support this program at the VA Medical Center.  Please let me know if you are interested.  There is no greater service that you could provide these SPECIAL VETERANS.  

Celebrating the 4th of July at the VRQ-Asheville—by Brother Rick Fletcher, Coordinator
Terry did an amazing job of GoPro'ing much of the entire day's events and when sped up and with music added, it makes a very entertaining show.  I know you'll enjoy it. You'll have to look quick to see yourself so be ready when you start the clip.
We raised $2735.00 for this meal which cost $2465.64.  This leaves us with a balance of $269.36 which Eric will apply to his food budget.  All food for this meal, excluding the frozen vanilla custard, was purchased from US Food on ABCCM's account.  Tom and Cindy Barkei paid for the custard.
42 kitchen volunteers working 3 hours each means we donated 126 hours of our time to this special event.  We served 270 steaks, the most ever.
So when you add it all up, it was a huge undertaking which I hope you are proud of.

I know I've thanked everyone of you for your donations, labor and enthusiasm which all combined to make this such a great day but I'll do it one last time.  THANKS, EVERYBODY...GREAT JOB.

Vivat Jesus,

SK Thomas W. (Tom) DuPree Jr. PGK, PFN, VAVS Representative Durham VA 
North Carolina District VAVS Representative VA, 
N C State Council Veterans Affairs and VAVS Chairman
St. Francis of Assisi Assembly # 3552 Faithful Navigator



The Father Albert J. Todd Council 12119 has been given the go ahead to start the fund raising for an ultrasound machine to be given to Birthchoice.   The discounted unit cost of the machine Birthchoice is requesting is $45,035.00. With Supreme giving a 50% rebate, the cost to the Council is $22,517.50.  We are asking if any Council would like to join us in this initiative with a financial contribution.  If so, please make checks out to “Fr. Albert J. Todd Council 12119” and put “Ultrasound Machine” in the memo section.  Send to our Financial Secretary:

                  Michael Zarreri
                  316 Sycamore Creek Dr.
                  Holly Springs, NC 27540-7343


The 9th Annual Golf Tournament will be held at Lake Junaluska Golf Course on Saturday, August 27th

There will be a shotgun start to tee off starting at 1:00PM and the Awards Dinner will commence at 6:30PM.

Click on the golfer to the right to view/download the form and get more information.


2016 North Carolina Fourth Degree Regional Exemplification (One Day)

November 19, 2016

Hosted By:
The Cardinal Gibbons Assembly No. 0783            
St. Patrick Catholic Church
2840 Village Drive
Fayetteville, NC 28304

Exemplification Time:   12 Noon sharp!  Candidates should arrive no later than 10:00 AM and dressed as explained on the attached “Exemplification Dress Code Form” 

Observers:  You should also be dressed in the official uniform of a Sir Knight, as explained on the Dress Code Form.  You also must complete the Dress Code Form and submit with you luncheon fee.

Mass:  If you wish to attend, there will be a Mass at 9:00 AM prior to the exemplification.  This is a wonderful way to begin the exemplification. We do not need an Honor Guard for the Mass.  We will take up a collection at Mass for the USO.

Luncheon:   Immediately following the Exemplification at approximately 3:00 PM – Please advise if there are any Dietary Restrictions!

If an overnight stay is needed, call the Fairfield Inn by Marriott at 562 Cross Creek Mall, Fayetteville, NC 23037 and mention you want the Knights of Columbus rate of $83+13% tax per night.  910-487-1400 x723.  Cutoff for reservations is 11/01/16.

Candidates fee is $70.
 He will receive a social baldric, Fourth Degree lapel pin, one luncheon ticket, and a Fourth Degree certificate. This fee is governed by Supreme.
Observer and Guest fee will be $20 each and it will cover one luncheon ticket.  The Master must have the name and Assembly number of all observers and the name of all guests.

All checks must be from the Assembly and made payable to “Master's Fund”.  There will be no personal checks accepted.  DO NOT mail cash!!  We will publish a special note with an update on who and where to send the forms and money, after the new Master is announced.

Candidate and Guest money, completed form 4, and the completed Exemplification Dress Code Form must be sent in together no later than Tuesday, November 1, 2016.  No refund requests will be accepted after that date.  No signature is required on the Dress Code Form.
Observer and Guest money and completed Exemplification Dress Code Form must be sent in by the same date.  No signature is required on the Dress Code Form.
If the form 4 is not complete, it will not be accepted.

Click here to see an example of a completed form 4.

Click here to view and download the Exemplification Dress Code Form.
Don’t wait – start recruiting now.  Let’s make this a big class for the New Master.
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