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September Issue.

In this issue:
Alrewas News
Methodist Church News
Fradley News
Wychnor News
Please click on the link below to hear this weeks video about what it means to take up our cross and follow Jesus.


Alrewas News

Services In September
       at All Saints 

Sunday 6th September
8am Holy Communion BCP
 10am - Said Communion Service

Wednesday 9th September - 10am Holy Communion

Sunday 13th September
8am Holy Communion BCP
 10am Said Communion  Service

Wednesday 16th September- 10am Holy Communion

Sunday 20th September
8am Holy Communion BCP
10am  Said Communion Service 

Wednesday 23rd September - 10am Holy Communion

Sunday 27th September
8am Holy Communion BCP
10.30am Said Communion Service

Wednesday 30th September - 10am Holy Communion

Please follow the guidance of the wardens upon your arrival, and please note that a face mask must be worn unless you have an exemption. All necessary precautions have been taken for your safety.

Could you help please?
All Saints Church has now been open every day for private prayer for 10 weeks thanks to there being a committed group of volunteers.
The church surfaces have to be wiped down each day as a government requirement.
Two of our volunteers are no longer able to continue because of other commitments, so we would be very grateful if anyone else could join the team?
It only takes 15-20 minutes one day a week around 4pm and gloves/cleaning materials are provided.
If you could help please ring Helen Cocks 07515 940060 – and many thanks!
The Covenant with David

The final covenant in the Old Testament was between God and King David, and is found in 2 Samuel Chapter 7.   God spoke to David through the prophet Nathan and at first the promises are very like those made to Abraham.  There is a blessing “I will make your name great” (v9), a promise of land “I will provide a place for my people Israel…so that they can have a home of their own” (v10) and a promise of descendants “I will raise up you offspring to succeed you” (v13). 

However, the Davidic covenant differs from earlier ones in that it then becomes unconditional.  The earlier covenants, as we have seen, all required the Israelites to fulfil certain conditions – not to eat meat; the circumcision of males and the keeping of the Sabbath.   God now promises David that “Your house, and your kingdom shall endure for ever before me; your throne shall be established for ever.” (v16).

However, the covenant with David, though generally seen as an unconditional covenant, did have conditional elements as well. If the kings transgressed, they would face God’s judgment.  In time the sin of the kings of Israel and Judah were so great that the peoples were expelled from the land of Canaan in 722 BC and 586 BC respectively.  God had pledged that the world would be transformed through a son of David, but this pledge seemed hardly likely now – things were going backwards. What was happening to God’s great promise?

The New Covenant

The Old Testament covenants reached their fulfilment in Jesus. The Gospel of Matthew begins by showing that Jesus was the “son of David” (Matt. 1.1), thus stating Jesus’ credentials at the start.   The "new covenant" is the new agreement God has made with mankind, based on the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  The concept of a new covenant is seen in the Old Testament Book of Jeremiah and tells how God would accomplish for his people what the old covenant had failed to do (Jer. 31.31-34). Under this new covenant, God would write his law in our hearts and minds.  Under the old, God simply gave his laws on tablets of stone.  The Israelites agreed to obey these laws without understanding that, by their own human efforts, they were unable to do so and they continually sinned and broke their side of the covenant.  What was required was the perfect human being who would fulfil the covenant on behalf of humanity.  That person was Jesus Christ.
The death of Christ ushered in this new covenant which both fulfils and supersedes the covenants of the Old Testament.  Jesus himself is the new covenant; he is the mediator between God and mankind and his sacrificial death served as God’s covenant promise.   Cleansing from sin is no longer accomplished by the sacrifice of animals, but by the blood of Jesus Christ.  He is the sacrificial lamb.  The symbol of this covenant is no longer animal flesh and blood as in the Old Testament covenants; it is the flesh and blood of Christ.  Thus at the Last Supper Jesus broke the bread and then said to the disciples “Take and eat; this is my body”. He then took a cup of wine saying “This is my blood of the covenant, which is poured out for many for the forgiveness of sins” (Matt.29. 27-28). At the exact time he died on the cross, the “curtain of the temple was torn in two” (Matt 27.51) symbolically now allowing us all direct access to God through Jesus’ sacrificial death.
Therefore when we break the bread and drink the wine of the Eucharist, we are entering into a covenantal relationship with God.  We are in effect saying that we are allowing God’s Spirit to work in our hearts and minds to give us the strength to keep his laws out of our gratitude for his forgiveness of our sins.   We enter into a blood covenant with God and in this type of relationship everything you have is freely available to your covenant partner and likewise everything he has is freely available to you; you only need to ask.  Because of the blood of Jesus Christ we can all approach God with confidence and assurance knowing that he will provide us with all that we need, and more.
                                                                                                        Helen Mullins

Alrewas Parish Council
The Parish Council have updated their website to a more phone friendly version. It contains lots of information about the Parish Council as well as what’s going on in Alrewas, including the Village News and the Village Directory where you can get links to all the village organisations and businesses as well as add your own.

Click on the link below to go to the website

Alrewas Surgery News

For the latest news from the surgery please click on the following link
Family Announcements


Since the news rules for GDPR and data protection came into force, the Parish News have been unable to publish any details of baptisms, weddings and funerals that have been held at our parish churches to protect privacy.
 I know that this has saddened some people as it was an important source of information for many.
So we have decided to trial a new service for our Parish Mag readers!
We will have a section for family announcements to give you an opportuntity to inform our communities of any Births, Engagements, Marriages, Deaths or Funeral arrangements, which we will include in our monthly edition. 

We hope that you will find this new service useful, and if you have any announcements please contact the editor with the wording you would like to use.


Minister: Revd Joanna Thornton 01543 253744
61 Burton Road, Streethay, Lichfield WS13 8LR  email:  
Steward: Mrs Pam Handscomb 01543 257594
Bookings: Mr John Henley 01283 752016
Reopening for Sunday Services!

Everyone at Alrewas Methodist Church looks

forward to welcoming you on

Sunday 6th September at 10.30 

as our services resume

All necessary precautions have been taken

to ensure your safety.
Service for Alrewas Methodist Church in September
Sunday 6th Sept - Service led by Patrick Hughes

Sunday 13th Sept - Service led by Revd Jo Thornton

Sunday 20th Sept - Service led by Revd Robert Russell

Sunday 27th Sept - Harvest Service led by Revd Jo Thornton
Deadline for the October issue

If you would like anything included in the next issue then please email or ring 01283 791941 by 25th September.
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Fradley News
St Stephen’s Church, Fradley

Services in September

Sunday 6th September
10.30am Holy Communion (BCP)
(No 9am service)

Sunday 13th September
10.30am Family Communion (said) followed by
Act of Remembrance at the War Graves
(approx. 11.20am)
3pm Online Service – Battle of Britain

Sunday 20th September
10.30am Family Communion (said)

Sunday 27th September
10.30am Family Communion (said)

Every care has been taken to ensure safety and hygiene regulations.
Please follow the advice and guidance in church upon arrival

Find us on Fradley St.Stephen

Year of the Burial Ground 2020

Ballerina, blushing, parrot, spangle, goblet! 

What do these all have in common? If you’re ever asked this in a quiz, then the answer is that these are all names of waxcaps. Waxcaps are our most distinctive grassland fungi, found in places which have not been ploughed, reseeded or sprayed. Churchyards are a real haven for them. Small, shiny, often brightly coloured and mushroom-shaped, they appear like scattered jewels thrown across the grass.
Before the development of the microscope in the 18th century, fungi were a puzzle, appearing overnight and sometimes taken to be the work of ‘dark powers’. The visible part of the fungus is the ‘fruit’, filled with spores. The rest of the fungus is below ground and consists of hair-like filaments called hyphae which develop into a mesh or mycelium, growing through the material from which they take their food. There is still much for ecologists to learn about the complex relationship between grassland plants and trees and the fungi associated with them, but it is clear they are a vital component.
If your churchyard grassland is being managed for wildflowers, then you will be helping the grassland fungi too. Waxcaps need short grass in autumn but both lawn and meadow areas will be cut short by now, so they can appear in either. It is good to let them grow to allow time for spores to be released. Also, it is important to remember the golden rule: always rake and remove the grass cuttings, regardless of the grass length.
All the best
Andrea Gilpin

The Staffordshire Historic Churches Trust was founded in 1953 with the aim of helping churches with the cost of repairs. Ride and Stride is the annual sponsored event in aid of county Historic Churches Trusts all over England. It takes place this year on Saturday September 12th.
Participants are sponsored by family and friends to visit as many churches as they can between 10am and 6pm. In 2019, 113 churches took part in Staffordshire, 46 of them sent out cyclists, walkers and drivers. A total of £11,000 was raised which will be increased by Gift Aid. The money is used to make grants to churches for repairs and essential maintenance - in 2019/20 grants totalling £16,000 were offered to churches. Half the money raised by each cyclist/walker/driver is returned to their home church.
This year will inevitably be different. Sadly, because of issues with social distancing fewer churches will be open to welcome visitors and offer refreshments. But the need to raise funds for the repair and maintenance of our wonderful heritage of churches is as great as ever. Ride and Stride is also a very practical way to remind ourselves that we are part of something much bigger than our own building and our own congregation. So please think about taking part – as a cyclist, walker, driver, sponsor – and enjoy the day!
St Stephen’s Church, Fradley is pleased to be open again for this exciting event!
For more information see our church rep. Dot Giles  01283 487831 or 07767434776
Staffordshire Historic Churches Trust registered charity no. 240854
St Stephen’s Church

Prayer Trail
During lock down a Prayer Trail has been developed
with four stations around the Churchyard and one in Church.
Each numbered station has been marked up now with a pallet board.
Do pick up a leaflet from the Porch
and make your own reflection as you spend time at each site.
We hope that you will rest awhile,
pray awhile and reflect.

Wychnor News
GDPR and the Parish News

Please be reassured that the Parish News will never share your details with any third party and if you want to update or remove your name and email address you can do so by clicking on the links at the bottom of the page.
Please check out our church website to see details of our data privacy notice.
Church Contacts

Vicar:                        Revd Preb John W Allan.  Email:
                                 The Vicarage, Church Road, Alrewas, Burton on Trent DE13 7BT        01283 790486

Associate Minister:   Revd Elizabeth Wall          Email:
                                 Gaia Cottage. 15 Gaia Lane, Lichfield. WS13 7LW                                01543 254891

Reader                      Mrs Carole Ellis
                                  49 Heritage Court, Lichfield                                                                    01543 254448

Reader                      Dorothy Giles       Email:                                01283 487831


Wardens:                  Mr Ian Kirkland, 29 Micklehome Drive                  01283 790622 
                         Mr John Feathers,                                                                                  01283 791842
Assistant Warden:    Mr Edward Gould                                                                                    07896 929113
PCC Secretary:       Ms Laura Jacks,                                                                                      07904 774589
PCC Treasurer:       Mr Nick Kilford,                                                                                        07912 359237
Organists:                 Mr David Hall and Mr Chris Greenhalgh
Captain of Ringers:  Mr David Hall                                                                                          01283 792464
Church Flowers:       Mrs Maureen Johnson,                                                                                        
Pastoral Care:          Mrs Julie Willis,                                                                                       01283 791719
Children's society:    Mr and Mrs Peter & Lynn Lerigo,                                                            01283 791544

St Stephen's, Fradley
Warden:                  Mrs Cindy Davies 85 Church Lane                                                          01283 790317 
PCC Secretary:      Mrs Jenny Summers 12 Bailye Close, Streethay, Lichfield WS13 8LD   01543 263359
PCC Treasurer:      Mr Nick Kilford                                                                                          07912 359237
Altar Flowers:         Mrs Elaine Lloyd, 34 Long Lane                                                               01283 790655

St Leonard's, Wychnor
Warden:                  Mrs Frances Mayes, Blackenhall Lodge,
                               The Green, Barton under needwood                                                        01283 713058
PCC Secretary:      Mrs Jackie Coates, Keeper's House, Wychnor                                        01543 473173
PCC Treasurer:     Mrs Karen Mercer, Hill Farm, Wychnor                                                     01283 791515

Parish News

Editors:                   Mrs Nikki Burns                                               email:


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