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May Issue.

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Message from the Vicar.......
Please click on the link below to hear this weeks message from John:

The 23rd Psalm (Stuart Townend version)
The Lord’s my shepherd, I’ll not want.
He makes me lie in pastures green.
He leads me by the still, still waters,
His goodness restores my soul.
And I will trust in you alone,
and I will trust in you alone,
for your endless mercy follows me,
your goodness will lead me home.
He guides my ways in righteousness,
and He anoints my head with oil, and my cup,
it overflows with joy,
I feast on his pure delights.
And though I walk the darkest path,
I will not fear the evil one,
for you are with me,and your rod and staff
are the comfort I need to know.
Hymn lyrics and video recording of song produced under CCLI License 284076

Alrewas News

                                         Self-care and Compassion.

The situation that we find ourselves in has touched everyone’s lives in one way or another and as time goes on and the dust starts to settle, we find ourselves having to accept a new rhythm of life.

For each person this will have challenges, some may be forced into spending time in a busy house where there is little time for self, others may be isolating alone dreaming of a busy house. Some have become dependent on others, both financially and physically with feelings of vulnerability and fear hanging over each day whilst they allow those wonderful people who are able, to care for them.

It’s a time where all around us we are seeing beautiful acts of care and compassion from the shops, organisations and people of Alrewas.

Looking to the future the only thing that is certain is uncertainty, this situation will not suddenly resolve and we may have to learn to live and work differently for some time yet.

So how can we show that same self-care and compassion for ourselves? Well first off what does this actually mean? In its most basic form, it is talking to and treating ourselves the same way we would a good friend. Your best friend comes to you and shares the challenges that the pandemic has brought to their life, you take the time to listen. If there is something that you can do to help or encourage them in, you would do, and most importantly you would do this with compassion. You would never say “you need to try harder”, or “get a grip, others are having a worse time”, and yet we sometimes say these things to ourselves.

So, I would encourage you to take the time to listen to what your own needs are during this time of uncertainty, are they physical, emotional or spiritual? To think creatively, and talk to your loved ones about how they can be met. Is there an opportunity here to give yourself some self-care and compassion that your previous life left no room for? At this point I can hear a collective scream from the mothers in the village with young children, but its maybe more important than ever for them.

A few weeks in and we are starting to accept this new reality, but recognising what our individual needs are will help us to survive and stay well as we care for each other. We all need to build a resilience to be able to live this way for the long haul and I believe that self-care and compassion is a great tool to help with this. Don’t see this as selfish but please encourage each other in self-care and compassion.

The PPG has developed an amazing resource for us all to use. There are many ways that they are offering support. If you need any help please give them a call on 0330 1332 106.

                                    All Saints Pastoral Care Team

                                   Moses - Part 3


                                     MOSES AND THE TIME IN THE WILDERNESS

The Book of Exodus tells us that after the Israelites left Egypt, Moses led them into the Sinai desert, where they were to spend the next 40 years wandering in the wilderness.  Three months into this journey, they camped at the foot of Mount Sinai, upon which mountain God appeared to Moses and gave him the Ten Commandments.
The Ten Commandments
The Ten Commandments are also known as the “Decalogue” (ten words) and are found in Exodus 20. 1-17. The first four commandments address human relationships with God and the latter six with human relationships with one another.  The Bible says that God engraved them on two stone tablets and they form the basis of the body of law which is found in much more detail in the books of Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy.  They also form the basis of a new covenant which God makes with the Israelite people; “…if you obey me fully and keep my covenant, then out of all nations you will be my treasured possession…you will be for me a kingdom of priests and a holy nation” (Exod 19.5-6). Based on God’s detailed instructions, Moses had the Ark of the Covenant built to house the tablets containing the Ten Commandments.
The Tabernacle
God’s presence with the Israelites was to be guaranteed and symbolized by the tabernacle.  This was the portable earthly dwelling place of God and accompanied the Israelites throughout their desert wanderings.  God gave very detailed instructions concerning the building of the tabernacle which is described in Exodus chapters 25-31 and 35-40.  It was 10 cubits (15 feet) wide, 10 cubits high and 30 cubits (45 feet) long.  It contained an inner sanctuary, the Holy of Holies, which was created by a curtain hung from four pillars.  This sanctuary housed the Ark of the Covenant with its cherubim-covered mercy seat.  When Moses went into the sanctuary to talk to God, God spoke to him “from between the two cherubim” (Numbers 7.89).  Later, in the reign of King Solomon, by which time the Israelites had found a permanent home in Canaan, the Temple replaced the tabernacle and the Ark was transferred into the new Holy of Holies.   
Why Forty Years in the Wilderness?
For 40 years the Israelites wandered in the wilderness, eating quail and manna, which was supplied to them by God.  The reason for this extremely lengthy journey is given in the Book of Numbers chapters 13 – 14.  When the Israelites got approximately halfway to Canaan from Egypt, Moses sent out twelve spies, one from each of the twelve tribes, to explore the land in preparation for their intended conquest. Ten of the spies returned in a panic, saying that the Canaanites were far too powerful for the Israelites to overcome.  This led to a revolt, with the people refusing to try to take the land.  God thus gives them their wish, decreeing that the whole generation will die in the wilderness.  “For forty years – one year for each of the forty days you explored the land… I will surely do these things to this whole wicked community, which has banded together against me. They will meet their end in this wilderness; here they will die” (Numbers 14. 34-35).  The two spies who did not agree with the majority and thought that Israel could conquer the land, Joshua and Caleb, were spared from God’s edict and both were allowed to enter Canaan.  On the death of Moses, Joshua became the leader of the new generation of Israelites and finally led them into Canaan.
The Death of Moses
The Book of Numbers (20. 1-13) records how, when the Israelites complained that there was no water to drink, God told Moses gather the peoples around him and “speak to that rock before their eyes and it will pour out its water”.  But instead Moses struck the rock with his staff.  Water gushed out but he had disobeyed God.  God therefore forbade Moses to lead the people into Canaan because he had not trusted God enough in front of the people. Moses died in the wilderness but God allowed him a sight of the Promised Land (Deut 34).

                                                                                                  Helen Mullins

"The Childrens Society have advised that we should not be emptying the Collection Boxes in the near future, so do not be concerned if you do not hear from us.  Please bear with us, and we will send out message when we are once again able to carry out this major fundraising activity.
  Thank you for your support of the Children's Society,
                               Best wishes Lynn & Peter Lerigo"

Alrewas Surgery News

For the latest news from the surgery please click on the following link


                                              The Year Out - Christian Gap Year

This is my last blog about my gap year with Youth For Christ. Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, and only a couple of days after returning from touring in Inverness, the decision was made to send all Year Out volunteers home and cancel the gap year. This was very sad as The Sense didn't really get a proper chance to say goodbye to each other and it has taken a while to process it all coming to an end so suddenly as we had to get everyone home quickly before the lockdown. 
I am pleased to say that I will be spending another year with Youth For Christ next year, although not with the band - I will instead be doing their 'Academy' year which focuses on leadership and youth work, this seems to be what God is calling me to do! I will let you know more details soon so watch this space!
This blog shows what I got up to from January until the end of the gap year in March. It was quite a busy few months so please click the link below to read the full blog as it is a little large to include everything in the parish news!

Thank you so much for following me and supporting my journey this year. It has been amazing!

Alrewas Parish Council
The Parish Council have updated their website to a more phone friendly version. It contains lots of information about the Parish Council as well as what’s going on in Alrewas, including the Village News and the Village Directory where you can get links to all the village organisations and businesses as well as add your own.

Click on the link below to go to the website
Minister: Revd Joanna Thornton 01543 253744
61 Burton Road, Streethay, Lichfield WS13 8LR  email:  
Steward: Mrs Pam Handscomb 01543 257594
Bookings: Mr John Henley 01283 752016
Dear friends
At this difficult time it is good to see so many within the community caring for each other.   In particular I would like to pay tribute to Pam Greenleaf, a member of our church, who is baking sponges every week to be delivered around the village.  Pam is over 90 - and it's fabulous that she is doing her "bit" for the village!  Thank you Pam!
 If you require help or would just like a chat - please get in touch via email or call me on 01543 253744. 
If you look at the Tamworth and Lichfield Circuit website 
( you can access a recorded act of worship each week - and "Worship at Home" resources are available via email or through the post. 
Please let me know if you would like to receive the weekly "Worship at Home" pack and I can organise that for you.  
                                      Bless you,  Jo
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Fradley News
A note from Elizabeth……..
                          Saints on Earth …….Saints in Heaven

I wonder what your answer might be to the question: “Who is your favourite saint?” Mine would be St Apolline, the Patron Saint of Dentists! She was martyred supposedly by having all her teeth extracted. There is a tiny chapel dedicated to her on the Island of Guernsey.

The month of May has several saints’ days. An entire day is set aside on 4th May to include all who witnessed to the Christian faith. Saints witness to the effect of God in human lives – and as such it is both a challenge and an encouragement simply because of that – we are human. But the saints in scripture are not the special people singled out as holier than the rest of us – they are the entire community, who try in their humble way to follow Christ – to put God at the heart of their lives and to try to bring something of his love to other people.

Such were those disciples Philip and James (1st), and Matthias(4th) and the Church recalls the visit of the Blessed Virgin Mary to Elizabeth on 31st.

Julian of Norwich is commemorated on 8th, and whilst not saints, John and Charles Wesley, the former associated with the founding of The Methodist Church, and the latter giving us so many famous hymns, have a lesser festival on 24th May.

I feel a particular affinity with St Augustine, Archbishop of Canterbury, also celebrated this month, not just because we share a birth day, but because, in spite of such a high office, he was so human. He was despatched by the Pope to lead 40 monks to evangelise the English Church. Questioning his calling and with some misgivings about the task in hand, he wanted to return to Rome. He turned back, continued the journey and established his See at Canterbury.

But what of saints on earth? As one of our Messy Church young people said –“Saints are those whom the light shines through!” Their lives witness both to God’s presence in this world and to His transforming love and grace. Most of them will never get a feast day named after them, let alone any accolade or higher office. I like to think, though, that saints on earth could be summed up in those words at the end of George Elliott’s classic novel ‘Middlemarch’.

These words reflect the life of the central character, Dorothea, and the effect she had on others……
 “Her full nature …spent itself in channels which had no great name on earth. But the effect of her being on those around her was incalculably diffusive: for the growing good of the world is partly dependent on unhistoric acts. And that things are not half so ill with you and me as they might have been is half owing to the number who lived faithfully a hidden life, and rest in unvisited tombs.”

During this time of Lockdown because of the Corona virus crisis, we have seen many examples of ‘saints on earth’. Many ‘unhistoric’ acts of kindness have been done for the benefit of others. Those ‘saints’ would not consider that they had done anything extraordinary; but these are the people whom ‘the light shines through’ and through whom we see the love of God expressly at work in our world.
And we celebrate the lives of those amongst you – all of you – who are saints to others………………….in need, in distress, in comfort……….and in hope.
We will not wait until All Saints Day in our church calendar to acknowledge them; we will say ‘thank you’ now.
                                                Elizabeth Wall
                                                       Associate Minister


When VE Day dawned on 8th May 2020 it was 75 years since the guns fell silent at the end of the war in Europe. Years of carnage and destruction had come to an end and millions of people took to the streets and pubs to celebrate peace, mourn their loved ones and to hope for the future, but not forgetting those still in conflict until 15th August when it was announced that Japan had surrendered unconditionally to the Allies, effectively ending World War II.

This 75th anniversary provides our nation, and our friends around the world, with an opportunity to reflect on the enormous sacrifice, courage and determination of people from all walks of life who saw us through this dark and terrifying period. It is an opportunity for us all to remember the enormous sacrifices that were made at home and abroad and to joyously celebrate as people did 75 years ago, the arrival of peace in Europe.

Sadly, the Corona Virus Crisis means that we cannot hold the Benefice Service we had planned. However, this time in ‘Lockdown’ allows us space to think and reflect. The picture you see above was taken in 2018 to mark RAF100. A specially made Centenary Baton visited 100 sites associated with the RAF in 100 days. It was the inspiration of Flight Lt Chris Kelly as the Relay Team paid their respects at the Memorial and the War Graves in Fradley village to commemorate the lives lost during WW2, and bring the baton to St Stephen’s. The Team took one of the most poignant photos of the Relay -two young WW2 airmen, who fought on opposite sides but now lie together. Now we continue to work towards peace and reconciliation that the world might never again know such violence and destruction.
                  The Nations Toast
                 to the Heroes of World War 11
                “To those who gave so much      ……………We thank You


                                                        VE -DAY 75

This year we are commemorating 75 Years since the end of Second World War.
VE-Day took place on May 8th 1945, the day following Germany’s surrender. It marked the end of years of conflict in Europe. During this conflict thousands served their country and contributed to the war effort. This was a day of mixed emotions.   Many people lost friends and family members in the conflict and were grieving. Meanwhile, there was still conflict in the Far East, and many were still serving overseas as Japan did not surrender until 15th August 1945 (VJ DAY)
For many, VE- Day was a day of celebration, a celebrating peace. Bunting was hung in the streets and people danced with friends. Many gather outside Buckingham Palace while George VI gave a radio broadcast at 9pm.
This May due to Covid-19 restrictions we will need to remember those that served their country in a different way. With another year likely to go down in history we should never forget to commemorate the occasion.
 Join in the celebrations from home in a couple of ways.
  1. The Great British Bunting – Make your own bunting and decorate the front of your house. The bunting could be decorated with doves of peace, use the union flag colours, write memories on them, draw a picture of a grandparent that may have served, these are only a few ideas.  The bunting can be made using A4 pieces of paper folded and cut diagonally, then just fold over the thickest part of the triangle and fix to either ribbon or string. Display your bunting over the weekend and remember to send your pictures to us. You can either tag RAFLICHFIELDASSOCIATION and use hastags - #Greatbritishbunting & #RAFLichfieldassociation on social media or email them to,  including your name and location by 10am, Saturday 9th May. Fradley and Streethay Covid-19 Support group will judge the Best Bunting in Fradley and Streethay and Flt Lt Chris Kelly, Staffordshire South Easter Sector Commander, Royal Air Force Air Cadets, will judge those outside of these areas. We cannot wait to see your bunting!
  1. Toast to the Hero’s of WW2 at 3pm Friday 8th May.  Please join in by raising a glass of your chosen refreshment and under take the following toast from your front door step “ To those who gave so much, we thank you”  Listening out for the bells at St Stephens Church, Fradley. 
  1.  Please join in a doorstep sing along following the Queens special message at 9pm to Vera Lynn’s ‘We’ll meet again’ turn up your speakers, look up the words and sing along, waving your union flags if you have them.
  1. Fradley and Streethay Covid -19 Support group in association with Fradley Rocks and the Scouts will be decorating rocks for VE-DAY 75 so keep your eyes peeled for these beautiful Stones on your exercise walks. 
  1. We have a limited number of commemorative RAF Lichfield Association VE-DAY 75th Silver coated, engraved tankard’s, pre sented in a gift box for £17.50 and RAF Lichfield Association VE-DAY 75th commemorative Printed mugs for £6.  Please email your requests including your name and address to
          Stay Safe, look after yourselves as well as the NHS by celebrating at home.

Year of the Burial Ground 2020

Dawn Chorus

This is the month for bird song – a time to rise early for the dawn chorus. Birds use song to attract mates and defend breeding territories; they can sing throughout the day, but dawn is the time when singing is loudest.
You can think of the different bird species as players and singers in an orchestra. Thrush and blackbirds start the chorus with a glorious fanfare, imagine soprano and tenor singers at full force! This is followed by a complicated mixture of songs and with patience, you can start to pick out individuals. Warblers such as whitethroat, blackcap and garden warbler have lyrical songs; the violin section. Great spotted woodpeckers can be heard drumming whilst finches include buzzes and chirring sounds in their song - other percussion instruments? Listen for the tit family; loud simple sounds like a trumpet. Goldcrest and tree creeper are often found in churchyards and have high-pitched songs – piccolo players in the background. Finally, green woodpecker with its loud laughing ‘yaffle’ is an unruly member of the audience!
Many people offer Dawn Chorus walks, sometimes followed by breakfast, which works well in a churchyard setting. International Dawn Chorus day is the first Sunday in May but birds sing throughout the month so any May morning will do!
Fun fact: birds develop regional accents, a nuthatch in Cornwall sounds different from one in Staffordshire.
Harriet Carty
Melody Lane – supporting NHS Charities
Last week we mentioned the video recordings of Tim and Sarah supporting NHS Charities.
To keep the idea running they offer another song to folk in the community in the hope that it will keep your spirits up and also that you might make a small donation for NHS Charities.

This weeks offering is called 'Make you feel my love’ - it’s one of Sarah’s favourites and she is keen to share it with everyone.

In addition they would be happy to record a special song for you or friend or family for any occasion (or just to lift the spirits!).  If you would like a special request, please email  confirming that you have made a donation of £10 at their to Just Giving page at
To make a booking enquiry please drop them a line – they would love to hear from you.

Wychnor News
St. Leonard's Services in May
Unfortunately there will be no worship services until further notice due to the Coronavirus outbreak
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