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Parish News - Extra - 4th April 2021
I’m delighted to bring you some welcome news… after very careful consideration of local Covid data and the Bishop of Lichfield’s latest guidance, all three of our churches will be resuming public worship as of EASTER SUNDAY, 4th April. 
We’re very aware that it’s been a considerable time since we’ve been able to offer in-person worship, and that some folks will be eager to have the opportunity to gather together to celebrate the NEW HOPE that Easter brings with the assurance of Jesus’ victory over death, and that others do not yet feel able to join in public activities – so, as we welcome back those who wish to attend in person (reassuring you of Covid-secure measures, and reminding us all of the continuing necessity of hand hygiene, wearing a face mask, and social distancing – including after services and outside the church – for everyone’s safety), we will also continue to offer on-line worship provision in various forms so that everyone is included!
So, dear Friends, in whichever way you feel able to join us to celebrate God’s love and new life this Easter, may we warmly wish you and your loved ones a very Happy Easter, a hope-filled spring, and looking forward to ‘being together in the Spirit of the Risen Lord’!
With our continuing prayers for everyone’s well-being, and every blessing to you -                                                            Vicar John
Here is Wednesdays service for those who didn't get chance to see it. Please click on the link below to access the video:
Weekly Online Services

We are now offering two online worship services each week which you can access by going to our website.
Every Sunday at 10am there will be a longer pre recorded service (about half hour) which is a bit more like our traditional Sunday service.
Every Wednesday at 10am there will be the shorter video with worship by John and his guitar (which will also be sent out via the Parish news each week to our whole Parish for those who haven't seen it.)
These two services are being added to our website at the times that we hold our weekly services in church. 

Join us for our online

Easter Sunday Service

4th April 10am

We look forward to welcoming you 

You can access the services by clicking on this link:

An Easter Story 
When I was very young, about 9 years old I think, Mama & Papa announced that we were going on a very special journey to Jerusalem for the Passover festival. This was a big event because we were a very poor family and they had saved a little money each year until they had enough to make the journey and stay for a whole week. The Passover was celebrated every year to remember when God had killed all the first born sons of the Egyptians to make Pharaoh free our ancestors from slavery to come to the land that God had promised us.
So, there was great excitement in our house because we were going to Jerusalem, for the first time, to celebrate with many other people. Preparations were made for the journey which would take several days to walk. Food and clothes were packed and then it was time to go. I could hardly contain myself because I had never been away from my village before and I was looking forward to all the new places we would see on the way. I had no brothers or sisters but some of my friends were also coming with their families, so we travelled in a large group which would also keep us safer from thieves on the journey.
It was a real adventure and the atmosphere on the journey was wonderful. So many of us travelling together with one purpose-to celebrate the Passover in Jerusalem!
As we approached the city there appeared to be a large crowd gathered and some sort of commotion going on.  There was a lot of singing and shouting and a man in the middle of it all, riding on a donkey. I couldn’t understand what the fuss was about as he was just dressed in ordinary clothes, but the crowd were throwing palm leaves and cloaks in his path as if he was a king!
We managed, eventually to find our way through the crowd and we were lucky to find somewhere to stay. During the following few days the atmosphere of excitement was all through the city. Everywhere was crowded because thousands flocked to Jerusalem to celebrate Passover and there were even people living in tents outside the city walls.
One of the days I remember vividly was when Papa took me with him to the Temple, the most beautiful place I had ever seen. While he was talking with one of the Rabbis, I decided to have a look around the Temple. It was a huge place, divided into several areas called ‘courts’. One of these was where Rabbis would teach people about God and the Law.
As I approached one of the groups I noticed the man who I had seen a few days earlier on the donkey. He was teaching a large crowd, so I crept quietly around the crowd until I was within a few feet of him. Although he looked pretty ordinary, the crowd seemed absolutely fascinated by what he was saying and every eye was on him.
I asked one of the men nearby what the man’s name was and he, absent mindedly, said ‘Jesus’.  Suddenly, he realised who had asked him and tried to push me away because I was just a child and a girl too and I shouldn’t really have been there. Jesus noticed the disturbance and called me over to him. I was very frightened at first because I thought I would get into trouble. But when I got closer I looked into his eyes and I saw such love there that I knew he was a special man.
So I went to him and he pulled me onto his knee and whispered ‘do not be afraid for I have come to tell you about God’s love and no harm will come to you here.’ Then he carried on teaching the crowd. I don’t remember much of what he said but one thing did stick with me. He said the two greatest commandments are to love God and love your neighbour as yourself and I have always tried to live by those words ever since.
The thing I most remember about him was his gentleness, the way his eyes held mine and I knew he loved me even though he had never met me before.
Later that same day, I overheard Papa telling Mama how Jesus had upset many important people in the Temple by getting angry and throwing all the market tables about and actually calling the traders thieves! Papa said Jesus actually ordered them out of the Temple! I wondered if Papa had got the name wrong because it didn’t sound like the same man that I had met.
We had our Passover meal with the herbs and lamb that had been specially prepared. But it was so exciting and different to be sharing it in Jerusalem to how I remembered when we had celebrated it before at home.
The next day I again overheard Papa telling Mama there had been a big commotion during the night because the man Jesus had been arrested but Papa didn’t know why. He thought it was because he had upset the Pharisees because he had said he was the Messiah.
The Messiah was the king we expected to come at any time and he was going to lead us into battle to free us from the oppressive Roman rule. I said I didn’t think Jesus could be the Messiah because he was so gentle and kind so why should the Pharisees want to arrest him? Papa just smiled a sad smile and said that people sometimes did things for very obscure reasons and I would understand when I got older. He always said that when he didn’t know the answer!
Soon afterwards we all went out for a walk, and found large crowds along the road out of the city. We couldn’t get around them and in the end it seemed easier to just go along with the crowd, though Papa held my hand tightly as if he was afraid I would get separated from him and Mama.
We eventually came to a hill outside the city walls and there were Roman soldiers and wooden posts being set upright in the ground. The crowd seemed to be watching something intently but I couldn’t see at first. Then, as the crowd shifted, I caught a glimpse of the soldiers tying the men to the posts and lifting them up.
With one of the men they used metal nails through his hands and feet to secure him to the post, and that was awful. We were quite far away but I couldn’t bear to look when they hammered in the nails. Mama urged Papa to take us away from there.
I asked Papa why they were doing that to the men. He said this was a Roman punishment for people who were thieves or murderers.
‘What’s a murderer?’ I asked.
‘It’s someone who kills someone else who hasn’t done anything to deserve it’ he said. By this time the soldiers had erected the one post with the man nailed onto it and I looked up to see Jesus! I could see him across the heads of the crowd and his eyes looked into mine with such pain but mingled with so much love that I just started to cry.
Papa tried to comfort me but all I could say was that Jesus wasn’t a thief or a murderer. Papa said that sometimes there were political reasons and that Jesus had upset some very important people. I said that surely that made them murderers and why weren’t they being punished instead? He just said I would understand when I was older and sadly turned away. I think he cried a little too.
It is now 20 years since that Passover festival but I still think often about Jesus and I still don’t understand why they murdered an innocent man even though I am older. It makes me so sad to remember the look in his eyes which was so loving and gentle.
I was telling a friend recently about that experience, which is still so vivid to me. She got very excited and said that Jesus didn’t die after all! I didn’t believe her at first because I know now that when someone is executed by the Romans as Jesus was, they aren’t taken down unless they are definitely dead.
But she said that yes, he did die but rose from the dead after 3 days and many people had seen him alive afterwards! She said that some of his followers had started meeting together and were forming their own church but it had to be in secret because the Jewish authorities would stop them from telling everyone about Jesus.
I said I didn’t want to get involved if it was against our religion, but when I thought about it afterwards I couldn’t get the memory of Jesus’ eyes out of my mind. So loving and yet so compelling too, and I knew I had to go to this new church to see for myself if Jesus really is alive.
So, I am going with her to their next meeting and I feel that I am embarking on another big and exciting adventure just like that Passover festival so many years ago when I met Jesus for the first time. If he really is alive then I know I will have to follow him no matter what it costs, because he loves me and, somehow, I feel that he died for me.
                                                     By Dorothy  Giles.

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St. Stephen’s Church

Sunday 4th April
Online Worship

Music, prayers and reading
 Please click on the link below to access the Service

Live at 10.30am
St Stephen’s in Fradley         Bulletin                    EASTER DAY
                                                                              4TH APRIL 2021

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St Stephen’s Church is open 10am-3pm daily for private prayer but we urge you to observe the hygiene rules and keeping social distancing whilst there.
St Stephen’s now has the official NHS COVID19 App for Track & Trace.
Please log in when in the building if you have the app downloaded on your phone.
The journey through Lent and Holy week reached its climax on Good Friday and now we celebrate Resurrection on Easter Day. I find that the last part of the journey, from Palm Sunday through Maundy Thursday and Good Friday is always very poignant. We know it has been a traumatic year when many have felt that Good Friday has not ended.
 As the days lengthen and the sun shines a little more and we experience some warmth in the sun - at least briefly! - we take those first steps out of lockdown. We are able to acknowledge the small achievements - both individual and collective. We have perhaps, become more appreciative of life's simple pleasures and for that we are grateful. 
Easter Day celebrates the gift of new life and is truly experienced over and over again, not in perfect lives, untouched by doubt and never graced by loss and despair, but in broken lives, poured out in love and sacrifice.
The message of resurrection is that ‘Christ is not here’, inhabiting the realm of the dead, but stands alive for hope in new and transformed life. May we have hope in our hearts today.
Wishing you all a very happy Easter and the hope of better things to come……
                                                               Elizabeth Wall Associate Minister

A Prayer for Easter
God of glory,
by the raising of your Son you have broken the chains of death and hell:
fill your Church with faith and hope;
for a new day has dawned and the way to life stands open
in our Saviour Jesus Christ.
Readings for Easter Day: Acts 10. 34-43   John 20. 1-18 and Mark 16. 1-8

The Diary
Sunday 4th April    9am      Holy Communion [BCP] in Church
    10.30am Family Communion in Church       
   There will be Online Worship to supplement the church services also
Sunday 11th April  10.30am Family Communion in Church
Monday 12th April 12.30pm Funeral of Esme Raine Burnell in church and followed by cremation at  
                                                                                                            Fradley Crematorium      
Wednesday 21st April 7pm Annual Parish Meeting  In Church
                If you would like to support St Stephen’s in the role of Churchwarden or PCC Member please let Elizabeth or John know. If you would like an informal discussion on what the role entails please get in touch.

..and dates for your diary pending lockdown restrictions being lifted as planned

Saturday 24th April 10am – 12 noon Plant Sale held in the churchyard and with takeaway refreshments. 


Saturday 22nd May 2.30pm onwards Family Lockdown Challenge in Beacon Park, Lichfield and Picnic. More details nearer the time.

  Please do contact us if you have any prayer requests.  Morning Prayer (said privately by the clergy) and Sunday Services all include prayers, for the world, for the church, for the community and for individuals. If you would like us to pray for anyone please get in touch.
And finally…….
An enormous thank you to all who have done such sterling work at St Stephen’s in this difficult and challenging year. You are too numerous to mention by name but we are grateful to all. There has been teamwork for our online services; the church has been kept clean and as Covid secure as we could make it, flowers have been arranged; the churchyard has been maintained and countless other small and large jobs done. Much has been done behind the scenes and is unacknowledged. But we are grateful to you all and without all that is done St Stephen’s could not function.
Thank you! Thank you!
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Easter Sunday - St Leonard's Wychnor

We are delighted to announce that St Leonard’s Church, Wychnor will reopen on Easter Sunday.
  We will hold a socially distanced  Eucharist Service, with no hymns, at 9.00am on Sunday 4th April. 
We look forward to welcoming you.

Church Contacts

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Reader                      Mrs Carole Ellis
                                  49 Heritage Court, Lichfield                                                                    01543 254448

Reader                      Dorothy Giles                                                                                          01283 487831

All Saints, Alrewas

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PCC Secretary:      Mrs Jenny Summers 12 Bailye Close, Streethay, Lichfield WS13 8LD   01543 263359
PCC Treasurer:      Mr Nick Kilford   Email:            07912 359237
Altar Flowers:         Mrs Elaine Lloyd, 34 Long Lane                                                               01283 790655
St Leonard's, Wychnor
Warden:                  Mrs Frances Mayes, Blackenhall Lodge,
                               The Green, Barton under needwood                                                        01283 713058
PCC Secretary:      Mrs Jackie Coates, Keeper's House, Wychnor                                        01543 473173
PCC Treasurer:     Mrs Karen Mercer, Hill Farm, Wychnor                                                     01283 791515

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