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September Issue.

In this issue:
Alrewas news
Methodist Church News
Fradley news

Wychnor News
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Message from the Curate:
Dear Friends,

As I sit writing this the beautiful Summer weather has started to wane, giving us a glimpse of the Autumn and Winter seasons to come.  We are in the middle of a fantastic Arts Festival, and the creativity and community of Alrewas continues to inspire me; in fact it goes beyond inspiration, the word awe is more appropriate.  When we see things that point beyond them to something bigger, we feel the sense of awe that God provokes within us.  Whether we express that through organised religion, or through a spirituality that doesn’t subscribe to a particular creed, we all have within us a longing to connect, to belong and an innate knowledge we are part of something bigger.   When we hear a beautiful voice, see a beautiful painting or lose ourselves in a wonderful photograph, that sense of awe we feel is the inner voice of God reminding us where our hearts truly lie. 

September is a time of transition, when we move from holiday season to a new school year; new experiences for those starting primary school, secondary school, college or university.  Together as community we pray for those who are fearful as they make the big step from All Saints primary to John Taylor or the Friary secondary schools.  Yet we know they go to those schools prepared in the best possible way, with the knowledge that they are loved by God.  Whether they express their faith or not, our time with the children at All Saints shows us they all have faith, and their young minds are receptive to new experiences, new encounters, and new feelings of awe.

What has given you a sense of awe during the summer; during the wonderful Arts Festival?  For me it was a new experience, the Escape Room.  As Laura and I walked into the room with our teammates- who we didn’t know previously, I was filled with awe at the creative talent and sheer effort that had created such a wonderful immersive atmosphere- it was like entering another world.  In the Escape Room communication is key, and despite not knowing the couple we were teamed up with, it was easy to communicate because we had a common purpose- escaping as fast as possible!  Our likes and dislikes, occupations, history and personality type were irrelevant.  It made me think about how we communicate, it can be easy to say the same things to the same people.  We forget that we have a common purpose, to share the good news that God loves all of us.  So let’s do that together; do new things, tell people what made us feel a sense of awe, and you never know, we just might help them to encounter God in the process.

Alrewas News

Alrewas Neighbourhood Plan 5th September, 2018 Referendum
On 5th September 2018 all voters, within the Parish of Alrewas, will be eligible to vote on whether or not they want to adopt the Alrewas Neighbourhood Plan. They will be asked to vote on the following question “Do you want Lichfield District Council to use the Neighbourhood Plan for Alrewas to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?”

What is the Alrewas Neighbourhood Plan?

The Alrewas Neighbourhood Plan (ANP) is a long-term plan which will run until 2029. It will be used, in conjunction with the Lichfield District Local Plan and any other material considerations, in the determination of Planning Applications.

The ANP covers areas which are specific to Alrewas and which were identified by a questionnaire, carried out in 2013, which was delivered to every household in the Parish. The ANP incorporated the wishes of the residents as far as is possible under the rules which cover the development of a Neighbourhood Plan.

It should be noted that no Plan (Neighbourhood or Local) can have black and white rules, the neighbourhood Plan has a series of Policies which must be taken into consideration, alongside those in the Lichfield Local Plan, when assessing Planning Applications.

The Alrewas neighbourhood Plan can be accessed via:  

The Parish Council are not allowed to advise people on how to vote but can highlight some of the key elements within the Alrewas Neighbourhood Plan (The Plan).

The Plan meets Lichfield District Council’s housing allocation for the Village, this is a fundamental requirement for any Neighbourhood Plan to proceed.

Community Facilities - the Plan will:
- not support development that results in the loss of, or has significant adverse effect on, village facilities and services.
- support the protection and enhancement of publicly accessible open space and the canal side environment, and the maintenance or improvement of public rights of way.

Traffic – the Plan will:
- not support development proposals which lead to traffic congestion in the Village.
- support proposals which lead to a footbridge across the A38 and the re-opening of Alrewas Station.
- support proposals which improve the quality and extent of public car parking in the village.

Public Realm – the Plan will:
- support the protection and enhancement of publicly accessible open space and the canal side environment, and the maintenance or improvement of public rights of way.
- support the provision of disabled access to public rights of way and the provision of integrated cycling and walking infrastructure linking new development to services and facilities.

Environment & Conservation
- Within the Village, development proposals must have regard to local character and demonstrate a high quality of design, form and layout.
- The following sites are designated as Local Green Space, where development is ruled out other than in very special circumstances.
A. STATFOLD WOOD The area East of Statfold Lane, bounded by the River Trent and the Mill Stream.
B. CANAL AND RIVERBANK The area of open field north of Dark Lane bounded by the village settlement boundary, the Trent and Mersey Canal and the River Trent.

Housing Provision – the Plan will:
- support development proposals within the Village Settlement Boundary. A new Village Settlement Boundary has been drawn up to stem outwards expansion from the Village into the surrounding countryside.
- support infill development and the development of brownfield sites along with new developments of smaller properties (e.g. 3 bed or fewer) and those suitable for older people that provide for a recognised need.

Economic Development – the Plan will:
- support the sustainable growth and expansion of business and enterprise, through conversion, extension and well-designed new buildings, provided that such development:
 a) Respects local character, including the massing and scale of surrounding buildings and protects residential amenity; and
b) Maintains or improves highway safety
- resist development requiring planning permission that results in the loss of shops, services or public houses as a result of proposals for change of use, unless it can be demonstrated that the shop/service is no longer needed.
- Support development providing facilities for visitors and tourists, subject to it being of an appropriate size, scale and to it respecting local character and residential amenity.
Alrewas bells in WW1 remembrance
Bells to commemorate three Alrewas men killed during the First World War
Sadly, within five days of each other, three men connected with Alrewas were killed on the battlefields of France during the final six weeks of the First World War.  These were as follows:
1. Joseph Thomas Horne (killed on 28 September 1918)
Born in 1894, Joseph Horne was the son of Joseph and Jane Horne who lived in Fox Lane, Alrewas.  Jane later moved to the Dock, Alrewas, following the death of her husband.
Having enlisted in the 1st/6th North Staffordshire Regiment as a Private, Joseph, who until then had been a labourer working for the County Council on the roads, was sent to the Western Front.  He was to see action at Hooge (which is located near to Ypres in Belgium) where he was subjected to the German liquid fire attack of 1915.  He then took part in the second British attack on the German Hohenzollern Redoubt (2 to 18 March 1916), and was engaged in various other actions, which included the diversionary attack at Gommecourt, France, later that year.
In 1917, Joseph, by then a Lance Sergeant, took part in a raid on an enemy trench known as “Nash Alley”, which was situated in the Pas-de-Calais region of France.  During this raid, Joseph was awarded the Military Medal, the citation of which reads:
“Awarded the Military Medal on 24 May 1917 for gallantry and devotion to duty during an attack on Nash Alley, on Hill 70 south east of Loos.  He was one of the first to enter the enemy trenches bayoneting a German as he did so.  Single handed he took sixteen prisoners from one dugout and throughout the night until midday next day was of great assistance in repelling enemy attacks.  His cheerfulness and courage were a fine example of soldierly conduct to his company.”
Joseph was killed on 28 September 1918 during the battle for the St Quentin Canal in France.  Unfortunately, his death occurred just before he was due to return home to become a commissioned officer.  In addition to his Military Medal, he was posthumously awarded the British and Victory Medals.
2.  James Arthur Pittam (killed on 30 September 1918)
James Pittam had been born in Burton on Trent in 1899 and was the son of Arthur and Elizabeth Pittam.  In 1911 the family moved to a house in the Dock, Alrewas, as his father worked as a train examiner.
Enlisting as a Private in the 4th Battalion of the Royal Marine Light Infantry, James was involved in the Zeebrugge Raid of 23 April 1918.  This raid was an attempt by the Royal Navy to block the Belgian port of Bruges-Zeebrugge by sinking obsolete ships in the canal entrance.  This was to prevent vessels of the Imperial German Navy from leaving port.  In particular the intention was to pen in the U-boats and light shipping that were having a devastating effect on Allied shipping in the English Channel and southern North Sea.
Unfortunately, this raid was not really a success due to the block ships having been scuttled in the wrong place as, after a few days, the Germans had been able to open the canal to submarines at high tide.  During this raid, the British suffered 583 casualties of which 227 had been killed, with the Germans suffering just 8 dead and 16 wounded.
Three months later, on 23 July 1918, James, who had been transferred to the 1st Battalion, was posted as missing presumed dead during the Battle of Canal du Nord.  This battle, which was in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region of France, was part of a general Allied offensive against German positions on the Western Front during the Hundred Days’ Offensive.
At the time of James’ death, his mother, now a widow, was living in Main Street, Alrewas.  James has no known grave but is remembered on the Vis-en-Artois Memorial at Pas de Calais and the Alrewas War Memorial.  He was posthumously awarded the British and Victory Medals.
3.  Robert William Riley (killed 3 October 1918)
Enlisting into the North Staffordshire Regiment, Robert Riley, who had been born in Alrewas in 1889 to railway guard Francis Riley and his wife Mary, was sent to the Western Front in 1915.  Here he was involved in various actions, which included the German liquid fire attack at Hooge, near Ypres, Belgium.
On 12 October 1915, the North Staffordshire Regiment was involved in the first British attack on the German Hohenzollern Redoubt (13 to 19 October 1915).  During this action, this regiment suffered many casualties with approximately 500 officers and men dying from their injuries.  The attack was, unfortunately, a failure.
It seems that between the battle at Hooge and the action at the Hohenzollern Redoubt, Robert had infringed an army procedure as he had been awarded seven days’ field punishment No 1 (FP1).  This was a more severe punishment than field punishment No 2 (FP2).  When flogging in the British Army was eventually legally abolished in 1881 by Gladstone’s Liberal government, soldiers found guilty of minor offences such as drunkenness would instead be sentenced to a field punishment.  With FP1, the convicted soldier was publicly shackled in irons and then secured to a fixed object such as a gun wheel or a fence post for up to 2 or 3 hours per day.  During the First World War, this could even mean being placed within range of enemy shell fire.  Therefore, this punishment is what Robert would have endured, although it is not known if he was placed within range of enemy shell fire.  The lesser punishment of FP2 meant that the offender, although still shackled, was not secured to a fixed object and was thus able to march under restraint.  During the First World War there were 60,210 cases of FP1 and about 27,000 cases of FP2.
Robert was later involved in a number of other actions against the Germans, such as the Second Battle of the Somme and the Battle at Arras.  However, it was during one of the final actions of the war that he was killed in action on 3 October 1918.  His body was never recovered, but he is remembered on the Vis-en-Artois Memorial at Pas de Calais.  He was posthumously awarded the 1914-15 Star (instituted in December 1918), which, together with the British and Victory Medals, were sent to his mother.
Therefore, to commemorate the centenary of the sacrifices made by Joseph Horne, James Pittam and Robert Riley, the bells of All Saints, Alrewas, will be rung to a quarter peal during the afternoon of Saturday 29 September 2018.  Commencing at 3pm this ringing will last about an hour.
David Herschell                            
A warm welcome awaits you. Come and join us to share tea and biscuits, fellowship and fun!
Bring along whatever craft project you are working on or come along to be inspired by other people's handiwork!
Call Sally on 01283 790486 for more information.

All Saints Pastoral Care Team

Are you, or is someone you know facing difficulties? Would you like someone to talk to? Our Pastoral Care team can offer a listening ear and support. For more information please contact Rev. John Allan 01283 790486 or Julie Willis 01283 791719 or see the church website for more details

Dementia Friendly Coffee Mornings

Please come and join us at our coffee mornings for anyone with Dementia or related illnesses and their carers.
A very warm welcome will be given to all.                                                                    
It is a chance for you to relax and to talk and to get support
It’s at The British Legion, Rykneld St
on the first and third Tuesday of each month,
10-30 am to 12-30 pm.

Ring Maureen on 01283 790381 for more information
Alrewas Bridge Club

We meet each Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday
at the Royal British Legion at 2pm
Visit our website for more details

Alrewas Surgery News

For the latest news from the surgery please click on the following link


Alrewas WI

Next meeting
(first Monday of the month unless a bank holiday)
Monday 3rd September 7:30 to 9:30
Alrewas Village Hall. 
Guest speaker 

Peter Hawthorn is talking to us about The Dickin Medal and it’s recipients. The Dickin Medal is awarded to animals for extreme bravery. 

Visitors always welcome. £3:00. Including refreshments.
any queries contact Helen 01283 790618. 


Alrewas WI are hosting a
McMillan Coffee morning on Friday 28th September 
10 am Till 12.30 pm  in The Methodist Church Hall , Post Office Rd Alrewas.
Lots of Stalls to include 
Large Raffle with fabulous prizes 
Homemade cakes and preserves 
Homegrown produce 
Cards and wrapping paper 
To mention just a few. 
All proceeds to McMillan cancer care , please come along and support us. 
The over 50's Club

Do come and join us at our Club which is held at the British Legion on alternative Tuesdays.

 A friendly welcome will be given to all over a cuppa and a chat. Phone Yvonne on 791623 for more details

Alrewas Parish Council
The Parish Council have updated their website to a more phone friendly version. It contains lots of information about the Parish Council as well as what’s going on in Alrewas, including the Village News and the Village Directory where you can get links to all the village organisations and businesses as well as add your own.

Click on the link below to go to the website
  Youth Club Volunteers Needed!!!!

Can you spare us a couple of hours of your Wednesday evening once
or twice a term (or more)?

#YouthSquad is an informal youth club for young people living in Alrewas in school years 7-11 (approx ages 11-16). We open on Wednesday evenings in term time - 7.30-9.30 pm at the Alrewas Royal British Legion Club. 

Experience not necessary - just an interest in ensuring young people living in Alrewas having something to do with their time one evening a week! We would welcome anyone 18+ male, female, young or not!

Please email Alison Wright for information - - or drop in on any Wednesday evening after 5 September so we can show you around.

Alrewas Knit Club

We meet in the William IV to knit and natter every Wednesday at 1pm. We have yarn and knitting pins available for beginners or if you are working on something for yourself come along and join us. All crafters are welcome.

If anyone is holding a fund raising event and would like our support please get in touch.
To find out more you can reach me, Jane Pegg at:   or telephone 01283 791226.
Whist Drives
Welcome to our regular whist drives which are held on alternate Thursdays in the Methodist Hall. Our dates are 13th and 27th September commencing at 2pm. Just £1 to include refreshments. We are a friendly club and newcomers are always welcome! Contact Georgina on 01283 790713 for more info.

THE TRAVELLING LIBRARY comes to Alrewas from 9.30 am to 1.30pm on Fridays 7th and 21st of September and is parked in Post Office Road

Keeping fit in Alrewas

Barrie's Fitness class
Each Monday (except bank holidays)
From 10 to 11am in the Methodist Hall cost £3 contact Barrie on 01543 418242

Extend Class
Each Thursday from 10.00 to 11.00 am in the Methodist Hall
organised by Marilyn Feathers
Contact her on - 01283 791842

Otogo Class
Each Thursday from 11.15 to 12.15 in the Methodist Hall
organised by Marilyn Feathers

Delyse's Yoga class
Each Monday in the Methodist hall
8 til 9pm - contact 01283 790832

Move it or lose it
Exercise for the over 60's
All exercises are seated or standing
Every Tuesday 1pm til 2pm  in the Methodist hall followed by tea, coffee and biscuits. £4
Contact Cat Stuart 07973 819629


Art in Alrewas

Sylvia's Art Group meet each Wednesday at  10.30 til 12.30 and also 1.30pm til 3.30 at 30 Wellfield Road (except school holidays)
Check out Sylvia's workshops at:

Delyse's Art Group meets each Wednesday at 2.00pm in the Alrewas Scout Hut
William IV Road contact her on 01283 790832

Deadline for the October issue

If you would like anything included in the October issue then please email or ring 01283 791941
by Monday 24th September
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                                         ALREWAS SIDEPERSONS
                                     8am                                 10am                                              

2nd September          Sheila Pennell           Vivien Wilmer & Jenny Jenkins 
9th September           Helen Newman          Roger Hailwood & Pan Foster
16th September         Norman Hunt             Nick and Pauline Kilford
23rd September         Sheila Pennell           Peter & Lynn Lerigo
30th September         Helen Newman          Barbara & BIll Stonehouse
Alrewas        Altar Flowers                                        
2nd Spetember     Mrs G Cogman  
9th September      Mrs S Pennell    
16th Sept          Mrs J Beardsmore 
23rd September     Mrs M Johnson
30th September     Mrs M Hibbert                             
Coffee Rota

2nd September    Nikki Burns
9th September     Viv Wilmer
16th September   Maureen & Ann
23rd Sept     Mary-Lou Goodbody
30th September   Liz & Christine

Minister: Revd Joanna Thornton 01543 253744
61 Burton Road, Streethay, Lichfield WS13 8LR  email:  
Steward: Mrs Pam Handscomb 01543 257594
Bookings: Mr John Henley 01283 752016

Afternoon Drop-in
Mondays from 2pm (except bank holidays)
A welcome to all for a chat and refreshments

Prayer Time
For Alrewas, it's people and the wider world
Mondays 9.15 - 9.45
 Alternates between All Saints Church &
Alrewas Methodist Church.
Please ring Jo Thornton or John Allan for details

 Messy church is on Friday 14th September when we will be thinking about harvest and about a story Jesus told about a seed. 
All welcome.  5 - 7pm

Crafts - Celebration - Food
Children must be accompanied by an adult

Alrewas Messy Church and Little Fishes toddler group are joint ventures between All Saints Church and Alrewas Methodist Church as we seek to share God's love with our village.
Services in September
2nd - Communion led by Rev Jo Thornton 

9th - Morning worship led by Mr Brian Whitehouse

16th - Harvest Festival - Together in Worship - led by Rev Jo Thornton

23rd - Morning worship led by Mrs Kath Leckey

30th - Morning worship led by Rev Brian White

Our Harvest festival on 16th September will be an informal service suitable for all ages - including young families.  Do come along and join us!

Come and join us at Alrewas Methodist Church on Wednesdays during term time.
9.15-11.15 am

We are meeting on the 12th, 19th and 26th in September.

Ring or text Helen
on 07515 940060 to find out more

Fradley News
St Stephen’s, Fradley

Services in September

Sunday 2nd September
9am Holy Communion (BCP)
10.30am All Age worship with The Music Group
Sunday 9th September
10.30am Family Communion
Sunday 16th September
10.30am Family Communion
Battle of Britain Commemorations
1.15pm Buffet lunch in the Village Hall
3pm Battle of Britain Service
celebrating RAF100
Friday 21st September
3.30-5.30pm Messy Church begins ….hooray!
Sunday 23rd September
10.30am Family Communion
Sunday 30th September
10.30am Family Communion

Find us on Fradley St.Stephen
Best Kept Village

On Monday 6 August at Gnosall Village Hall members of the Best Kept Village Committee were delighted to hear that Fradley had won the best kept large village in the Lichfield and Cannock Chase BKV competition.  As stated at the awards evening it is tidiness not prettiness that is being judged and taking part.  The committee wish to thank any one in the village who stopped to pick up any litter in the roads, community halls or churchyard, play areas and open space.  Also to children who created posters and everyone who advertised the event plus staff at IMI who spent a day painting the inside of the Community Hall, fence painting and pruning trees around the village with the help of free bottles of water supplied by Roxanne the water bottling plant on the Industrial Estate.  Finally to Jackie Campbell, David and Lynn Edge who were virtually every day  picking up litter especially off Fradley Lane, watering planters and sweeping. It was true dedication.   

Wychnor News
St. Leonard's Services in September
9th September    11.30am – Holy Communion
23rd September    11.30am – Family Service
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Church Contacts

Vicar:                        Revd Preb John W Allan.  Email:
                                 The Vicarage, Church Road, Alrewas, Burton on Trent DE13 7BT        01283 790486
Please note - John is away on sabbatical until November 10th.
Please contact RevdChris Precious or Revd Elizabeth Wall during this time. Thank you.

Associate Minister:   Revd Elizabeth Wall          Email:
                                 Gaia Cottage. 15 Gaia Lane, Lichfield. WS13 7LW                                01543 254891

Curate:                      Revd Chris Precious         Email: 
                                  23 Croft Close, Elford, Staffs  B79 9BU                                                  01827 383933

Reader                      Mrs Carole Ellis
                                  49 Heritage Court, Lichfield                                                                    01543 254448


Wardens:                  Mr Ian Kirkland, 29 Micklehome Drive                  01283 790622 
                         Mr John Feathers,                                                                                  01283 791842
Assistant Warden:    Mr Colin Cox, 22 Micklehome Drive                                                       01283 790343
Assistant Warden:    Mr Edward Gould                                                                                    07896 929113
PCC Secretary:       Ms Laura Jacks,                                                                                      07904 774589
PCC Treasurer:       Mr Richard Newton,                                                                                01283 790281
Organists:                 Mr David Hall and Mr Chris Greenhalgh
Captain of Ringers:  Mr David Hall                                                                                          01283 792464
Church Flowers:       Mrs E Newton,                                                                                        01283 790281
Pastoral Care:          Mrs Julie Willis,                                                                                       01283 791719
Children's society:    Mr and Mrs Peter & Lynn Lerigo,                                                            01283 791544

St Stephen's, Fradley
Warden:                  Mrs Cindy Davies 85 Church Lane                                                          01283 790317 
PCC Secretary:      Mrs Jenny Summers 12 Bailye Close, Streethay, Lichfield WS13 8LD   01543 263359
PCC Treasurer:      Mrs Jenny McKean, 31 Jackman Road                                                    
Altar Flowers:         Mrs Elaine Lloyd, 34 Long Lane                                                               01283 790655

St Leonard's, Wychnor
Warden:                  Mrs Frances Mayes, Blackenhall Lodge,
                               The Green, Barton under needwood                                                        01283 713058
PCC Secretary:      Mrs Jackie Coates, Keeper's House, Wychnor                                        01543 473173
PCC Treasurer:     Mrs Karen Mercer, Hill Farm, Wychnor                                                     01283 791515

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