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November Issue.

Note from the editor - As we send this edition out to you this morning, I am mindful that events are changing quickly as we move into tier 2 in our region and with talk about another possible national lockdown. Therefore, the events and services in this edition may be subject to change. We will endeavour to keep you informed should any of our services have to altered or cancelled.
In this issue:
Alrewas News
Methodist Church News
Fradley News
Wychnor News
Please click on the link below to hear this weeks video as John talks about what makes a Saint!


Alrewas News

Services In November
       at All Saints 

Sunday 1st November
8am Holy Communion BCP
 10am - Said Communion Service
3pm - All Soul's Service for the entire benefice 
Just to remind people intending to attend the church service that we must remain Covid-secure which will necessitate a limit on numbers to ensure social distancing can be maintained. 

Wednesday 4th November - 10am Holy Communion

Sunday 8th November
8am Holy Communion BCP
 10am Said Communion  Service
Owing to Covid-restrictions the usual special-edition Remembrance Services in the benefice will sadly not be held this year. Instead, a special on-line Remembrance Sunday Service featuring representatives from RBL and all four churches (including the Methodist Church) will be streamed on the morning. The link will be sent out in the Parish News on Saturday 7th November.

Wednesday 11th November- 10am Holy Communion

Sunday 15th November
8am Holy Communion BCP
10am  Said Communion Service 

Wednesday 18th November - 10am Holy Communion

Sunday 22nd November
8am Holy Communion BCP
10.30am Said Communion Service

Wednesday 25th November - 10am Holy Communion

Sunday 29th November
8am Holy Communion BCP
10.30am Said Communion Service

Please follow the guidance of the wardens upon your arrival, and please note that a face mask must be worn unless you have an exemption. All necessary precautions have been taken for your safety.


The death of Moses is recorded in the final chapter of Deuteronomy.  Because he disobeyed God, he was not allowed to enter Canaan – “the Promised Land”.  Instead his successor, Joshua, became leader of the Israelites and it is he who led them in the conquest of Canaan. This period of conquest is described in the book of Joshua, the first of the “history books” of the Old Testament.

When the Israelites entered Canaan they did not enter an uninhabited land which they could just walk into and occupy.  The “land flowing with milk and honey” was already occupied by the Canaanites who were made up of many different tribes with their own way of life, customs and, more importantly, their own gods to worship.  Joshua’s first act was to send two spies into Canaan to look over the land.  They were helped by Rahab, a prostitute who lived in Jericho and in Joshua 2.9-13 she acknowledges the greatness of Israel’s God.  In return for her help, her family was left unscathed when the Israelites attacked and captured Jericho.  It is this same Rahab who is mentioned in Matthew 1.5 as being an ancestor of Jesus.

The conquest of Canaan consisted of three main campaigns.  The first secured the land to the east of the River Jordan.  The Israelites then crossed the Jordan and moved into the southern hill country around Jerusalem, and they conquered Jericho and other city states and fortified towns.  They then moved into the northern hill country, into the area known in New Testament times as Galilee, conquering the northern city of Hazor.

The conquered land was then divided up between the tribes of Israel, although at this time and even by the time of Joshua’s death, the land was not completely subdued and there was more work to do. But God “gave Israel a rest from all their enemies around them” (23.1) and the now elderly Joshua assembled all the tribes at Shechem and made a covenant with them, effectively renewing the Mosaic Law based on the Ten Commandments.  Joshua reminded the people that it was God who had delivered Canaan into their hands and that they must never forsake their God and worship the gods of the Canaanites.  Joshua died at the age of 110 and “Israel served the Lord throughout the lifetime of Joshua and of the elders who outlived him and who had experienced everything the Lord had done for Israel” (24.31).

The problem of the conquest of Canaan for us today

In some ways, the conquest of Canaan can be troubling to modern readers.  The Israelites can almost seem to be practising a type of “ethnic cleansing” or genocide.  Indeed in Deuteronomy 7.1, God orders the Israelites to drive seven nations, including the Amorites, out of Canaan “and when the Lord your God has delivered them over to you, then you must destroy them totally.  Make no treaty with them and show them no mercy” (Deut 7.2).  Earlier, in Genesis, there is a hint of some “history” between God and the Canaanites when God tells Abraham that the sins of the Amorites (a Canaanite peoples) “has not yet reached its full measure” (Gen 15.16).     

But this was not an Israel v Canaan battle based on ethnic identity.  There were many Canaanites who recognised the God of Israel as the Lord of all nations, and so they joined the Israelite peoples – for example Rahab, whom we met earlier.  When Joshua encountered an angel before the Battle of Jericho (Josh 5.13-15) and asked which side the angel was on, the reply was “Neither… as commander of the army of the Lord I have now come”.   The point is clear.  God is going to bring his judgment on human evil and thus the real question is whether Israel is on God’s side.  God is consistent and does not have favourites.  Israel is shown here as an instrument of divine justice as God metes out an act of divine punishment on a corrupt society. 

God warned the Israelites in the time of Moses (Deut 28) that if they broke the covenant and adopted the culture and practice of the Canaanites, they would face the same consequences and be driven out of the land.  And that is precisely what happened when, centuries later, their sins had become so great that they were sent into exile in Babylon.
                                                                                                                                  Helen Mullins

Alrewas Parish Council
The Parish Council have updated their website to a more phone friendly version. It contains lots of information about the Parish Council as well as what’s going on in Alrewas, including the Village News and the Village Directory where you can get links to all the village organisations and businesses as well as add your own.

Click on the link below to go to the website

Alrewas Surgery News

For the latest news from the surgery please click on the following link

News from Alrewas and Fradley Charities


Huge thanks to Deb Masters and her daughter Tasha for raising over £300 for Alrewas and Fradley Charities at their September Table-Top Sale.


And many thanks to all of you who continue to support our Corona Virus Appeal - at our Trustees meeting earlier this month, we gave further grants of £750 to schools in Alrewas and Fradley, (as well as funding a “Memory Bank” for year 6 leavers) and to Alrewas Scouts, to help with extra cleaning and labour costs associated with the Pandemic.


If you, or anyone you know, is struggling financially at this time, food vouchers and grants are available – see our website –


There are many ways you can continue to help us and our local community – by donating to our appeal on our website, by joining our Monthly Magic Numbers club, and now, if you are an Amazon shopper, by choosing our Charity via the Amazon Smile programme which donates 0.5% of many purchases – just copy and click on


Thank you again from the Trustees and stay safe.

Minister: Revd Joanna Thornton 01543 253744
61 Burton Road, Streethay, Lichfield WS13 8LR  email:  
Steward: Mrs Pam Handscomb 01543 257594
Bookings: Mr John Henley 01283 752016
Services for Alrewas Methodist Church in November

1 Nov – 10.30 am Service led by Revd Dr Robert Bates

8 Nov –10.30 am Service led by Revd Robert Russell

15 Nov –10.30 am Service led by Revd Joanna Thornton (Communion)

22 Nov – 10.30 am Service led by Revd Ken Howcroft

29 Nov –10.30 am Service led by Revd Joanna Thornton

Deadline for the December issue

If you would like anything included in the next issue then please email or ring 01283 791941 by 25th November.
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Fradley News
St Stephen’s Church, Fradley


Services in November

Sunday 1st November

9am Holy Communion (BCP)-Traditional

10.30am All Age Worship

3pm All Souls Service to remember loved ones 

at All Saints, Alrewas

           Remembrance Sunday 8th November 

10.30am Family Communion (said)

with Act of Remembrance

Sunday 15th November

10.30am Family Communion (said)
Sunday 22nd November

10.30am Family Communion (said)
Sunday 29th November

10.30am Family Communion (said)
Every care has been taken to ensure safety and hygiene regulations. Please follow the advice and guidance in church upon arrival
Online Worship will be available
for Sundays 8th,15th, 22nd and 29th November

Find us on Fradley St.Stephen


St. Stephen’s Churchyard

Following a successful churchyard clear up in September, the church was visited by members of the Diocese Best Kept Churchyard competition, and a letter complimenting us on the excellent state of the churchyard was received.

This encouraged the churchyard group to further their ambitions to create a wildflower area. This will be a 6 foot strip along the front of the wildlife area. Already the strip has been marked out ready to be mown and rotivated.

Top soil has been obtained from a nearby building development which will be mixed with the subsoil and left during the winter in preparation for seeding in the spring. In addition 1000 daffodil bulbs have been planted around the perimeter of the church by volunteers.

Thank you to everyone who has been involved with churchyard maintenance and continuing improvement!

Welcome to Musical Babies, it’s time to have some Fun!!

I set the group up myself over 5 years ago now and it soon became  very popular with families whose  babies are aged from birth to pre walkers.
We normally meet up in the Staffordshire Children’s Centres but since they are still unable to reopen the Centres for us to run our Early Years groups, I have decided to locate alternative venues for the time being. So far, I have found some fab venues in Lichfield, Tamworth and Rugeley.

It’s my pleasure to plan really friendly interactive classes, which last an hour long.

I supply age appropriate musical instruments, sensory scarves, feathers, bubbles and much more. The aim of the session is for us all to have fun, be ourselves, be safe and you will then, of course, be learning some new things at the same time with your babies.

Each class costs £5 , you will need to pre book and pay in advance. You can do this by either bank transfer/card or cash. You can book in advance for as many classes as you like, subject to availability. Session fees are non-refundable.

Class sizes will be limited.  I am spacing  large mats , one per family, 2 metres apart, for you to sit on. All you will need to bring is your own baby’s blanket, if you wish, to place on the mat, plus their support cushion , if they need one.

Finally, for our own safety, in line with government guidance for a UK community setting, we will be required to wear face masks for the duration of the session,  (apart from the babies!). I am so sorry that we have to do this, but  it’s better to be together, as a group, in the safest way possible than to be waiting any longer to restart our lovely Musical Babies classes.  You may wish to buy a transparent face mask with cotton frame, so your baby and others can see your mouth movements.
If you would like to book your first class , please can you check availability first and then can you please let me know the following information, thank you:
  • Your preferred session time , date and location.
  • Your mobile phone number and email address.
  • Your initials and full name.
  • Your baby’s full name and date of birth.
  • Your house  number.
  • Your postcode.
You can email this information to me:
Thank you! I am intending to prepare our session registers in advance, so this will save us lots of time when you arrive at the venue.
I hope to see you soon, please email me or text/call me on 07546 165595 if you need any more information.
Take care,
Hilary Haywood xx

Wychnor News
Services at St Leonard's during November

22nd November  11.30  Holy Communion
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                                 Gaia Cottage. 15 Gaia Lane, Lichfield. WS13 7LW                                01543 254891

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Reader                      Mrs Carole Ellis
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St Stephen's, Fradley
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PCC Secretary:      Mrs Jenny Summers 12 Bailye Close, Streethay, Lichfield WS13 8LD   01543 263359
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Altar Flowers:         Mrs Elaine Lloyd, 34 Long Lane                                                               01283 790655

St Leonard's, Wychnor
Warden:                  Mrs Frances Mayes, Blackenhall Lodge,
                               The Green, Barton under needwood                                                        01283 713058
PCC Secretary:      Mrs Jackie Coates, Keeper's House, Wychnor                                        01543 473173
PCC Treasurer:     Mrs Karen Mercer, Hill Farm, Wychnor                                                     01283 791515

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