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The Getting the Skeletons Out of the Closet webinar is now available on our YouTube channel. Tasked with moving to a new network drive or cutting down on the ever-increasing growth of "stuff" on your current network server? Watch now to hear from a records officer who ventured forth to accomplish both and lived to tell the tale.
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GRS Update Proposals
We are proposing the following updates to the general retention schedule:
  1. An update to the Training materials (GRS-1951) schedule to specify that it is for mandated or significant training materials.
  2. An update to Employee health and medical records (GRS-1968to clarify what records are included, shorten the retention period, and consolidate a duplicate schedule into it.
More details can be found on our GRS Updates webpage. We would love to hear your feedback about these proposed updates, which you can submit via web form here. The open feedback period for these proposals ends on 11/15/20.
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Records Management Committee
The Records Management Committee met on October 26,  2020 and approved updates to the following retention schedules; general retention schedule 1709: Open Meeting Minutes, and general retention schedule 827: State Treasurer's Pooled Investments Reports. The committee also approved one new schedule: Public Treasurer's Deposit and Investment Reports.  
RMC Information
Dear Abby, 

My agency is having me work from home part time due to COVID-19. Can I bring records from the office home with me?

- At-Home-ARO

Hello At-Home-ARO, 

With so many government employees working from home, we've received questions on how to maintain a work/home separation of records. This is a great question, because any work records on your personal phone, tablet, or kitchen table are still government records, and are subject to GRAMA and discovery. And while this may have increased your individual liability to some degree, your agency's risk of having data breaches has increased dramatically.

If you're working from home, you most likely signed a teleworking agreement. Your teleworking agreement--or other agency policy/agreement--should specify the following:
  • Whether any personal accounts, devices, or equipment may or will be used at home, and if so, to what extent.
  • How employees will access digital agency records (i.e. network/shared drives) remotely.
  • How employees will access analog (paper) records remotely, and whether such records may be taken from the office and brought home.
  • If analog records are allowed to be brought home: any conditions regarding how they must be transported, kept safe, and kept track of.
    • Please note that at this time, the State Records Center will not ship records to residential addresses.  

If your agency has not clarified these points with staff, it is in the best interest of both you and your agency to start the conversation and to document your decisions. CYA: Cover your assets!

- Abby

USBE Test for School AROs
Attention Local Education Agency AROs: in partnership with the Utah State Archives, the Utah State Board of Education has created an education-centric records officer certification. Check out the new USBE ED-RIM course, exclusively for LEAs. 
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Upcoming Trainings
November 5: Open Records Portal webinar
November 19: Public Notice Website webinar
December 16: Basic Concepts in GRAMA webinar

A reminder that we are now publishing our training calendar by quarter. If you are interested in a specific training for your region or agency, please reach out.
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