Oxenfree and Aqua Kitty join the Limited Run family next Friday - January 27th!
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Our first releases of 2017 are ready!

After some unexpected production delays that prevented us from releasing a game today, we're finally able to lock in the first release dates of 2017!

Next Friday, January 27th, at 10AM Eastern Time - Oxenfree and Aqua Kitty DX will join the Limited Run Games Collection. Both games will be available exclusively from

Limited Run #37:
Oxenfree (PS4)
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Limited Run #35:
Aqua Kitty DX (Vita)
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Limited Run #36:
Aqua Kitty DX (PS4)
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Oxenfree is Night School Studio's critically-acclaimed supernatural adventure game.

In the game, players take control of Alex, a teenager who visits a decommissioned military island for an overnight party. When a ghostly rift is accidentally opened, Alex must deal with the creatures it unleashes and the effects it has on her friends and peers.

Oxenfree has often been cited as one of the best games of 2016 and is currently up for both the "Best Narrative" and "Best Debut" categories in the 16th Annual Game Developer's Choice Awards. Developed by Telltale Alumni, Oxenfree is an evolution of the emotional and engrossing narratively driven adventure games they're known for. Robert Kirkman's Skybound Entertainment, of The Walking Dead fame, is currently bringing the game to additional mediums beyond games.

Oxenfree is $29.99 and limited to just 4,500 copies available for public sale.
OXENFREE - Announce Trailer | PS4
Oxenfree Trailer
Aqua Kitty Milk Mine Defender DX is a fast-paced arcade cute 'em up in the style of the classic game Defender.

A sudden shortage of milk has forced cats to overcome their fear of water in search of milk reserves held deep below the ocean floor. You must battle enemies and save your cat miner cohorts as you strive to extract vast wealths of full-fat milk from the depths. The milk must flow!

Aqua Kitty DX is the perfectly embodies our goal of game preservation at Limited Run Games. Originally released on PlayStation Mobile, Aqua Kitty suffered the same fate as every game on the service when it closed. The game was lost with no way to redownload or purchase it. One day, all digital games face this threat as services will close and platforms will die. We're striving to preserve games of all sizes and renown on physical mediums so that future generations have a way to play and enjoy these games.

Aqua Kitty will be available on both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. Both versions are $24.99 and limited to only 2,800 copies per platform.
AQUA KITTY - Milk Mine Defender DX Trailer | PS4, PSVita
Aqua Kitty DX Trailer
Both of these incredible games will be available at 10AM Eastern Time on Friday, January 27th. We don't expect either to last long so please make sure to show up immediately when they go on sale.

If you can't make it or miss the first batch, another will be available later on the same day at 6PM Eastern Time.

With these releases we will be rolling out a customer loyalty program where each purchase will help you earn free prizes. We'll also be allowing you to mark your purchases to be held so you can combine shipments across multiple game releases to save on shipping. Details on both of these will be available next week. We're about to have a very, very, busy few weeks and we want to make sure we give you all every reason to keep supporting us through the rapid release schedule.

As always, thank you for supporting physical media. Your not only helping advance this cause, you're helping support developers big and small. We can not express how thankful we are to have your support!
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