New sculpture in Dundee, Chromos at the Science Museum, Hybrid Forms at the Festival Ars Electronica, and TEDx in Bari
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On Growth and Form 100

As mentioned in previous newsletters, 2017 is the centenary of the publication of D’Arcy Thompson’s ‘On Growth and Form’, the initial inspiration behind my ongoing explorations into creating structure from morphogenetic processes. As part of the celebrations I’m involved in a number of different events happening in Dundee, where D'Arcy Thompson was Professor of Natural History.

In an exhibition called ‘bubble, bulge, bleb’ I’ll be showing a number of new 3D printed sculptural works as well as the stereoscopic installation piece that I created for the Kinetica 10th anniversary exhibition. Inspired by the developmental series that are typically used to illustrate different stages of embryo development, the exhibit will include two series of ‘Constrained Forms’ maquettes, showing how an initial simple tube of cells is transformed by morphogenetic processes into the final vase like sculptures that I will be exhibiting. The exhibition opens on 21 September and runs until 25 November in the LifeSpace gallery at the University of Dundee.

There will also be an accompanying ‘outgrowth’ exhibition in the CentreSpace at Dundee Contemporary Arts, where I’ll be showing a newly formatted version of ‘Hybrid Forms’, configured as a dual screen projection. This will run at the DCA from 22 September to 28 October.

In October I’ll also be giving a talk at the ‘On Growth and Form 100’ conference. This will focus on my recent ‘Constrained Forms’ work, where I’m exploring the effects of additional biases and influences to modify the growth processes. In effect I’m modifying the environment that the forms are growing in. Examples include encouraging more growth towards the top of the structure to create natural vase like shapes, and restricting growth if overhang angles are exceeded to make the forms more fabricable as sculptures. The ‘On Growth and Form 100’ conference is running from 13-15 October at the universities of Dundee and St. Andrews.

Ars Electronica

I’m happy to say that for the third time I will have work exhibited at the Ars Electronica Festival. ‘Hybrid Forms: New Growth’ is being shown in the Deep Space environment as well as the Movimento Cinema as part of the Experimental programme. The festival runs from 7-11 September in Linz, Austria.

Chromos at the Science Museum and ZKM

The Chromos virtual reality project that I created together with Max Cooper is going to be getting a wider audience.

The project uses research data provided by scientists at the Babraham Institute in Cambridge from their research on chromosomal conformation capture. The work explores the complex dynamic beauty of three dimensional chromosomal structures as they are transformed by a process called ‘simulated annealing’. This starts by emulating the effect of heating the DNA strands to a very high temperature so that the structure is violently moved by thermal noise. Over time the temperature is reduced, and the structure coalesces into a final coherent form.

In September we will be showing it at the Science Museum as part of the ‘Science Museum Lates’ evening. The event is taking place from 18:45 - 22:00 on Wednesday 27 September.

We’ve also be invited to show the work in an exhibition called ‘Open Codes’ at the ZKM in Karlsruhe, Germany. The exhibition is focusing on ‘digitization of the world’, and runs from 20 October 2017 to 5 August 2018.

TEDx Bari

In November I’ll be giving a talk at TEDx in Bari, Italy. The theme for the event is ‘Disorder’, and I’ll be talking about how my work explores the rich complexity and structure that often happens at the boundary just before disorder: the region between regularity and chaos.

The event takes place in the spectacular Teatro Petruzzelli on Sunday 25 November.

Borough of Ealing Art Trail

Closer to home, I’m going to be taking part for the second time in BEAT, the annual open studios trail in Ealing. I’ve been invited to exhibit together with a group of other artists in a beautiful architect designed house owned by Ruth Hanmer, one of the event organizers. I’ll be showing a number of new works, including most of the 3D printed forms that are going to be shown in Dundee. I’ll have prints for sale, and will be there in person if you want to come and discuss the work.

The event runs for two weekends: 8–10 and 15–17 September.

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