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Waitaki Valley School 

16 March 2016

Tena koutou katoa, greetings.

Summer certainly feels that it has gone - but wasn't yesterday's rain great?

It is hard to believe that it is Week 7 already - there has been a lot happening. Today our qualifiers for swimming will be at the North Otago Swimming Champs.  Please see the note below re the pool closing.  As summer closes and winter is upon us, so too are the winter sports.  Below you will see two new opportunities for those who wish to take up hockey or basketball. Tomorrow we welcome Julie from North Otago Hockey who will run skills sessions with each class.

A reminder that the next couple of weeks are 'bitsy' - we have Anniversary Day on Monday, Teacher only day on Tuesday and Good Friday on - Friday.  We start back after Easter on the Wednesday.

Thank you to all those who are actively selling the chocolates for the Tuakana Camp Fundraiser.  There are a lot of you who have already returned their money - that's great.  If you are going to be away for Anniversary Weekend or Easter, you might wish to take an extra box (or two) to sell - take advantage of the Easter Season!

Today your children will bring home a 'Digital Tools Student Agreement'.  Please talk over this with your child, and the relevance to them.  To put it simply - we are asking the children to be responsible, careful users of our digital tools, for the purpose of learning. This form also asks for you to acknowledge if you are happy or not to have your child's photo on the school Facebook page. There is no expectation here - this is purely a personal decision by you as the parent/s, but we just need to know whose photo we can put on and whose we can't. Please return these to school (signed) by the end of the week.

Teacher only day is giving the teaching staff an opportunity to visit two schools in Central Otago, who are also operating in purpose built Innovative Learning Environments.  We are looking forward to seeing other schools operating in their learning spaces.  This will then continue to promote much discussion and development within our own school.

Enjoy the long weekend
Assembly Certificates 11th March
AorakiKane Winter
HauwhenuaJayden Morland
MoanaCameron McKay
Pukupuke Callum Sim
Mahutonga -Tama Chapman, Abby Tait

Principal's Award
Ella Phillips
BUS - Changes of plan

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE - make sure you communicate with Michelle in the office, if your child has a change of plan in regards to their bus arrangements.  We have had a number of days recently where the drivers have been waiting for a child, who has already been collected by a parent. It wastes time and is an inconvenience to a number of others (including a bus load of children).

As it is getting to that time of the year again we will be placing an order for the Waitaki Valley Merino Jerseys.

If you are wanting to order one please contact Michelle at the school office to place your order.
Please pay with your order.

$80.00 each (all sizes)
A reminder that we are closed for Otago Anniversary Day (Monday March 21) and Teacher Only Day (Tuesday March 22).  

Speech lessons will still take place in the main classroom building on Tuesday at the 'usual' times.  If your child isn't going to be attending, or if you aren't sure of their lesson time, please contact Anna directly (

The swimming pool will close on Tuesday 29 March (The last day of the Easter break).
Please return all pool keys to the school office after this date. 
An update from Waitaki Bob
Waitaki Bob - while being our school mascot is also giving children a chance to write and read of various experiences.  Regularly you will get updates (written by children) of what Waitaki Bob has been up to.  Not only is this giving you an inside look to some of the things happening - but it is also giving our children an insight into the purpose of writing for an audience.  Today Waitaki Bob (through the eyes of Ella Phillips) gives you an insight into some of our new furniture that has (finally!) arrived.
If you don't already know me - I'm Waitaki Bob, the Waitaki Valley School mascot.  The children take me to school outings.  I've already visited Oamaru, Dunedin and Palmerston with the kids on trips to cricket, and with the teachers to courses and today I'm in Oamaru with the North Otago swimmers.

Wow! Now the kids have a new and improved learning space, including nice leaners so I have a better view of all the kids working.  With all the new furniture it ensures I have lots more places to hide from Mrs Senior.  Also new to the school is some TVs on rollers, which I try to push around but I may be too small. They have also bought me a new large red bed so I can sleep when I'm tired.

I have gone to ask the kids about what they thought of the new furniture, they thought it was really comfy, colourful, different and something new to work on. The benefits of the new furniture is that all the kids have a variety of furniture to work on.  

I personally think it is really comfy, all it needs is a pillow for my bed.  I think I could get a job as a journalist . . .  that's next on my list.

Look out for my new adventures.  
See ya soon. :-) 

Waitaki Bob
(from the eyes of Ella Phillips - Yr 7)
TOUCH PLAYERS - Please return your CLEAN touch shirts to school.
Thursday each week until the end of the term - to support Tuakana Camps.
$2 sausage
$2 slice/muffin
(Gluten free Sausage and Bread available)
The hockey season is about to get underway, and tomorrow we host Julie Cunningham from North Otago Hockey to give everyone a taste of hockey as a sport. We are hoping to enter combined Waitaki Valley/Duntroon team/s for this year for any children who are interested in giving this speedy fun sport a go.
  • It is intended for practices to be one day a week
  • Games are played on Wednesdays for the younger children and other days for the older children after school.
  • Games are played in Oamaru at the turf at Centennial Park.
  • Years 0-3 play Small Sticks.  The aim is to have fun and gear is provided.
  • Yrs 4-8 play games against other schools.
  • More specific details will be able to be provided after the AGM next week.
For anybody keen to play, please contact Suzie 021478997 or 03 4360453
I have had interest from a couple of families who are keen for their children to play basketball in the North Otago competition.   I'm keen to support this.
Miniball is played by Yr 4-6 on a Tuesday afternoon, and Basketball by Yr 7-8 on a Wednesday afternoon.  Practices are likely to be at school during a lunchtime. Subs will be around $40-$45 per player.

There is a strong basketball 'culture' in North Otago at the moment, so this is an opportunity to join in the fun!

If your child/ren are interested in playing - please let Mrs Senior know by next Wednesday (March 23) (Either phone school and leave a message at the office or email -
Teachers can usually tell when a child hasn't slept well and this affects how they operate - both academically and socially at school.  March 18 is World Sleep Day and here is some interesting information about children and their need for sleep.

The Ten Commandments for Children’s Sleep (ages birth to 12 years):
1. Make sure your child gets enough sleep by setting an age-appropriate bedtime (preferably before 9:00 pm or 21:00 hours) and wake time*. 
2. Keep a consistent bedtime and wake time on weekdays and weekends.
3. Establish a consistent bedtime routine and recommend wearing comfortable clothes in bed, including strong absorbing diapers for infants.
4. Encourage your child to fall asleep independently.
5. Avoid bright lights at bedtime and during the night and increase light exposure in the morning.
6. Keep all electronics, including televisions, computers, and cell phones, out of the bedroom and limit use of electronics before bedtime.
7. Maintain a regular daily schedule, including consistent mealtimes.
8. Have an age-appropriate nap schedule.
9. Ensure plenty of exercise and time spent outdoors during the day.
10.Eliminate foods and beverages containing caffeine, including many sodas, coffee, and tea.
AGE                SLEEP NEEDED
3-12 months - 14 to15 hours
1-3 years  - 12 to14 hours
3-5 years - 11 to 13 hours
6-12 years - 10 to 11 hours
12-18 years - 8.5 to 9.5 hours
Friday 18th March:                            Year 8 Day - Papakaio
Monday 21st March                          Otago Anniversary Day. School Closed
Tuesday 22nd March:                       Teacher Only Day.  School Closed
                                                          (Speech lessons will continue as usual in                                                                        the main school building)
Friday 25th March -
Tuesday 29th March:                        Easter Holiday. School Closed
Friday 15th April                                Last day of Term   
Netball registration for all primary players:
Wednesday 23rd March
School Gymnasium

We will have a short parents meeting at the end of registration (please all attend)

Enquiries to Nicole 436 0772 or 027 414 0456.
When?  April 7th, 7pm
Where? 330 Milne Road

An information evening about life at Otago Boys'. Open to all Primary School boys and their parents.  
Any queries contact Carol - 0274339150
Waitaki Valley School
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