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Welcome to the latest issue of The Sundowner. In this issue: 
  • Butterfat boosted by improving rumen function
  • Simpler system improves resilience
  • Swapping to NIS brings lower costs, more consistency and healthier cows
  • Trial results on NIS in 275 Holsteins in Herefordshire, housed year-round
David Cubitt
Managing Director

Butterfat boosted by improving rumen function

Managing 225 cows on a high-yielding system which incorporates grazing is a tough challenge, but it’s one Robert Mallett and his wife Maria have risen to at the 300-acre Northleaze Farm near Highworth in Wiltshire. Read more

Simpler system improves resilience

Expansion has been the aim over the past decade as the next generation enters the Heywoods’ dairy farming business in Cornwall. But when low milk prices started biting, the family took radical steps to improve efficiency to secure future viability. Read more

Swapping to NIS brings lower costs, more consistency and healthier cows

The fall in milk prices last year prompted Richard and Ruth Pilkington and their family, who run a 250-pedigree Holstein herd at the 800-acre Shordley Hall near Wrexham, to take a closer look at how they could provide good quality feed and have healthier cows but at a lower price tag. Read more

Trial results on 275 Holsteins housed year-round

The trial took place on a single 275 cow herd in Herefordshire. The herd is predominantly Holstein or Holstein-Friesian with a 305 day production average of 9,200 litres. The study took place with the high yielding group. Read more

Grazed Dairy Cows

Grass, especially spring grass, presents several big problems to the modern dairy herd, that NIS can help overcome.


NIS can be described as pre-digested straw, hence youngstock find it easier to eat than long straw.

Housed Dairy Cows

NIS can support healthy rumen function to give better health and improved feed conversion efficiency.
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