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When I was learning about the local podcasting community, I found it was powerful to let people know about each other. So, while we wait for the paperwork and other nuts-and-bolts matters to get sorted out for the Alberta Podcast Network, I thought I'd apply the lessons of the past to the present and create a regular roundup of Alberta-based podcasts.

None of these are members of the network, because there are no members yet (though I've been test-driving the ad format on my podcast, which will be an unpaid member of the network). But I was happy to expand my Alberta podcast listening, and I hope this little bit of attention is welcome:

Alberta podcast roundup 1
I've been rounding up Edmonton-area podcasts for a couple of years. Here's the most recent example of that: 
Edmonton podcast roundup: June 9, 2017

Edmonton podcast roundup: June 9, 2017

Edmonton podcast roundup: June 9, 2017 These past few weeks have seen the debut of several fascinating local podcasts, so let's start this roundup by introducing you to those, and then...
Now that we're building the Alberta Podcast Network, it's important to expand the scope beyond the capital. I'm still working out what that will look like in the long term, but for now, I'd like to highlight some podcasts based elsewhere in Alberta that I had a chance to listen to recently: 
On The Know Nothing Podcast, Eric Garner talks to entrepreneur Jeff Hill about Nike founder Phil Knight's book, Shoe Dog; on The WorkNotWork Show, Terrence Gannon interviews Paul Brodie about building Brodie Bikes and his subsequent adventures.

Ep. 14 - Shoe Dog and Entrepreneurship

Ep. 14 - Shoe Dog and Entrepreneurship

I have always been really impressed by people that take risks. Maybe it is because I feel like for the most part I am so risk adverse but someone who takes that unknown path is generally...
Paul Brodie: Fabricator | Artist | Educator

Paul Brodie: Fabricator | Artist | Educator

Paul Brodie is an artist who works in the medium of steel and machines. It is not just rhetoric: before devoting almost his entire life to steel fabrication-mostly of bicycle frames and...
On The Confluence, Annalise Klingbeil and Trevor Howell talk to fellow reporter James Wood about the Calgary mayoral race, and to ATB economist Todd Hirsch about a better idea for Calgary's Stampede-themed window paintings; and on Women Warriors, Shelley Wiart interviews Northwest Territories MLA Caroline Cochrane about women in politics, transparency, and affordable housing.
The Confluence Ep. 5: An `80s TV dad for mayor and...

The Confluence Ep. 5: An '80s TV dad for mayor and...

The race to become Calgary's next mayor has another entrant. Bill Smith, a Calgary lawyer and former president of the Alberta Progressive Conservative Party, formally kicked off his...
Women Warriors

Women Warriors

Fostering Indigenous women leaders and building our participation in politics, and policymaking is an absolute must if we are to prosper in Canada. "The United Nations says that a critical...
On Tight Ends, Vanda and Ali wrap up the NHL and NBA seasons, discuss snacks, and chat with writer Jolene Latimer; and on The 4th Line Hockey Podcast, the guys get some things off their chests about the Stanley Cup and other hockey matters. 
Patrick Lor 

Ep. 24 - Jolene Writes the Wrong

This week brings us to the conclusion of the NBA and NHL Playoffs! But Vanda and Ali talk about the players' moms and what everyone was wearing. Also joining the podcast is Jolene Latimer...
Ep. 24 - Jolene Writes the Wrong

The 4th Line Hockey Podcast #135 - The Bones to Pick - The 4th...

The guys are back as the Stanley Cup playoffs near the end, with at most 2 games left. They touch on the news of the week including Joel having multiple bones to pick and: - The home team...
And finally, a couple from Bootkik: Travis Miller interviews Patrick Lor about building and selling a startup and now investing in them; and he talks to Mark Vella of Advertiise about building a new kind of advertising company.
Patrick Lor 

Patrick Lor 

Patrick Lor is the Co-Founder of iStockPhoto, the stock photography behemoth that was acquired by Getty Images in the mid-2000s, and sent Pat head first into the world of investing into...


Meet Mark Vella, Founder of the "AirBnB of advertising", Advertiise. A serial entrepreneur from Sydney, Australia, Advertiise is quickly becoming a global platform set to overhaul the...

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What else?

Let me know what you think about this roundup. I'm hoping to publish it or something like it on the website of the Alberta Podcast Network, powered by ATB.

In the works is a way to deputize some other listeners so we can scale this beyond my own ears and time.

I'm collecting information about Alberta-based podcasts on this form. If you have reason to believe that I haven't heard of your podcast, please fill out the form so that I know about it.

The recruitment process will start soon, and I will let you know where we're at as soon as possible.

Many thanks. Happy listening and happy podcasting!
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