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Hello <<First Name>>,

As promised in last week's email, today you get to see all the fun that can be had when you combine two rather different materials together - felted wool and paper!

Yes, I'm taking an amazing online class with Fiona Duthie - her Fibre + Paper one. Like all of her classes, this one is well-taught. She uses the Ruzuku platform, where she shares videos, written instructions, and downloadable PDFs. While her videos are so helpful to watch, it is her written material that I like to refer to over and over.

First Sample
2 squares of felted paper

I bet you're wondering what's the fuss about. That looks like two squares of felt. Big whoopie! However, it is important to learn how to work with and control the materials. It may not be exciting to look at, but I'm proud of these samples!

More Flat Samples
2nd Sample

Progressing onward to include subtle textures. The surfaces are raised but via a trick of the light, they can look like they are sunken.
Adding Color
Using colored papers.
Finally, a bit of color to see what happens when we add additional elements.

The one with diagonal green uses specialty papers that we received in the Materials Pack included with the class.
Adding Line (or Color)
I took Fiona's Ink on Cloth Class last summer where we learned how to combine ink on felt so that it can be washed. You can read about that class, HERE on the blog.

This class isn't concerned about making wearables, so washability is less of an issue. Naturally, you can draw (or paint) on paper before or after felting! This Dragon Eye sample has both.
The REAL Excitement - FORM
Two views of one felted shell sculpture.

While the opportunity to draw (or paint) on my future hats is interesting, the sculptural possibilities of adding paper are amazing.

Of course, felt can be fulled (shrunk) down to be quite stiff, like in my Violet Protest Hat. But, there are other times when additional support is needed to create a brim or defy gravity. My Vegas Creamsicle had both stiffener AND wire in it!

So, you can imagine all of the dizzying heights that can now be achieved! Frankly, it's very exciting!

Again, thank you for joining me on this journey!

With appreciation,

Signature of me, Juliane


PS: Found this talented Russian artist, DemiurgusDreams, who creates colorful dragons and other fantasy creatures. As he has a ton of them on his Etsy Shop, they're probably cast (or he has assistants). But, the painting on each one is very detailed and ever so charming! 💜
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