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Hello <<First Name>>,

Are you familiar with UFOs?

Some makers refer to UFOs as unfinished objects. Having several different types of projects available to work at one time isn't a bad thing in itself. It's only when the projects languish, sitting there looking at you. Having a partially made piece can make you feel guilty! Here's an article that helps you get your UFOs completed.

However, this week's UFO is actually an Unknown Felted Object. It's not a hat nor is it a vessel as it has no hole. Instead, it's truly non-functional - an object to admire. Scroll all the way down to learn about it.

First up, are the weekly collages because the weather has been brain-meltingly HOT.

Mossy Green Pillbox
Cheetah Spot Beret
If you are as warm as I am, you might be in need of some shade. Here are two cooling collages. Can you find the tiny sheep on the rolling hills of moss? I bet that it's nice there!

The Mossy Pillbox is part of a series of forest-inspired hats. While the Cheetah-patterned Beret can be found HERE.
More Trees, Please
Top View of Felted Pod
Bottom Side of Felted Pod

Last weekend I was fortunate to take a two-day 'Form within a Form' workshop with feltmaker extraordinaire, Judit Pocs. She is a talented artist who creates VERY complex, three-dimensional forms.

Check out her website, especially her sculptural hats. So inspiring! 

This educational opportunity was organized by the Northeast Feltmakers Guild, which I only joined this past fall. Who would have thought that Covid-19 would have an upside? Honestly, I never would have been able to make the trek to New England, where the group typically holds their in-person meetings and classes. The ability to meet up virtually with like-minded feltmakers has been great. And tackling such a complex project in the company of others was instructive.

Much Learned
Not surprisingly, creating our UFOs was demanding work. There was an intricate dance of steps, which in the beginning, we had to go on 'faith' that it would all somehow work out alright. Or at least I did, as I had never done a form within a form, within yet another form. That's THREE shapes, plus all the shiny embellishments with sequins and beading.

Thankfully, Judit is a thorough and patient teacher. Although, there were parts where I had to scramble to keep up! Hurrying is ~not~ something that I'm used to - at least not these days!

In addition to teaching 'live' classes via Zoom, Judit also has pre-recorded self-paced classes which you can also find on her Workshop Page. 

Zoom Support
Having had a fair amount of experience with attending Zoom classes with other instructors, I want to compliment how smoothly the workshop functioned. Her husband, Roland, is a videographer. Hence, he filmed the class and was free to adjust any of the weird inconveniences of working with the Zoom platform. For example, when students had questions, he was able to highlight/enlarge the speaking student's screen so we could better see them. Then, when they were finished, he would switch back to Judit. Having this behind-the-scenes technical support really improves the online learning experience of Zoom.

Using some of the techniques that we learned, one of our industrious classmates went on to felt a wine cup holder with straps. A wearable sequined cup is not something one sees every day!

Now, I just need to figure out how to translate all that  I have learned into a hat.
Wishing you a Happy Memorial Day Weekend (if you live in the USA).

Until next time,

Signature of me, Juliane

PS: In 2003, Judit and a team created an imaginative video, On Gentle Threads, that shows how felt is made. The latter half of the film includes her creating an enormous rug, a strapped purse, a fanciful hat, and a playful lizard. The film includes stop-motion-animation and is very clever at demonstrating the magic of feltmaking. Truly worth watching!
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