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Disabled residents’ financial assets can be placed into an Alabama Family Trust supplemental needs trust (SNT for short). SNT so Medicaid benefits can be received sooner. Families can then spend the SNT funds for services above and beyond what Medicaid will fund, including paying a nursing home facility through a Medicaid penalty period, as long as trust funds are available.

We realize your job description changes from day-to-day based on your residents' and their families’ needs and requests. Oftentimes, your staff is asked to help fill out paperwork for Medicaid and more, and that may include SNTs. 

Although a family does not have to use an attorney to set up an SNT with Alabama Family Trust, we strongly advise legal help so that the right kind of SNT is set up to meet each individual situation. Our website can help you and your residents’ families and even their attorneys learn more about setting up SNTs.
On this Documents page, you will find all the documents and forms needed to set up an SNT, separated in three sections for each of the three most common SNTs. 

A critical factor that determines which kind of SNT is appropriate is the source of funding - the disabled beneficiary? the family?  a court-ordered settlement? 

Make sure the right kind of SNT is set up and the Representative can follow the rules so that Medicaid benefits continue.  If you are not sure what type of SNT is right for you, we recommend you seek legal advice for help.
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Our Blogs may be useful for your staff, residents, and families who need more education about how supplemental needs trusts can help improve the quality of life for disabled loved ones.  

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We admire the monumental job your staff does taking care of your disabled residents, and we look forward to being part of your team in 2021!

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