How Special Needs Trusts Help Care Facilities

Alabama Family Trust recently posted a blog entitled “SNT 101 from Alabama Family Trust” to remind families about the basics of Special Needs Trusts. For you, let’s talk more specifically about the importance of Special Needs Trusts for care facilities.

Better Patient and Family Satisfaction
Many industries have formal customer satisfaction programs (called CSAT) with industry-specific metrics because keeping current customers happy is less costly than finding new customers. Skilled care facilities need to gain new patients constantly because current patients transition to more complex care or die. Referrals from your patients' families are key, so helping the families handle the costs of skilled care makes a big difference.

A Special Needs Trust can increase the level of care a patient or the patient's family can afford which translates into more revenue for your facility.  In some cases, patients may start as private pay until a Special Needs Trust can be put in place. Once the trust is in place, the patient can use the trust funds for additional services that Medicaid will not pay.  That greater quality-of-life for the patient makes both the patient and their family more satisfied with your services. The result can be positive referrals for your facility.

A Special Needs Trust can also extend the length of time that the patient’s assets can support skilled care so your facility will have patients who can afford your services longer.

Seamless Support Through Declining Patient Health
Even if your facility is for independent or assisted living which Medicaid does not fund, this info about Special Needs Trusts is important for your patients/residents.  Many patients often have to transition to a skilled nursing care or memory care environment suddenly, so your staff can serve your patients and their families better by explaining how Special Needs Trusts can help with the financial part of a more costly environment.
On-the-Job Staff Training
With staff turnover and fewer in-person training options, Alabama Family Trust blog posts can help your staff become more familiar with how Special Needs Trusts can help your patients and their families at any time.  Your staff will become an even more valuable resource to the patients and their families.

It will be easy for your staff to suggest to families that they check into Alabama Family Trust where they will find more information such as these blog posts:

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Qualifying for a Special Needs Trust
Patient qualification for Special Needs Trusts often aligns with qualification for skilled nursing care which is something an experienced Special Needs Trust attorney can help verify.  Although legally, a family does not have to use an attorney to set up a Special Needs Trust, Alabama Family Trust strongly recommends using an attorney so that the right kind of trust is set up and an appropriate trust representative is selected.

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