Start at the End?

When reading a book, you don’t usually read the last chapter or page first. However, a representative working with a Special Needs Trust for a beneficiary should take care of that last page as soon as the trust is established.

Think of it as part of a “take care of you as long as needed” promise for your elderly loved one.


A First-Party Irrevocable Special Needs Trust is frozen as soon as the beneficiary dies – not after the funeral.  That means that funeral expenses such as transport, funeral services such as embalming or cremation, casket or urn, burial plot and marker, grave opening and closing, and transport can ONLY be funded through the Special Needs Trust IF the expenses are handled IN ADVANCE of the beneficiary’s death.

Alabama Family Trust strongly recommends that representatives handle pre-ne
ed funeral arrangements as soon as possible so that trust funds can be used. Otherwise, the expenses will likely be left to family members to cover.
Where Do You Start?
Your funeral home contact can also provide information regarding Medicaid and SSI benefits associated with pre-need funeral or burial arrangements. 

Alabama Family Trust has updated forms on our Documents webpage which will help you get started taking care of the beneficiary's last chapter.  To implement pre-need plans with a trust, please review the Pre-need Funeral Disbursement form which is also on our Documents webpage.

Please contact us if you have any questions.


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