The 2016 candidates for the Tutu Leadership Programme announced. In other news, senior appointments and Fellows making a difference.
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High-calibre group selected for 2016 Tutu Leadership Programme

Twenty four candidates have been selected from more than 305 nominees from 32 countries for the prestigious Tutu Leadership Programme.  This includes five nominated by sponsoring organizations for the 2016 group.

Tutu Fellow accepted for Eisenhower Program

Tutu Fellow Lorna Irungu has been accepted as a candidate for the prestigious Eisenhower Multi-Nation Program. The 60-year-old programme accepts fewer than 25 candidates a year and looks for leaders who are committed to making the world more peaceful, prosperous and just.

Blessed are the mythmakers, for they create nations - Essay

Tutu Fellow Uzodinma Iweala has written an essay in which he asks, “What it is to be a Nigerian?” Comparing Nigeria to the U.S., he asks what are the common narratives – myths, if you wish – that all Nigerians need to share, to create and sustain a common nationality and people.

Fellow a top advisor in Nigerian Government

A Tutu Fellow is the new Senior Special Assistant to the President on Industry, Trade and Investment in the Office of the Vice President. The President has given the Vice President the authority to take a supervisory role on developing the Nigerian economy. 

Fellow joins Business Council for Africa Board

A Tutu Fellow has been appointed to the board of the Business Council for Africa. The council supports business and trade in and with Africa and has been active since 1956. More than 400 companies and entrepreneurs are part of the council.

UNHCR appoints Fellow as Global Advisor

The United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) has appointed a Tutu Fellow as their global advisor on Gender, Forced Displacement and Protection to help it deal with the international refugee crisis. With millions crossing into Europe, it has become one of the largest movements of people since World War II. .

Fellow wins Ubuntu Award for Diplomacy

A Tutu Fellow has been awarded the Ubuntu Award for diplomacy. She was one of eight recipients across several different categories, with hers being the youth category for her diplomatic efforts in the refugee camps in North Africa.

Three Fellows on Entrepreneur's list

Three Tutu Fellows are featured in an article for up and coming entrepreneurs by the mentoring website, Lionesses of Africa. The article is entitled: “The 50 best pieces of advice we featured in 2015 from some of Africa’s leading women entrepreneurs.”

Fellows among Top 100 Women in Mining

Two Tutu Fellows are on the 100 Global Inspirational Women in Mining list for 2016.  The list seeks to promote gender diversity in the mining sector, acknowledging that the industry still has a way to go to shift the traditional male-dominated mindset.

Anti-corruption TEDx Talk by Tutu Fellow

A Tutu Fellow has done a TEDx talk in London on her children's book that fights Gbagba (corruption), raising questions - often with gentle humour - about the dubious ways in which we all cheat the system.


Young scientists supported by Fellow

A Tutu Fellows who started a STEM-supporting Foundation accompanied two science scholars to the Next Einstein Forum for its 2016 global gathering in Dakar, Senegal. It afforded the two young women a number of firsts, including meeting world-renowned South African mathematician, Neil Turok.

Tutu Fellow featured in '21 Icons'

A Tutu Fellow is featured on Season III of the South African short-film series, 21 Icons. The medical doctor and award-winning writer is #18 in the series. 21 Icons traces South Africa’s history over the course of its three seasons, concluding with a vision of the future.

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