It is hard to believe the last of the intensive summer reading programs (ISRPs) will be concluding by August 15. They have been running non-stop since May 31, so this has been a busy summer around the state. I want to take this opportunity to extend my thanks, once again, to all the teachers, coaches, and administrators who have worked so hard to help their students. I also want to thank the many donors who made the project possible as well as the Governor, legislators, and Director of the Department of Education who all took the time to join me in visiting classrooms. The statewide commitment to improving literacy truly crosses all political and philosophical boundaries. This kind of unprecedented dedication is what makes it so exciting for me to be in Iowa.
Although the work on analyzing all the data we have collected will be ongoing, we are preparing for new endeavors this fall. One that will launch is month is an online training opportunity for students in teacher preparation programs. This will assist with meeting the requirements of SF  2196, which the legislature passed and the Governor signed into law. It is only a first step to meeting the requirements, but we are pleased to be able to offer this training for teacher candidates to learn about dyslexia. The modules include:
  1. Dyslexia explained
  2. Phonological dyslexia
  3. Working memory and dyslexia
  4. Visual processing dyslexia
  5. Auditory processing dyslexia
  6. How to help
The IRRC will offer this two-hour training for free. Those who complete all the modules and the pre- and posttests will receive a certificate.
As our work expands, we have realized a need to have a Communications Specialist on staff who can more professionally manage our social media offerings and assist with creating polished resources to offer you. We were fortunate to have found Sean Thompson who will join our staff in a matter of days. Please join us in welcoming him and sending him your great ideas for literacy topics on which we should focus.
Many of you will be returning to school or involved in back to school activities in the coming weeks. I never miss my classroom more than at this time of year. Teaching has always been one of the greatest joys of my life, so I will be sending my positive thoughts for a successful start to the new academic year.


Deborah K. Reed, Ph.D.

Director, Iowa Reading Research Center

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