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Pastor Kayser has a new post: "Did the founding fathers believe in total depravity?"

It's part of a new hopefully-recurring series titled "from the outbox of Phil Kayser: replies that he has sent to people who have asked him interesting questions that he thought might be relevant to a wider audience."

I realize the title is a bit of a mouthful - please reply and suggest a better one, so that I can put it on the site and retroactively claim to have thought of it.

Kayser Commentary: now 50% more useful

Since time memorial, the Kayser Commentary home page was an intimidating grid of sermon categories. But check it out now, it's a more useful grid with posts and booklets and other resources!

Note especially the full list of booklets written by Pastor Kayser.

It includes links to ebook/online versions of every booklet. Eventually, there will be links to buy physical books, or buy ebooks from the Amazon/Google stores! Don't worry, I'll email you to let you know when that happens.

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If you would rather support us directly instead of filtering money through the Amazon machine, don't worry! Our donations page is always open.

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