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Pastor Kayser is 73 sermons into his Revelation series! He explains the symbols in the book as Christians of the time would have understood them, and gives practical applications for modern Christians.

His study is yielding other interesting fruit as well: we've set up a website at with a timeline, a visual reference for Revelation's chiastic outline, and a listing of all the sermons.

We will continue to add symbology cheat sheets, lists of references to events in Revelation by secular historians, more complete timelines, and other resources based on Pastor Kayser's research.


Revelation sermon podcast

We've also created a dedicated podcast feed for just the Revelation sermons.  If you want to get caught up, or if you've been meaning to listen through from the beginning again, this is the easiest way to do it.

Find the podcast in your favorite app by searching for "Revelation Project: Sermons".  You can also find individual sermons (complete with full transcripts!) and podcast links at