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Two new pages on the Revelation Project!


interpretations of Revelation, visualized

If you've ever wondered what the difference between a historicist and a partial preterist is, check out the new color-coded summary of different interpretations of Revelation.


Principles for interpreting correctly

Based on the early sermons of the series, 33 Principles for Understanding Revelation lists the principles that must be applied to any interpretation of Revelation.

Useful if you want to examine different interpretations that you come across, or if you want to double check Pastor Kayser's work.


Recent sermon: The Mark of the Beast

The identity of the beast, how to correctly calculate 666, and how exactly the mark gets on everyone's foreheads and hands are perennial discussions among folks who want to derive dramatic things from Revelation.

If you're curious yourself, or want to be able to say "well, actually" the next time you're at a cocktail party and someone tells you that Yankees baseball caps are the mark of the beast, you should check out Pastor Kayser's "The Mark of the Beast" sermon from October 1st.

Listen to the audio, or read the full transcript. Or subscribe to the "Revelation Project: Sermons" podcast in your feed reader and listen to every sermon on the series at your leisure!

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