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Several Exciting Improvements

You haven't heard from us for a while, but we have been very busy in improving the serve of Biblical Blueprints and getting very involved in our current culture wars. I will send more news of what we have achieved in other areas, but for today I am pleased to announce several new things that have just happened.

A new website has just been launched with all new design and helpful features. This website contains a growing library of articles, books, booklets, audio messages, and videos. A top anti-hacking expert has examined the tools being used for the website and we have redesigned everything from the ground up.

A new blog has just started that will be applying the Bible to current issues twice a week. I will seek to address everything from Biblical views on politics to economics, business, family, and personal issues.
There is also a new secure way of donating on our website (powered by Razoo). This will allow for simple one-time and recurring donations via a very respected and secure organization.

We are also starting a new way of doing newsletters that will make it easier for people to subscribe and unsubscribe. (Doing it the old way was tedious and made it more and more difficult to get news out.)
I am also pleased to announce two new officers. Gary Duff has been elected as our newest board member and Joel Kayser is now serving as the vice president of the organization. They join Kevin DeGroot and David Denekas in prayerfully overseeing the ministry and efforts of Biblical Blueprints.
We also have a new intern, Daniel Noor. He and his sister Nawelle have been very involved in redesigning everything on the web, including the books and booklets. I am very grateful for their efforts. Daniel has been working on the backend and Nawelle on the design.

There will be a new refocus on social media to spread our message. You can help through Facebook, Twitter, and other social media by liking and reposting our o. And with the new blog that will have applications of the Bible to almost every area of life, there will be plenty of opportunity to spread the word.

We also want you to take note of our new address:
307 N. 41st Ave.
Omaha, NE  68131-2201

Please pray for us as we try to leverage our limited time, finances, and talents to bring the Bible's blueprints to family, church, and culture. Also pray for God's protection and wisdom as we face the potential for persecution from the Progressives of our culture. We do not plan to back down, but we covet prayer cover from the saints. These are very challenging times, but they are great opportunities to shine the fantastic alternatives of God's word into the darkness of humanism. So rather than being discouraged, I see times of cultural battle as the time to expect great things from God and to attempt great things for God. When the full ugliness and impotence of humanism becomes increasingly obvious, the true liberty of God's law and grace will shine all the brighter. Please join us in prayer as we take on the giants of our land!

Yours together in the service of King Jesus,
Phillip Kayser, Ph.D.

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Biblical Blueprints
307 N. 41st Ave.
Omaha, NE 68131-2201

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