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The Bristol Physio newsletter will give information on up and coming events, offers and clinic information.  Please feel free to let us know your views on the newsletter and any suggestions would be very welcome.

This September the Bristol Physio Newsletter covers:

Bristol Physio uses expertise to help local schools achieve rugby excellence

From early September, three local schools will be benefiting from expert physiotherapy during their rugby matches.  Prior Park College, Bristol Grammar School and Cheltenham College will all be using Bristol Physio's services on a match day to help with injuries and game day management.  

When first approached by Paul Hull (ex-England and Bristol RFC) regarding helping the Prior Park College rugby squad, Andy jumped at the chance.  Having worked with young rugby players at Gloucester Rugby, Andy knew the benefit from well guided warm-ups and cool downs and the the expert interventions that he could bring to the young aspiring players.  

During a trip to Roslin Park 7s in the spring, further discussions took place with Olly Morgan (ex-England and Gloucester Rugby) of Cheltenham College and Rick Sellers of Bristol Grammar School and the idea of physiotherapy services at rugby matches was born.   

A further bonus for both Bristol Grammar School and Prior Park College takes the form of dedicated clinics for the current pupils, Sports Scholars as well as parents and alumini.  Discounted rates for the services will be offered for clinics at the schools.  

Bristol Physio is really looking forward to working with schools and wishes them all the best for the season ahead.  
Costs changes
Due to increasing costs of consumables, rent and other charges, Bristol Physio will be increasing its treatment prices from £40 to £45 per session.  This price increase will come in effect from 1st September 2015, however there is a way to reduce the price.  See the end of the newsletter to get £5 off to soften the blow!   

Emma's Stretch of the Month

This stretch is for anyone sat in front of the computer for too long...most of us!  As we sit there, poor posture tends to round the shoulders.  One of the muscles most effected are the pecs and therefore they can go tight.  Stretching with a straight arm against a door frame or similar, should allow an increase in range and will allow the shoulders to return to a better position.  

Remember to hold the stretch for a minimum of 30 seconds!  You can also try varying the height of your hand which will allow a stretch to different parts of the pec.  

See Bristol Physio's YouTube Channel for further Exercises

Here is a breakdown of our other specialities:
Sports Injury Specialists - with well over 30 years of elite sports experience, the staff at Bristol Physio provide the latest in Injury management and rehabilitation programmes in order to get you back to playing as quick as possible.  
Event Support - Bristol Physio has supported a number of events over the years including the Bristol Triathlon.  We can use our purpose built marque to provide post event massage and triage services.
Work Station Assessments - sore achy back and shoulders?  Neck pain?  Let us assess your work station and see if any adaptations or tips can help reduce these.
Acupuncture - used for pain relief, soft tissue mobilisation and trigger point relief.  All the physios here are qualified acupuncturists and would be happy to try this ancient form of treatment.  
Podiatry and Biomechanics - Here at Bristol Physio we have teamed up with AllWalksUK Director Michael Thompson to provide an outstanding service to analyse gait whether walking or running.  Assessment can lead to treatment to reduce foot, ankle and any lower limb pain.    
Sports Massage - Massage provides a really useful tool for injury reduction and good body maintenance.  At Bristol Physio, we often recommend Sports Massage to adjunct your treatment.  Kathryn, our Sports Masseur, is happy to treat all customers using the latest in massage techniques.   
Howsey's Healthy Hints
Recent research has shown that in U18 football playing boys there was a large reduction in injury risk in those that had over 10 hours sleep.  Tell your teenagers to get to bed in order to perform better!
Our very own Emma Davies is a hot shot horse rider and in this article Emma explains the meaning behind 'the core' and how it works when riding horses...however the core is used for all activities so well worth a read if you want to learn more about this really important aspect of body control.

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Tony's Top Tips
Leading on from last months tips about posture, Tony's Top Tip for this month is that strengthening the upper traps (muscles at the top of the shoulders), will help to reduce shoulder and neck pain.
How do you strengthen the traps?  Simple: just shrug the shoulders when carrying a heavy weight.  Slowly lower the shoulders back down over abut 3 seconds and repeat 10 times.  3 sets of this will start to strengthen through the upper traps.  

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