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Happy Bonfire Night!!!!
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The Bristol Physio newsletter will give information on up and coming events, offers and clinic information.  Please feel free to let us know your views on the newsletter and any suggestions would be very welcome.

This November the Bristol Physio Newsletter covers:
To all those that took part in the inaugural Bristol to Bath Marathon.  The weather was great and the course lived up to some of the expectations...very hilly and tough tough tough tough at the end!  
Well done to all our patients who managed to get round and even Chris and Lee from Oakfields PT!

A great start to the season across the board!

Bristol Physio is supporting a number of local sports teams and clubs in their bid to have a very successful season.  All these clubs receive discounts on treatment and any of the services we offer. 

  • Old Bristolians Rugby Football Club - the 1st XV got off to a great start in the season winning two out of the first three matches.  For the first time ever, the Women's squad have played two fixtures this season so far and have hugely boosted their membership base.  The Mini's continue to grow stronger by the season and it was great to see over 400 children playing rugby at the club open day on 21st September.  
  • Firebrands Hockey Club - one of the biggest clubs in Bristol hosting 5 men's teams and 4 ladies teams along with a thriving junior section.  The Ladies  1st XI are in the National League West Conference and the Men's 1st XI are in he West Premiership, both aiming to have great seasons.  
  • University of Bristol Rugby Football Club - Bristol Physio are delighted to announce that we will be providing rugby cover for all the UBRFC BUCS games this season.  This partnership got off to a great start for the opening game of the season in front of 4000 spectators at The Rec in Bath where the UBRFC managed to convincingly defeat University of Bath.  UBRFC play in the top BUCS league and with a new coaching set up and Bristol Physio on board, hope to go a long way in the competition.  
  • Prior Park School - the 1st XV Rugby squad have had a tough start to the season.  Having played some excellent rugby along the way, they have been unfortunate in losing against some very well known rugby schools.  
  • Bristol Grammar School - The rugby is an excellent brand with some good forward play being complimented by excellent running backs but coming up against some tough fixtures has led to a few losses this season.  
The staff at Bristol Physio would like to extend their best wishes to all the players, staff and management of all the clubs we are affiliated to for the rest of the season.  Good luck and play hard!   
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Emma's Stretch of the Month

Continuing with the computer theme, we have a stretch here for all those neck muscles that sit still in the same position week in, week out.  It'll stretch through the upper fibres of trapezius, into the scalenes and lavator scapulae, but you all knew that anyway.  Vary the angle of pull to get different muscles.  Adding the hand over the top can help increase the intensity.    

Remember to hold the stretch for a minimum of 30 seconds!  Add this in with September's stretch of the month and your body will be thankful of the reduced tension! 

See Bristol Physio's YouTube Channel for further Exercises
Kathryn Higgins, our massage therapist, has been with the company nearly a now.  We decided to show her off as her skills are well known to a number of clients and she comes highly recommended!

Originating from South Africa and a mad keen rugby fan, Kat is qualified in Swedish Massage, Sports Massage, Trigger Point Therapy and Assisted Isolated Stretching.  
Alongside Massage, Kathryn has a passion for Holistic Therapy and practices as an alternative healer using her qualifications in Energy Healing, Transpersonal Numerology, Trauma Release Therapies and Massage.

Kat is training as a Personal Trainer at the moment and somewhere along the lines manages the office at Bristol Physio.  

If you would like a massage from Kat give the clinic a call and book yourself in.  Whether it is a post ultramarathon or just a treat, Kat is an excellent therapist.  Sessions are either 1 hr (£45) or 30min (£30).

Howsey's Healthy Hints
While you may feel strong when running regularly, is there anything you can do in addition to help performance...?  Yes there is!  Strength training with improve adaptations in muscles, helping to improve core and glut muscle strengthening.  This can lead to reduced injury risk and less trips to see us!  
Heading to the slopes?

Apparently 1.5million of us will be heading to the mountains this winter.  While some may just enjoy the scenery, most of us will either be skiing or snowboarding.  At Bristol Physio we are putting together some Top Ski and Snow Board tips for everyone to be able to do prior to heading off.  We will be sending out information on Ski and Board Fit in the coming weeks so keep an eye out!
Tony's Top Tips
Other than your bed, what is the most prominent position for us to be in during the day?  For most of us, it is sitting in front of the computer.  We recommend getting up and moving around at least once an hour for at least 5 minutes.  Take a trip to the kitchen, move through your back and stretch through your neck and shoulders.  That way postural muscles get to relax for a few minutes and you will reduce the ache that everyone gets.  

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