WSF Newsletter #3/2016

Shaping Mobility Aspirations and Migrations Decisions: Perceptions of Welfare Provisions in Origin and Destination Countries
It is regularly argued that migration potentially undermines the solidarity principles on which national welfare systems are based. Migration may challenge the demands for and values related to welfare provisions. While most research has focused on the contested existence of ‘welfare magnets’ for migrants, Mobile Welfare is an international research project which aims to understand the role of welfare systems in destination and origin countries in shaping migration patterns within and towards Europe. One of the main research questions is how and to what extent perceptions of welfare provisions in origin and destination countries shape mobility aspirations and migrations decisions. For this purpose, the six project teams in the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Turkey and the United Kingdom, are currently gathering information about people’s views on the welfare arrangements in countries where they live now and have lived in the past. Interviews are being conducted among migrants but also people who never migrated and people who returned to their country of origin after having lived abroad. Read more on

Topic associated events

June 30 - July 2, 2016, Prague
Panel ‘A transnational approach towards welfare provision: Heading towards a better understanding of its role in shaping mobility patterns towards and across Europe’ at the 13th IMISCOE Annual Conference.

August 11-12, 2016, Oslo
Workshop ‘Welfare Inequalities and Migration’ at the 18th Nordic Migration Conference


Helga de Valk is the winner of the 2016 Allianz Demographer Award. The award ceremony took place on February 25 in Berlin during the Berlin Demography Forum. Helga de Valk was selected by an international committee comprising leading researchers in the field, who acknowledged her as one of the most promising young researchers on migration, integration and intercultural issues. [read more]
Hestia members have been invited by Richard Krugman and Jill Korbin to contribute to their Springer Child Maltreatment series. They will edit a series of chapters on child protection systems around the world. The chapters would describe the history and present functioning of the child protection system in each country, discuss how (and why) these systems have changed over the years, and what information is available (as well as what information is needed) to assure that the purposes of the Child Protection Systems are being met. HESTIA will contribute with a chapter from each of the three Hestia countries (GE, UK and NL), and one with the comparison. Read more on
Upcoming Events

13-15th July 2016
3rd International ESS Conference - Understanding key challenges for European societies in the 21st century
WSF Network Participants:
Mare Ainsaar, Oliver Nahkur, Tamara Popic, Simone Schneider, Ave Roots (HEALTHDOX)
Courtney McNamara (HiNEWS)
Wim van Oorschot (WelfSOC)

23-25 June 2016
6th Annual General Conference of the European Political Science Association

9-10 June 2016

FRPWS Workshop on "Fairness, Personal Responsibility, and the Welfare State"

15 June 2016
Knowledge Exchange Advisory Committee Meeting in Stockholm

16 June 2016
WSF Thematic Workshop for Journal Special Issue "Welfare State Reforms and Welfare State Attitudes"

16-17 June 2016
WSF Thematic Workshop
Prof. Kerstin Bernoth "Dynamic Panel Models"

4-6 October 2016
WSF Thematic Workshop on "Health Politics, Health Policy, and Health Inequalities"
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