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WSF Thematic Workshop on Health Politics, Health Policy, and Health Inequalities in Mannheim

From 4th to 6th October, almost 40 members of the WSF network and affiliated researchers met at the University of Mannheim, Germany, to discuss a wide range of issues around health politics, including healthcare systems in international comparison, health and migration, linkages between healthcare systems and population health, and methodological challenges within health research. The workshop was organised by Claus Wendt (HiNEWS project) as part of the WSF Thematic Workshop Series. Participants benefited from the opportunity to meet other researchers from their field, get to know other WSF projects better and take home new ideas. This is what participants thought about the workshop:

"'Health Politics, Health Policy, Long-Term Care and Inequalities' was a great opportunity to meet researchers from similar fields and exchange ideas. Getting to know the other WSF projects better and receiving valuable feedback on the own research was great." Mareike Ariaans, University of Mannheim (HiNEWS)

"The quality of the presentations was unusually high, compared to other meetings and conferences that I attend. It was especially rewarding to see the emphasis on both theory and empirical evidence, as well as the serious considerations of how our empirical findings advance theories on health policy, health care, and health inequalities. Second, the workshop provided me with a more in-depth knowledge of the various European health systems and the challenges they are facing. Finally, as much as I enjoyed the formal presentations, these kinds of workshop provide numerous opportunities for more informal exchanges with researchers interested in health and welfare." Sigrun Olafsdottir, Boston University (HEALTHDOX co-operation partner)

"Although I am not part of the NORFACE project, the workshop was very interesting for me. A lot of presentations were relevant for my own research project, in terms of theory and methodology. The workshop was also a good opportunity to see several experts in the same research domain in which I am also working." Verle Buffel, Ghent University

"The participants formed an interesting mix of both established senior scientists, high quality post-doctoral researchers, as well as promising junior researchers. Furthermore, I really enjoyed the short presentations based on full papers, but with a lot of time left for discussion and Q&A. I learned much from the presenters, but sometimes even more from the nuanced comments and the informed discussions afterwards." Piet Bracke, Ghent University

"The Health Politics, Health Policies and Health Inequalities Thematic Workshop was a great opportunity to meet colleagues in other projects, discuss ideas and current findings and receive excellent feedback on our own work. I was really impressed by the amazing research being conducted within the field that allowed for such rich discussions." Laurie Batchelder, University of Kent at Canterbury (EXCELC)

"The workshop in Mannheim was an excellent opportunity to get to know colleagues from other NORFACE projects and hear about their work. Getting in touch with other healthcare researchers of the WSF programme was useful as it allowed us to focus on more field-specific topic, but also because it triggered some very interesting ideas for cross-project collaborations.  Having a chance for a  project meeting on the second day of the workshop allowed the HEALTHDOX team to meet up and discuss next steps in project development." Tamara Popic, University of Lisbon (HEALTHDOX)

New Insights into Work in Progress

WSF Working Paper Series
One month ago, we published the first individual projects´ working papers on the WSF website. Since then, the WSF research projects have been busy producing four new working papers providing up-to-date insights into their innovative research and into the challenges the welfare state is confornted with in the 21st century.

Europe is currently experiencing an increased influx of immigrants, posing not only administrative challenges for European welfare states, but also potentially undermining the solidarity system they are based on. Anja Neundorf and Charlotte Cavailley from 4Is have examined the relationship between immigration and support for the welfare state using British panel data in the project’s most recent working paper. Similarly, GIWeS project has produced some new findings on welfare state attitudes, focussing on the linkage between income and support for public transfers.

Other 4Is research includes Silvia Avram’s, Mike Brewer’s and Andrea Salvatori’s work on single parenting and labour market policy using quasi-experimental data or Kaisa Kotakorpia’s and Jani-Petri Laamanenby’s insights on income tax filling and tax evasion drawn from their natural experiment. 
Click here to access the WSF Working Paper Series.

WSF Policy Brief Series
In September, research teams Helen Baldwin & Nina Biehal and Helen Bouma, Mónica López López, Erik Knorth & Hans Grietens from project HESTIA published three briefings on the national child protection systems in Englands, Germany and the Netherlands. The briefings introduce the policy framework of each case and identify key principles and factors that lead to its development. 
All WSF Policy Briefs can be accessed here.

Prize for Clare Bambra and Co-authors for Book “Health Inequalities: Critical Perspectives” at British Medical Association Book Awards 2016

The book "Health Inequalities: Critical Perspectives" edited by Katherine Smith, Sarah Hill and Clare Bambra and published by Oxford University Press in 2016 has won first prize in the public health category at the BMA Book Awards 2016. The award was presented to Katherine Smith and Clare Bambra by Professor Pali Hungin, President of the BMA and former Head of the School of Medicine, Pharmacy and Health at Durham University. The judges considered hundreds of books and 12 were shortlisted in the public health category. The judges commented:

"[This edited volume] provides concepts and theory that are needed for researchers and practitioners new to the field in a lively, engaging and thoughtful way. Important strengths include the consideration of several dimensions of health inequalities (beyond just socioeconomic), excellent engagement with a diverse range of disciplines and a lively writing style. This is an excellent addition to the health inequalities field. It presents a timely update on a major policy priority in an accessible manner.

WINNER in the Public Health category of the British Medical Association Book Awards 2016.
Health Inequalities: Critical Perspectives. Edited by Katherine E. Smith, Clare Bambra, and Sarah E. Hill
A broad account of health inequalities in the UK. Challenges widely accepted ways of thinking about health inequalities enabling the reader to identify criticisms of existing research. Addresses and summarises key findings and suggestions for distinct audiences in research, advocacy, policy and practice which allows the readers working in different contexts to easily identify messages/ideas of most relevance to them. Sets out alternative ways of thinking about health inequalities and future research agendas.



February 22-24, 2017 
WSF Thematic Workshop on "Welfare State Attitudes"
Gothenburg, Sweden
Organization: Wim van Oorschot (WelfSOC Partner), Maria Oskarsson and Björn Rönnerstrand (HEALTHDOX)

March 16-17 2017
WSF Thematic Workshop on "Migration and Welfare"
The Hague, The Netherlands
Organization: Helga de Valk (MobileWelfare)

August 12-16, 2017 
WSF Thematic Workshop & Summer School on "The Future of Child and Family Welfare Policy"
Groningen, The Netherlands
Oragnization: Mónica López López (HESTIA), Lennart Nygren (FACSK)

6-8 January 2017
2017 Allied Social Sciences Associations Annual Meeting
Chicago, IL, USA

11-15 January 2017
SSWR 21st Annual Conference "Ensure Healthy Development for all Youth" 
San Francisco, CA, USA

19-21 April 2017
17th European Conference for Social Work Research
Aalborg, Denmark

14-17 June 2017
31th Annual Conference of the European Society for Population Economics
Glasgow, Scotland

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