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This month's newsletter will inform you about the "European Health Championships" - An analysis of life expectancy of men in the countries taking part in the football tournament conducted by Clare Bambra (HiNEWS Project Leader), the WSF Thematic Workshop on Health Politics and a new working paper by GlobLabWS.

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European Health Championship: Where You Live Can Kill You

by Clare Bambra (HiNEWS)

England would get knocked out in the quarter finals of UEFA Euro 2016 if the tournament was based on how healthy each nation is. Switzerland would walk away as European Champions for the first time in the competition’s history, narrowly beating Iceland on penalties in the final.

Where you live can kill you

The Durham University analysis of life expectancy of men in the countries taking part in the football tournament shows huge health divides between the wealthy countries of Europe, and clearly demonstrates that where you live can kill you. The researchers are calling on governments across Europe to learn from each other and share best practice to narrow the gap. The inequalities in health across Europe can be examined through the concept of a European Health Championship which has been created by researchers from Durham University’s Centre for Health and Inequalities Research (CHIR) as an accessible way to shed light on these stark differences.

Winners and losers

From the round of 16 onwards, the European Health Championship scores each nation’s football team based on the country’s male life expectancy at birth for 2013. From these scores, the winners and losers of each group are decided as well as the results of the games in the knock out stages. England, with a male life expectancy of 79 years, would be winners of their group by beating Russia (63 years), Slovakia (72 years) and Wales (78 years), but losing to Iceland (81 years) in the quarter finals. [read more]


WSF Thematic Workshop on "Health Politics, Health Policy, Long-Term Care and Inequalities" - Visions and Ideas Summarized

by Nadine Reibling and Claus Wendt (HiNEWS), University of Siegen

The Thematic Workshop “Health Politics, Health Policy, Long-Term Care and Inequalities” at the Mannheim Center for European Social Research, Germany, brought together expertise on healthcare and long-term care from the Welfare State Future teams EXCELC, HEALTHDOX, and HiNEWS. The projects have common interests and facilitate cutting-edge research in areas such as comparative healthcare systems and reforms, carework and performance, and methodological challenges and pathways linking healthcare systems to population health and public attitudes. New typologies of healthcare and long-term care systems has been presented as tools for better capturing these systems’ effects. The power of ideas for stimulating health reform and institutional change has been analyzed on the basis of pro-market reforms in Central Eastern Europe. The question of values and guiding ideas also plays a role in the study of health and human rights in the context of the Greek refugee crisis. Further papers have focused on people’s perceptions of different institutional settings in healthcare and studied the institutional context in which people with limited health conditions evaluate their healthcare system more critical. By comparing Eastern and Western Europe, it has also been shown that the evaluation of healthcare systems is strongly related to a positive perception of the systems’ performance. [read more about the workshop´s content and access pictures]


New Working Paper Published - Catia Montagna and her Colleagues Complement Existing Research on Employment Volatility

As the fourth out of 15 projects, the project “Globalisation, Labour Markets, and the Welfare State” (GlobLabWS) has now published its first WSF Working Paper.

The project focuses on the interaction between the welfare state, globalisation and labour market institutions. It aims to overcome the conventional categories of the micro- and macroeconomic level in order to achieve a better understanding of the interactions between adjustments on both levels. It focusses on the the role of the welfare state in countering the labour market and income inequality effects of globalisation.

The team around Project Leader Catia Montagna use the examples of Germany, Sweden and the UK to show that the size distribution of firms is an important determinant of the relationship between changes in output and employment. This finding complements the existing research on employment volatility, which has focussed above all on differences in labour market institutions as the explaining factor. However, both industry and country specific factors such as labour market and industrial policies need to be taken into account in order to fully comprehend employment volatility.
[Access whole working paper]



February 22-24, 2017 
WSF Thematic Workshop on "Welfare State Attitudes"
Gothenburg, Sweden
Organization: Wim van Oorschot (WelfSOC Partner), Maria Oskarsson and Björn Rönnerstrand (HEALTHDOX)

March 16-17 2017
WSF Thematic Workshop & Masterclass on "Migration and Welfare"
The Hague, The Netherlands
Organization: Helga de Valk (MobileWelfare)

August 12-16, 2017 
WSF Thematic Workshop & Summer School on "The Future of Child and Family Welfare Policy"
Groningen, The Netherlands
Oragnization: Mónica López López (HESTIA), Lennart Nygren (FACSK)

6-8 January 2017
2017 Allied Social Sciences Associations Annual Meeting
Chicago, IL, USA

11-15 January 2017
SSWR 21st Annual Conference "Ensure Healthy Development for all Youth" 
San Francisco, CA, US

19-21 April 2017
17th European Conference for Social Work Research
Aalborg, Denmark

14-17 June 2017
31th Annual Conference of the European Society for Population Economics
Glasgow, Scotland

+++ Deadline for the submission of abstracts is 1 February 2017 +++
3-5 July 2017
Regulating Decent Work (RDW) 2017 Conference
Geneva, Switzerland
+++ Deadline for the submission of abstracts is 31 December 2016 +++

12-15 August , 2017
Annual Meeting of the American Sociological Association
Montreal, Canada

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