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WSF Thematic Workshops

"Inspiring Environment, Useful Feedback, and Ample Opportunities for Future Cooperation" – The WSF Thematic Workshop on Welfare State Attitudes in Gothenburg

Report by Workshop Organizers Maria Oskarson and Björn Rönnerstrand, HEALTHDOX

Good research requires interactions and discussions with colleagues within the same field, and the workshop program within the Welfare State Futures Program is intended to offer exactly that. The NORFACE Welfare State Futures Thematic Workshop on "The Social Legitimacy of Our Future Welfare State" was held in Gothenburg, Sweden, February 22-24 2017, and was the second cross-project workshop arranged within the network. The workshop focus was on theories, methods and findings of recent studies on welfare relevant attitudes, opinions and preferences and gathered 46 participants from 10 of the projects within the Welfare State Futures Program.

"It was great to learn about the state-of-the-art in the welfare states future research field. I was particularly interested in learning  about several social experiments (carried out by the colleagues from Norway), the new approaches to health systems classification and the new method of democratic forums" Dimitri Gugushvili, WelfSOC | KU Leuven
The purpose of the workshop was double - on the one hand to support on-going research by providing an opportunity to present and discuss on-going work to colleagues in the welfare state community, and on the other hand to stimulate cross-project contacts and collaborations. I must say that I think the workshop fulfilled both purposes.
"The workshop was certainly helpful with regard to networking and provided ample opportunities for future cooperation" Henning Finseraas, GiWES | Institute for Social Research
With plenary presentations of the 8 on-going projects together with 23 paper presentations in 12 sessions the interactions and discussions were both stimulating and constructive. We believe we all got new insights in theories as well as methods and research designs, as well as ideas of how to proceed with our own work. The workshop also offered “mentoring sessions” for the participating younger scholars where they had the opportunity to more informally discuss matters such as publication strategies and career planning with more senior participants.
This was my first WSF Thematic Workshop and I enjoyed hearing about all the innovative research of the other projects. The presentations were very relevant for my own research and it gave us the opportunity to present our work and exchange ideas with experts. In short, it was a great place to meet other researchers in one’s field in a very inspiring environment.
Jeanette AJ Renema, MIFARE | Radboud University
All in all we think the work shop turned out as well as we could have hoped for, thanks to the positive and constructive participants from all the different projects. With such participants, it is a privilege to organize a workshop!. A summary of papers presented and opinions on the workshop can be found at the WSF website

Social Work with Families with Complex Needs in Europe and Latin America - FACSK Team Meeting Cooperation Partners in Monterrey, Mexico

At the beginning of this week the FACSK research team met with co-operation partners, stakeholders, Mexican researchers and students in Monterrey, México. The program called Trabajo social con familias con necesidades complejas en Europa y Latinamaérica (Social Work with Families with Complex Needs in Europe and Latin America) has been organized by FACSK cooperation partner Dr. Sandra Elizabet Mancinas Espinoza at the Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León (UANL) in Monterrey, Mexico. The program and videos of the presentations can be found here or directly via the youtube channel. Furthermore, FACSK team shared experiences with NGO's FUNDENL (Organization of mothers of people who have suffered forced disappearance) and CASA MONARCA (working with migrants and refugees from violent areas,including minors.)
More info on FACSK Project



March 16-17 2017
WSF Thematic Workshop & Masterclass on "Migration and Welfare"
The Hague, The Netherlands
Organization: Helga de Valk (MobileWelfare)

August 21-25, 2017 
WSF Thematic Workshop & Summer School on "The Future of Child and Family Welfare Policy"
Groningen, The Netherlands
Oragnization: Mónica López López (HESTIA), Lennart Nygren (FACSK)

19-21 April 2017
17th European Conference for Social Work Research
Aalborg, Denmark

14-17 June 2017
31th Annual Conference of the European Society for Population Economics
Glasgow, Scotland

21 - 23 June 2017
Health and Demographic Research (HeDeRa) Workshop ‘Comparing Health Across Societies (CHASE) - Keynote of Professor Bernice A. Pescosolido about ‘The Global Landscape of Stigma

3-5 July 2017
Regulating Decent Work (RDW) 2017 Conference
Geneva, Switzerland

12-14 July 2017
Council of European Studies Conference
Glasgow, UK
Papers accepted: Diana Burlacu (HEALTHDOX), Tamara Popic/Simone Schneider/Maria Asensio (HEALTHDOX), Ave Roots (HEALTHDOX) +++ DEADLINE for presenting authors to upload their papers: 29 June, 2017

12-15 August  2017
Annual Meeting of the American Sociological Association
Montreal, Canada
Accepted paper: Simone Schneider (HEALTHDOX)
14-16 September 2017
ESPAnet 2017 Conference - New Horizons of European Social Policy: Risks, Opportunities and Challenges
Lisbon, Portugal
+++ Deadline for Abstract Submission: 15 March 2017 +++
Stream Convenors from or affiliated with WSF Network
Stream 14: Health, Employment Status and Disability: A Comparative and Institutional Perspective (Verle Buffel and Kristian Heggebo, HiNEWS)
Stream 24: The Achilles' Heel of Health Care Futures (Maria Asensio, HEALTHDOX and Beatriz Padilla, UPWEB)

29 August – 1 September 2017
European Sociological Association Conference
Athens, Greece

TRANSWEL Lecture Series “Migration and social security in the EU: Theoretical approaches and empirical findings”
Universität Wien, Department of Sociology, 5pm, Seminar Room 3, Rooseveltplatz 2, 1090 Vienna, Austria

28 March 2017
Anna Amelina, Goethe-Universität Frankfurt
European Portability of Social Security Rights as a Paradigmatic Example of Transnational Social Citizenship

4 April 2017
Yuri Kazepov, Universität Wien
European ideas national implementations: social investment rhetoric and the importance of the context

30 May 2017
Emma Carmel, University of Bath
What is the European Union anyway? How the governance of social security and free movement can illuminate our understanding of the European Union

13 June 2017
Elisabeth Scheibelhofer, Nora Regös, Clara Holzinger, Universität Wien

Im Labyrinth europäischer Systeme sozialer Sicherung. (Transnationale) Erfahrungen ungarischer MigrantInnen in Österreich

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