Fritz Haag
Massive German Wine Collection
Part II - Fritz Haag
"Wilheim Haag’s wines have a crystalline clarity and raciness that call to mind a brilliant-cut diamond." -Stuart Pigott, The Wine Atlas of Germany
We currently have access to one of the Bay Area's finest private collections of German wine. It covers relatively recent releases back to the great years of the 70s and beyond.

Today we're offering a selection of wines from Fritz Haag.

Fritz Haag's wines from the Juffer-Sonnenuhr are so pale as to be close to air itself, ethereal would be the word. They are barely colored, with just a faint tint of green and almost light as air to drink too, but they are exquisite in their balance and elegant perfection.

All offered in stock and available now for Spring and Summer drinking!
All wines offered from the magnificent,

Brauneberger Juffer Sonnenuhr

2002 was a beautifully balanced vintage in the Mosel. The comparison between Haag's '02s and '01s has been fascinating ever since release. The '01s have always been more structured and dense and austere, while the '02s have always been a delightful circus act, showing balance with a showman's flair. They are still in their prime. They are 'classic Fritz Haag.'
Auslese #9 Goldkap 2002 - 8 bottles available;
$110 per bottle
This is a very special wine. Haag goldkap is a rare treat. They really need no introduction and should be snapped-up.
Auslese #6 2002 - 11 bottles available;
$79 per bottle
The white cap auslese has less of the ornate framing and outright sweetness of the GK but may show that individual and ethereal Haag style better for it - a lovely wine.

Spatlese #14 'Auction' 2002 - 9 bottles available; $135 per bottle
Wow! For those that do not know, 'auction' denotes a wine that was specially selected by the producer at release, to be sent to the Trier VDP auction of the best-of-the-best in the region. It is a marker, not just to critics and collectors, but also to other producers far and near, of the quality and capability of this great estate. Auction wines are a matter of intense pride.  The comparison in Burgundy would be to ask Jean Marc Roulot to bottle a Meursault Perrieres selection to be sent for tasting and auction against his peers. - How much would that go for?

2004 has always been the kind of finely-chiseled, razor-sharp vintage that delights Mosel enthusiasts. The wines are virtually indestructible, yet they have that initimitable charm of a great Riesling. Haag in particular masters the synthesis of jaw dropping waves of complexity, while somehow appearing to be barely there.
Auslese #6 2004 - 6 bottles available;
$89 per bottle
Quintessential Fritz Haag, a beautiful wine you'll wish you had more of.

2005 is another good or great vintage, though that barely matters for Fritz Haag.
Auslese #15 LGK Auction 375ml 2005 - 2 available;
$195 per 375ml
This is the ultimate, beyond BA, in fact. Having made a comparison with Burgundy above, it is tempting to try, but there really isn't anything equivalent in  Burgundy. If there were, it would probably cost you $10k.

2006 was a difficult vintage for many across Germany, with early ripening suddenly met by a wet spell that lead to disease pressure and rot, both good and bad. But the top sites of the Mosel weathered the storm and the best producers who waited, harvested magnificent sweet wines that rank alongside, or surpass the '05s, '03s and '01s.
Beerenauslese 375ml 2006 - 8 available;
$110 per 375ml
This is a very very rare treasure, you'll only need a thimblefull to make a memory that will last a lifetime.
Spatlese #14 Auction 2006 - 5 bottles available;
$135 per bottle
Once again, this collection comes-through with the 'auction' wine. These deserve a collection of their own.

2007 was a joyous return to the string of good, great or magnificent vintages prior to '06. Indeed '07 may be the best of the period. There's barely a dull wine anywhere but Haag's are, as ever, about as good as they get.
Auslese #12 Goldkap  2007 - 5 bottles available;
$89 per bottle
Haag treated us to a rare goldkap in this show-stopping vintage. It is another brilliant wine.

2009 like most of Europe was an easy and great year. The wines were true and great across all the pradikat levels.

Auslese #9 GK 2009 - 6 bottles available; $89 per bottle
Yes, 2009 was a GK year. (There's a good tasting to be had here.) All that is said about them above applies. GKs are hard to find, grab some.
Auslese #6  2009 - 8 bottles available;
$59 per bottle
What a ridiculous price - what do you get from California or Burgundy for $59? Haag's white kap auslese is wine to drink without accompaniment, quietly without distraction. But that goes for all of these wines, they provide simple pleasure alongside great engagement.

2012 - it is hard to believe 2012 is more than a decade old, but there it is. While we have eagerly anticipated and enjoyed every new release, these wines reward aging and these top-end classics are now putting on their show, in turn.
Auslese #9 GK 2012 - 2 bottles available;
$79 per bottle
You could be excused the impression that goldkapsule is a common and everyday wine, given this collection and the prices. - It is not. This is monumental Mosel Riesling of the higheest order.
Auslese #6 375ml 2012 - 8 available; $29 per 375ml
And here's the humble white kap...  in 375ml, this is the perfect Spring aperitif to welcome a couple of good friends to sit out on the deck to enjoy the Sun's last rays before you wander in to dinner. Easy to absorb, easy to enjoy, and unforgettable.

2013 was a tough vintage, a rarity in recent times but once again, Haag marches to his own drum.
Auslese #6 2013 - 10 bottles available; $45 per bottle
I'll resort to a score and a review on this one, just to buck the off-year perception. Fritz Haag fans love this wine... though they love every Haag wine, so I guess you can take that as you will?
93+ points Wine Advocate
"Rich, ripe and intense but also refreshingly stony on the nose the 2013 Brauneberger Juffer Sonnenuhr Riesling Auslese offers a complex and noble bouquet which leads to a sweet, highly elegant, very mineral, fresh and piquant texture followed by a pure and extremely salty finish. Bottled with 7.5% alcohol plus 100 grams of residual sugar it has even more finesse and expression than the Juffer Auslese." Stephan Reinhardt
Drink 2015-2045 

Also available from the new 2021 vintage, in stock now:

Brauneberger Juffer Sonnenuhr Auslese 2021
5 bottles available;
$49 per bottle
96 points Wine Advocate

Brauneberger Juffer Sonnenuhr GG 2021
3 bottles available; $55 per bottle

Brauneberger Juffer Spatlese 2021
9 bottles available; $35 per bottle

93 points Wine Advocate

Brauneberger Juffer Auslese 2021
12 bottles available; $39 per bottle
94+ points Wine Advocate

Brauneberger Juffer Auslese Goldkap 375ml 2021
3 bottles available;
$35 per bottle
97 points Wine Advocate


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