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How Good is 2016 in Barbaresco?
It is easy to become immune to the hype that seems to precede even the most moderate vintages these days, and for enthusiasts and collectors who have kicked the tires on a few lemons over the years, the danger of becoming jaded and desensitized by all the noise is very serious indeed. The danger is that when there really is a wolf out there at your sheep, with a world-weary sigh and a snigger, you'll roll your eyes and turn away and not wake up until the feasting is over.

"The young 2016 Barbarescos are some of the most compelling young wines I have tasted in twenty years of visiting the region." Antonio Galloni

At a recent online event tasting event, the head of the Produttori and one of Piedmont's leading elder-statemen, Aldo Vacca was uncharacteristically effusive, and when pressed for a comparison, leafed back through his memory of the vintages, passing through 2010, 2001, 1996, and even 1990, '89, '85 or '82 to liken the 2016s to how he imagined the 1978's or 1971's might have been at the same stage.
In his usual understated way, he simply said "They have all the power and the finesse."

"The 2016 Riservas are, without question the finest wines I have ever tasted from the Produttori del Barbaresco." 
Antonio Galloni

And finally, one more quote to drive the nail home:
"Now that virtually all the wines have been released, I can say that 2016 is a truly epic vintage for Barbaresco. So many wines are off the charts. Gaja, Produttori del Barbaresco, Ronchi, Cantina del Pino,* Vietti, Fiorenzo Nada, Moccagatta, Sottimano, La Ca’ Nova and La Spinetta are among the estates that made some of their finest wines ever." Antonio Galloni
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The Produttori del Barbaresco Riservas of 2016

Secured from the new release in Italy - Limited Quantities - To arrive in June or July

Barbaresco Riserva Rio Sordo 2016

$69 per bottle
94 points Vinous: "The 2016 Barbaresco Riserva Rio Sordo is a serious, somber wine. Black cherry, plum, lavender, spice and menthol show off the darker side of Nebbiolo to great effect. In most vintages, Rio Sordo is an easygoing wine, but not in 2016. Readers will find a potent, brooding yet mid-weight Barbaresco that screams with character. What a way to start this tasting!"

Barbaresco Riserva Pora 2016
$79 per bottle
95 points Vinous: "The 2016 Barbaresco Riserva Pora is a brooding wine, its mid-weight structure notwithstanding. Iron, smoke, tobacco, cedar and dried flowers add a feral, earthy quality that is so appealing. Pora is often one of the more approachable Riservas in this range, but the 2016 is an exception. Readers should be prepared to cellar it for at least a few years."

Barbaresco Riserva Muncagota 2016
$75 per bottle
94+ points Vinous
: "The 2016 Barbaresco Riserva Muncagota continues this tasting of frankly awe-inspiring wines. Rich, deep and super-expressive, the 2016 hits all the right notes. Black cherry, plum, spice, leather, licorice emerge, but only with great reluctance. The Muncagota is another wine in this range that clearly needs time."

Barbaresco Riserva Paje 2016
$89 per bottle
96 points Vinous
: "The 2016 Barbaresco Pajè opens with deeply pitched spice notes that are so alluring. Pliant and beautifully layered in the glass, the 2016 possesses tremendous density and brawn. Blue/purplish fruit, cloves, lavender and menthol infuse this rich, hedonistic Barbaresco with tons of character. The tannins are present, but they are nearly buried by the sheer density of the fruit. In a word: impressive."

Barbaresco Riserva Asili 2016
Only Currently Available In 'The Crus Collection' - Boxed Set Below
97 points Vinous: "The 2016 Barbaresco Riserva Asili marries power and sensuality the way only Nebbiolo can. Soaring aromatics, beautifully pliant red-toned fruit and tons of pure depth emerge in a stunning Barbaresco that captivates all the senses. Silky, refined and exceptionally beautiful, the 2016 is quite simply one of the most complete Asilis I have tasted from the Produttori. It is an unforgettable wine.."

Barbaresco Riserva Rabaja 2016
$99 per bottle
98 points Vinous
: "The 2016 Barbaresco Riserva Rabajà is brooding in its intensity. Swaths of tannin, acid and mineral notes infuse the 2016 with striking gravitas. A wine of staggering proportion and breathtaking beauty, the Rabajà is the sort of wine I wish every Vinous reader could taste because it captures the essence of place and vintage with so much pedigree and so much class. Black cherry, sage, crushed rocks, menthol and lavender are some of the many nuances that linger on the eternal finish."

Barbaresco Riserva Montestefano 2016
$95 per bottle
98 points Vinous
: "The 2016 Barbaresco Riserva Montestefano is another profound wine in this lineup. There is virtually no perception of tannin, as the fruit is so rich and so voluptuous. Dark cherry/plum fruit, spice, menthol, licorice and a whole range of balsamic inflections grow as the Montestefano shows off its class. This profound Barbaresco will thrill readers for years to come."

Barbaresco Riserva Montefico 2016
$95 per bottle
98 points Vinous
: "The 2016 Barbaresco Montefico is a jewel of a wine. Freshly cut flowers, minerals, crushed rocks, rose petal and lavender are all finely cut. As always, the Montefico is tense and chiseled in style. Its sense of transparency is simply beguiling. Sage, mint and sweet pipe tobacco are some of the nuances that linger. The Montefico is a Barbaresco that will thrill readers who enjoy taut reds. It blends the fruit richness of the Montestefano with the verve of Ovello."

Barbaresco Riserva Ovello 2016
$95 per bottle
97+ points Vinous
: "The 2016 Barbaresco Riserva Ovello is the most severe and angular of these wines. It will appeal most to die-hard classicists. Chalk, white pepper, mint and sweet red cherry fruit all grace this chiseled, beautifully translucent Barbaresco. As always, the Ovello needs a number of years in bottle to reveal its charms, which in 2016 are many. It is a positively stellar wine in every way."

Produttori Crus Collection
Boxed Set in Presentation Case
One Bottle Each of the Nine Riserva Crus

12 Sets available
Previous Releases Also Available
Barbaresco 1.5L 1975   $175 1 CT 91 May
Barbaresco 1969   $135 1   May
Barbaresco 1974   $110 7 CT 91 April
Barbaresco 1976   $89 11 CT 92 May
Barbaresco 1977   $90 1   May
Barbaresco 1978   $140 6 CT 91 April
Barbaresco 1979   $89 22   May
Barbaresco 1980   $89 4   May
Barbaresco 1982   $125 12 CT 92 April
Barbaresco 1983   $89 5 CT 90 May
Barbaresco 1984   $80 1   May
Barbaresco 1986   $89 4   April
Barbaresco 1987   $85 3 CT 90 May
Barbaresco 1989   $140 6 RJ 93 May
Barbaresco 2015   $39 48 WA 93 July
Barbaresco 3L 1990   $595 1   IN STOCK
Barbaresco Riserva 9 bottle Collection 2015   $695 3   June
Barbaresco Riserva Montestefano 1.5L 2015   $145 7 VM 94 May
Barbaresco Riserva Montestefano 1978   $260 2 JG 92+ May
Barbaresco Riserva Muncagota 2014   $69 3 VM 94 IN STOCK
Barbaresco Riserva Ovello 1.5L 2015   $150 4 VM 95 July
Barbaresco Riserva Ovello 2014   $69 12 VM 95 IN STOCK
Barbaresco Riserva Pora 1970   $200 4 VM 93 May
Barbaresco Riserva Pora 2014   $65 16 VM 94 IN STOCK
Barbaresco Riserva Pora 2015   $60 3 VM 93 May
Langhe Nebbiolo 1999   $55 2   April
Langhe Nebbiolo 2005   $45 2   April

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