October 2020 Newsletter


Be kind whenever possible.
It is always possible.  - The Dalai Lama

Happy Fall - how are you doing? 

What a challenging and tumultuous time this is!  Peace of Mind's mission is to support you in bringing mindfulness-based SEL. brain science and conflict resolution skills to your students to increase their own well-being and agency in the world.  We do this by creating the best possible evidence-based tools and resources that we can, and also by helping you to take care of you! We hope you'll find the resources we've included this month helpful. 

Mindfulness Practice for October
 Gravity Hands

Join Peace Teacher Ms. Ryden to learn about your brain and  how to calm big emotions using "Gravity Hands."

We've added many new Mindfulness Practice Videos to the free Peace of Mind Library -  we hope you and your students find them helpful!

Peace of Mind Program Updates
New Middle School Curriculum is here!

Available now. The new Peace of Mind Core Curriculum for Middle School includes 32 lessons that offer a foundation in mindfulness, neuroscience, social emotional learning and conflict resolution to help students increase personal well-being and develop the tools to address injustice with compassion and skill.   Order now

 New Partnership with Bansho

We're trying something new! We've shared some of our Mindfulness Practice videos with a new educational app called Bansho - download in the App Store (only available for iphone).  Bansho features short educator-made videos for ages 5-12 on a range of topics including SEL and academics. Let us know what you think - and please like Ms. Ryden's videos!

Preparing to transition to in-person learning?

While we may not know when this will happen, we do know that tending to our students' social and emotional needs and re-building classroom community will be top priorities when it does.  The Peace of Mind Curriculum can help.  Please contact Cheryl to talk about how Peace of Mind could support your classroom or school.

Grants for Title I Schools 

Fund for the Future of our Children (FFC) has generously partnered with Peace of Mind to support Title I schools that are adopting the Peace of Mind Curriculum.   We still have a few grants available for this school year! Find out more about the easy application process here

We recommend: Well-Being and Learning Opportunities for Educators and Parents
There are so many great resources available to educators and parents now. Here are a few mindfulness- and compassion-based programs we recommend based on our own experience with these wise teachers.

Compassion Cultivation Training (starts 10/6; scholarships available)

Widening Circles of Belonging: BIPOC Compassion Series  (starts 10/4; free)

Facilitator Alem Makonnen says: "Compassion Cultivation Training (CCT) builds our capacity to meet our own lives and collective experiences with greater awareness, compassion, resilience, and ease."  Alumni from both classes will have an opportunity to continue to explore mindfulness compassion practices in a monthly virtual gathering.  Registration closes soon!

Institute For Equity, Resilience, & Healing with Tovi Scruggs-Hussein
Tovi says: "Healing is not only personal growth, it is professional development. If you work with children and are in service to others, it becomes even more imperative.  If we work in service of others, especially as a leader, then healing is part of our own professional development and moral responsibility to those that we serve." If this resonates with you, consider joining the Institute: An intensive monthly learning program for educators focused on inclusion, belonging, and healing applicable to serving all marginalized groups. Registration closes on Monday 10/5.

Antiracist Table 30 Day Challenge  From Lynn and Kirsten, founders of the AntiRacist Table:  "Take a stand for humanity! Do you want to be part of the solution? Learn how to be an AntiRacist with our FREE 30 Day Challenge."  A daily, self-paced journey grounded in mindfulness and compassion that includes history, study, reflection and action.  Registration open today!

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We wish you, your families, your students and your communities all the very best.  With love and gratitude,

Linda, Cheryl and the Peace of Mind team

Peace of Mind is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that supports mindfulness based social emotional learning and conflict resolution in our schools.  We are so grateful for your support! 
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