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Week of June 10th
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Quote of the week
“After (Muhammad) Ali released the statement on my behalf, several of my prison guards told me they had heard about it, and some began to treat me differently—better, and with more respect. I like to think that his words made them doubt the forces who signed their paychecks.”
                                    – Washington Post reporter Jason Rezaian, on the boxing legend
No congressional visits to Iran
Tehran will not grant visas to three U.S. congressmen who showed opposition to the Iran Deal. The Foreign Ministry issued a statement saying that they’re refusing visas to Reps. Frank LoBiondo (R-NJ), Mike Pompeo (R-KS), and Lee Zeldin (R-NY). In the statement it said the request was rejected over “the completely inappropriate way you have demanded to visit Iran and interfere in what is of no relevance to (your) official functions.” All congressmen voted against the nuclear deal.                                       

No to SpongeBob SquarePants
Persepolis goalkeeper Sosha Makani was suspended for six months by the Iranian Football Federation’s Morality Committee for "inappropriate" behavior after a photo of him in yellow trousers circulated on social media. Many said his style was reminiscent to the animated character SpongeBob SquarePants.
Another dual national arrest
The Iranian Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) arrested a Canadian-Iranian Concordia professor emerita of social anthropology. Homa Hoodfar, 65, was first detained on March 10, but released and then forced to remain in Iran. Her family released a statement saying she was arrested again last week and transferred to Evin prison. She had been in Iran visiting family and “conducting historical and ethnographic research on women’s public role.”

The Iranian government accuses Hoodfar of  "co-operating with a foreign state against the Islamic Republic of Iran."
Since her arrest, the Middle East Studies Association of North America (MESA) expressed “grave concern” for Dr. Hoodfar.
Similarly, Concordia University President Alan Shepard said they were using diplomatic channels to secure the social anthropology professor’s release.
Meanwhile, Richard Ratcliffe sang a birthday song for his daughter Gabriella stuck in Iran while her mothers is imprisoned.
Other stories that made headlines

Human rights

Why are Iranian teens choosing Suicide?
New Iranian bill aims to keep women out of the workforce.
Four-month-old baby dies of drug addiction.
Muslim prison inmates support jailed Christian convert.
Three jailed in Iran for distributing underground music.
Gay mullah flees Iran for Turkey over secret same-sex weddings.
Iran has 2,700 slums with 11 million inhabitants.
Tehran police crack down on summer fun gathering.

Domestic politics
Will Mahmoud Ahmadinejad be Iran’s Donald Trump?
Is Rouhani’s economic team about to crack?
Is Iranian parliament warming up to Rouhani?
Hardliners: The real barrier to Iran’s economic revival.
Foreign policy
Iran’s Supreme Leader on America: Don’t trust, don’t cooperate.
Ali Larijani says Saudis gave Israel ‘strategic’ intel in 2006 Lebanon war.
Bahrain arrests eight men trying to escape to Iran by boat.
Foreign Ministry spox says Saudi using Takfiris in 'broad way' for political aims.
Saudi Arabia is expanding its anti-Iran strategy far beyond the Middle East.
Iran rejects U.S. charge of being leading terror sponsor.
Signs of friendship toward the United States are everywhere in Iran today.
Iran is as bad as ISIS in mistreating civilians in Fallujah.
Tehran warns nationals in Turkey to stay away from public places.
Syria's Al-Assad regime to hold talks with Iran and Russia.
Russian, Syrian defense ministers arrive in Tehran for 'strategic meeting'.
Iran Deal
U.S. lawmakers want more Iran sanctions, but can't agree.
Tehran hasn't benefited much from the Iran Deal, the real problem is its economy.
The Iran Deal and regional nuclear proliferation risks, explained.
Oil and trade
Saudi Arabia cuts oil prices in Europe as Iran ramps up exports.
After Airbus, Iran edges toward historic Boeing deal.
What is keeping foreign money out of Iran’s stock exchanges?
Iranian oil, shipping companies set $2.4 billion in ship deals.
Turkey's Unit International says agrees $4.2 billion deal to build Iran power plants.
Russian hopes for Iran trade boom run aground at Caspian port.
Art and culture

Classical singer Mohammad Reza Shajarian seeks comeback despite ban.

Iranian singer Habib Mohebian memorialized on social media.
Author Firoozeh Dumas sees the humor amid middle-school stress.
Iranian-American star of ‘Black-ish’ is breaking stereotypes on and off screen.

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio to be considered for role of Sufi Poet Rumi in new film.
Thomas Schaefer, 85, ranking officer among American hostages in Iran, dies.
Science and environment
The "squirrel man" replanting Iran's forests.
Iran ready to play new role in preserving environment.
Why VR is more virtual than reality in Iran.
The Americans who loved Iran.
...تا هفته بعد
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