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Week of February 12th
37 years of the ayatollah
On Thursday, some Iranians marked the 37th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution with nationwide rallies, which included anti-Western chants and flag burnings. At an annual march in Qom, a group of Iranian men made a mockery of the United States by dressing up as the recently detained U.S. sailors.
Only days prior, Iranian state television released a video of one of the U.S. sailors in tears.

So what would Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini say about Islam and human rights today? IranWire uses some of his old speeches to answer these questions.

Resurrected from the dead and in attendance at one of the rallies was Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) Commander Qassem Soleimani.
Check out photographer Maryam Zandi’s recently published photos from her new book, Enqelab-e 57.

Disqualification partly reversed
The Guardian Council reversed its recent decision to disqualify more than 1,500 candidates trying to run in the upcoming parliamentary elections slated for February 26th.

Hassan Khomeini, lost an appeal, barring him from participating in elections. The grandson of the founder of the Islamic Republic posted the following on a messaging service: “All my support from top clerics has been ignored, as have been my religious publications. I never expected they would reverse their decision. I made the appeal because people asked me to do so.”

How these upcoming elections in Iran could make history.

More funerals for IRGC in Syria
Iran held a funeral for five solders and a senior IRGC commander who were fighting alongside Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad’s forces near Aleppo. General Mohsen Ghajarian and five others were killed while battling ISIS and Syrian rebels. According to BuzzFeed’s Borzou Daragahi, 12 more Iranian and Iranian-backed forces were reportedly killed as well in Syria.

An officer of the elite Revolutionary Guard mocked Saudi Arabia’s comments about sending troops to Syria. Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari told state media, "[The Saudis] have made such a claim but I don't think they are brave enough to do so ... Even if they send troops, they would be definitely defeated ... it would be suicide.”

Iranian-American businessman Siamak Namazi continues to be imprisoned by Iran and his friends are worried. Namazi's cousin by marriage and former business partner Bijan Khajehpour said, “Siamak was left behind. He was as much innocent as all the other U.S. citizens who were in Iranian prisons. And we should not forget him.”
A coalition of Iranian-American organizations sent a joint letter to U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry urging him to redouble efforts for Namazi’s release. In the letter it reads: “Siamak Namazi has committed no crime. He was simply doing what he loved: building bridges between Iran and the Western world. There is no legal evidence to justify his detention, and he should be released immediately. For Iran to jail someone like Siamak Namazi is not only unjust and without any legal foundation, but it is also self-defeating. After all, Iran needs bridge-builders as it makes its way back into the international community after years of sanctions.”
Without revealing names, Iran's judiciary spokesman claimed several imprisoned dual nationals are facing espionage charges. Gholamhossein Mohseni Ejei explained, "We have several dual citizens in jail. Their charges are mostly the same [as Washington Post reporter Jason Rezaian's].”

Meanwhile, the mother of a jailed former BBC journalist appeals to President Rouhani for his release.

If true, this could mean bad news bears for the GOP: Iran claims Republicans wanted Tehran to delay prisoner swap until U.S. presidential elections.

Then there's this: While WaPost reporter was imprisoned, the New York Times was selling luxury tours to Tehran.

Tintin visits Iran
There's an Instagram account (@tintinadventures) that depicts a Tintin figurine on adventures across the globe. Several weeks ago, Tintin and his friends made a trip to Iran.
Other stories that made headlines
-- Press TV fires two bosses after anchor says she was sexually harassed by them.

-- Protecting the fatherland by desecrating Baha’i cemeteries—since 1979.
-- Iran arrests 10 terrorists along east and west borders, according to police chief.

-- To counter Iran rival, Saudi Arabia steps up Washington lobbying.

-- The precarious existence of Iran's Sunni muslims.
-- Recent Airbus deal triggers backlash from Iranian hardliners.
-- Boeing can sell planes to Tehran, but does Iran want them?

-- Iran to purchase Sukhoi-30 fighter jets from Russia.

-- Russian companies rush to return to post-sanctions Iran.

-- How Iran's new petroleum contracts are producing more than oil.

-- With sanctions lifted, American tourists head to Iran.

-- Iran wants to be paid in euros, not U.S. dollars.

-- Iran to keep most of $100b unfrozen overseas assets in foreign banks.

-- Bristol police jailed on misconduct charges in case of murdered Iranian national.

-- Iran hopes for agricultural boom post-sanctions
-- Author Sanaz Fotouhi chooses four favorites in Iranian diaspora fiction.
-- Iran awards medals of honor to its nuclear negotiating team.

-- Review of Laura Secor’s ‘Children of Paradise: The Struggle for the Soul of Iran’.

-- EU foreign affairs chief Federica Mogherini is preparing to visit Iran.

-- New app helps Iranians dodge the moral police, but gets blocked 24 hours later.

-- Check out these 34 incredibly beautiful reasons to visit Iran.

-- Steven Beitashour: born in America but proud to play for Team Melli.

-- Fox greenlights Middle Eastern family pilot starring Iranian-American actress.

-- You ain’t seen nothing until you’ve seen the art of Iranian picnicking.
-- The truth about visiting Iran as a Jew.


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