Has summer made you tired, rundown, listless? Does your tail drag? Are you so BORED that your bones ache?

We've got fun activities to brighten your day and lift your tail! They can be all played in your backyard or nearby park.


Larry the squirrel, the Squirrels at the Door mascot, likes a challenge. See what these engineers cooked up for the squirrels in their backyards.

2.0 is a Mission Impossible!

Join Mark's creative engineering class to turn your background into a maze-filled wonder!


Host the Olympics in your background. 


Boo! It’s more fun in the dark.  

  • Flashlight tag – The person who is “it” uses a flashlight to hunt down the others who hide in the dark.

  • Firefly tag – One person is the firefly. He or she hides from the others. The others count to 20 and then try to find the firefly who turns a weak flashlight on and off every 60 seconds—like a firefly. The firefly can move about too. It's Marco Polo in the dark.

  • Glow-in-the-dark painting – With glow-in-the-dark paint on black paper draw pictures of the sun, moon, and stars or a hopscotch grid to play a late-night game. If you add cornstarch to the paint, you can paint on the ground and you won't need paper.

  • Gaze at the stars – Stars and cosmic debris are out there glowing for you. You don’t need a telescope either. Binoculars will do.
  • Look at the International Space Station – To find out when and where in the sky to see the International Space Station, go to this location and type in the name of your town: 



From Pigs to Pools

Moo, Moo! Oink, oink! Pee-ew!

Do you think those sounds and smells came from a farm? No, they came from American backyards. In earlier times, a backyard was where the family hung the laundry and raised pigs, chickens, and even cows. They grew fruits and vegetables and stored food underground like potatoes and apples to preserve them.

And well, threw their trash in a heap and even burned it in an incinerator.
People also used it for, oh, dear, excuse us, we'll say it quietly, the outhouse.
How did it become the fun place it is now?


We hope you enjoy these backyard activities! 

Stay safe and active until we post again! 
- Squirrels at the Door 
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