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AC Advisory Council Meeting - Friday, January 6 at 7:30 a.m.

The next ACAC meeting will be on Friday, January 6 at 7:30 a.m. in Building D, Conference Room B. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend. The first part of each meeting is typically set aside for Public/Parent comments and questions. Please come and let your voice and opinion be heard!

Recap of ACAC Meeting on December 2, 2016:

Thank you to Ms. Phillips for the holiday treats and festive mood! December's meeting included an update of the Student Voice committee's work, a report from the Budget Committee on November funding, which included new software, money for curriculum development and computer carts. Planning for AC Graduation 2017 was brought up! AC Senior student reps are needed as well as parents (from all classes) willing to volunteer to make the event a nice one for this year's seniors. Every year, each learning community hosts its own graduation event in addition to the event for all seniors at the Greek Theater. Last year, AC parents worked hard to make the AC graduation on par with the events of other learning communities. In previous years, let's just say the AC graduation  was underwhelming. If you have a senior and can volunteer for planning of this year's AC graduation, please reply to this email and we will be in touch with you! And if you have a frosh/soph/junior but would like to be involved to see a preview of coming attractions, we need you too! Last year many frosh/soph/junior parents volunteered to help with the event to 'pay it forward' and let senior parents enjoy the event. Hint, hint.
AC Fundraising Update! We Are Working Towards Our Goal of $40,000!

Thank you to the AC families who have donated generously to ACAC so far this academic year! We are about a third of the way to our fundraising goal of $40,00! To date, we have raised about $13,000 This money will hep us enrich the AC experience for our students and we thank you! However, we need more donations! Every donation takes us closer to our goal. Every dollar counts so please make a donation today.

1. Write a check - payable to BHS Development Group - then write on the memo line how to divide your donation or add a note designating XX% to AC and XX% to BHSDG. Send to the BHSDG at:
P.O. Box 519
Berkeley, CA 94701

2. Donate via credit card - Go to the BHSDG web site  (Please note there will be a service charge for online donations)
  • In the box to the left of the PayPal™ logo, put instructions for how to divide your contribution. For example, just as above: XX% to AC and XX% to BHSDG.
  • Then click the “Donate” tab, and enter your payment information.
Questions? Reply to this email and we will do our best!
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