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Tuning into high frequency signals from space

Using its highest frequency receivers yet, the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) obtained 695 radio signatures for various molecules from the direction of Cat's Paw Nebula.

Modifying for healthy brain function

A molecule makes modifications essential for proper signal transmission at brain nerve junctions.

RNA & m6A

Mimicking human sense of touch

A sensor detects surface information, such as shapes, patterns and structures, through touch and sliding.  

For future robots?

Drinking water sucked from dusty desert air

A material efficiently captures moisture even from low-humidity air and releases it on demand.   

Calcium choloride +
carbon nanotubes

Looking for ways to measure tumour aggression

Some markers of inflammation appear related to the aggressiveness of certain malignant tumours.


Beyond the Journal
The science of communicating research with the public

No such thing as perfect timing

Despite our best efforts, sometimes it can be impossible to penetrate the news. 

Windows of opportunity

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A new semiconductor superhighway

A novel semiconductor nanofibre with superb charge conductivity has potential to greatly increase the effectiveness of solar cells, among other applications.

No holes for electrons

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