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More than 100 exoplanets identified

A diverse array of planets found orbiting stars other than the sun are expected to play a large role in studying life in the universe.

Helping pick Chang'e-4's landing site

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University helped research where China's lunar probe should land, as well as develop the probe's Camera Pointing System.

The far side

Sphinx molecule can rescue farms from witchweed

A molecule causes the beautiful yet parasitic weed to germinate at the wrong time.  

Suicide germination

Determining fish age from inner ears

A refined technique to analyze the growth rings of otoliths improves accuracy of fish age estimates.   

Opaque zones

Beyond the Journal
The science of communication

Catching attention with a memorable quote

Providing good quotes takes some time and preparation, but not as much as you think. 

Colour and context

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Medicinal shrub protects against cognitive decline in diabetic rats

The mistletoe fig reduces toxic oxidative stress in diabetic rat brains, while also keeping the cortex wrinkly and improving cognition.

Ficus deltoidea

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