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Global fisheries could become more profitable despite climate change 

Commercial fish stocks could provide more food and profits in the future despite warming seas if adaptive management measures are implemented, according to a new analysis in Science Advances

Pumps protect the gut from toxins

Researchers identify how the gut protects its stem cell population from strong medicines, including anti-cancer drugs.

And spicy foods!

Improved conversion of CO2 into fuels

A photocatalyst converts carbon dioxide into ethane and methane with greater efficiency. 

Graphene to the rescue

How damaged nerve cells signal for help

The chemical cue that signals "Eat me, I'm a dying neuron" also instigates repair of severed axons.   

It's all about timing

Expandable scaffold enhances bone repair

Porous memory foam expands to fill bone fractures, encouraging faster tissue regeneration. 

Mimicking the trabecular

Beyond the Journal
The science of communicating research with the public

Conferences: Breaking into the circle

Walking into registration on the first morning can feel intimidating, but conferences can bring connections that enrich your career.

Our networking tips

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Tracing Zika's sudden rise  

The Zika virus was first observed in monkeys in 1947. Human infections remained low until a 2007 outbreak on Yap Island and the recent spikes in Central and South America. Reported cases continue to climb in Southeast Asia. 

New transmission vectors?

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