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Towards safer and more effective cancer radiation

Specially tuned x-rays could deliver a more effective punch to destroy cancer cells while minimizing harmful side effects.  

Hints about origins of life on Earth

An experiment shows the basic building blocks of DNA might have formed in giant gas clouds interspersed between the stars.  

Interstellar bases

Whole prenatal genome sequencing

The new technique detects micro-deletions and duplications associated with severe or lethal congenital disorders.


New record reached for flexible solar cells

A new world record was set for thin film CZTSSe solar cells converting sunlight to energy.   


Beyond the Journal
The science of communication

Managing a massive research story

What was it like when hundreds of outlets in 50 countries covered research about Pluto?  

It's all in the preparation

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Invisible nanofilm enables on-screen fingerprint detection

A transparent, flexible smartphone sensor also measures temperature and tactile pressure, which could combat fingerprint forgery and make mobile devices even more compact.

It even meets FBI requirements

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