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New insight into origin of water on Earth

Heating organic matter past 350℃ leads to the production of water and oil, suggesting organic matter from interstellar nebula could be the source of abundant water on Earth.

Overlooked: mangrove methane emissions

The climate benefits of subtropical mangroves with lower salinity are significantly undercut by the amount of methane they produce.

From the field in Hong Kong

How cancer blood vessels become drug-resistant

Chemotherapy can lead to inflammation that triggers tumor blood vessels to pump out the drugs.

A potential fix

Lockdown saw modest drop in China's air pollution

But the two pollutants most harmful to human health were only slightly reduced.

The great unplanned experiment

ARN @ the Movies
Myanmar's migrant workers were badly affected by COVID-19 shutdowns, and researchers wanted to better understand the impact so they can advise policymakers. In Myanmar, Facebook is an effective way to reach the general population. We created this short video to invite people to participate in the research survey. In just five days, the video reached 67,000 viewers on Facebook!
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