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New compound could improve stroke patient recovery

A new compound shows promise for improving motor function recovery for stroke patients in combination with rehabilitation therapy. Notably, the small molecule treatment appears effective even when started a month after brain damage -- not just hours.  

Farthest star in the universe detected

The star, named Icarus, is 9 billion light years away and sheds light on what dark matter definitely is not.

Bending space-time

Lens slows myopic progression by 60%

The DIMS spectacle lens is specially designed to slow -- and possibly even stop -- myopia progression in children, helping them focus at both short and long distances. 

I can see clearly now

Obesity inhibits cancer defense 

A key mechanism that removes potentially malignant cells was suppressed in certain organs of mice fed high-fat diets.  

Can aspirin help?

Perovskite stability improved

Researchers improved the stability of halide perovskite nanocrystals without degrading their electrical properties, which could boost solar cell performance. 

Surprisingly simple solution

Beyond the Journal
The science of communicating research with the public
How does it feel when your research becomes big news?

We asked Rafaela Takeshita of Kyoto University, whose research about snow monkeys and hot springs recently made headlines. 

In the hot seat

From Asia Research News 2018

Infertility mechanism in males identified 

A sperm protein known as the 'spark of life' is dysfunctional in some men, but researchers found that injecting large amounts of the abnormal protein directly into eggs in vitro can potentially overcome this form of infertility.

Kick-starting fertilization

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