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How bleach transforms air filters

A copper-based material used to trap ultra-fine dust particles usually degrades in water or humid air. Researchers found treating the material with a common skin bleach makes it last for weeks in water and over two years in humid conditions.  

Mysterious Nasca lines reclassified

Scientists reanalyze the 2,000-year-old etchings in Peru's desert using a taxonomic approach.  

Hermits and pelicans

Predicting extreme storms and landslides

A new research program will use AI and machine learning to improve early warning systems for heavy rainfall and landslides.

Slope safety

No symmetry for quantum gravity

The fundamental concept of symmetry is not possible when combining gravity and quantum mechanics.   

Holographic fail

Beyond the Journal
The science of communication

Effective embargoes

We cover best practices for releasing research news to journalists before official publication.  

How and when?

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Delivering the goods to bone cancer

A gene-editing Trojan horse that sneaks up on osteosarcoma cells could help the fight against this aggressive childhood bone cancer.

A lipid disguise

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