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New orangutan species discovered in Indonesia

The first new species of great ape described in nearly 90 years underscores Indonesia's role as a haven for biodiversity.

Ion billiards cue novel material synthesis method

A liquid-free process that inserts ions into a host material could pave the way for a variety of new materials.

Protons as the cue ball

Asteroid impact site changed history of life

The chance of an asteroid hitting just the right spot to trigger the mass extinction of dinosaurs, which then allowed the rise of mammals, was slim -- just 13%. 

Who's feeling lucky?


Licorice extract might help treat Parkinson's

An extract from licorice root prevents dopamine-producing neurons from dying, which could potentially help treat Parkinson's disease.

A protective mechanism

China's deadly air quality improving

The country reduced harmful particulates by 21 percent in two years, and pollution-related mortality dropped by 9 percent.

Still aways to go

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Spinal injury: the healing power of the brain 

Neural stem cell therapies could eventually play a role in treating spinal cord injuries, which affect an estimated 2.5 million people worldwide.

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