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A urine test for cancer

You've heard of 'pee on a stick' for pregnancy tests. How about cancer? Researchers have developed a nanowire device that shows promise for detecting various cancer markers in urine samples.

Robots to the rescue

Robotics for emergency response are getting better and better -- from levitating camera heads to cyber-enhanced vests for rescue dogs that monitor their location and wellbeing. 

Tough Robotics Challenge

Moth buzzes back to life after 130 years

The Oriental blue clearwing moth was recently found in the jungles of Malaysia. Only known from a single museum specimen, the moth looks and behaves more like a bee. 

A bee actor

Turning CO2 into methane

A titanium dioxide photocatalyst converts carbon dioxide into methane at record rates, offering a way to reduce and reuse emissions. 

Just how efficient is it?

In a new monthly column, our resident expert explains why you should embrace the challenge of communicating with broader audiences. 

Discoverability, influence and the bigger picture

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Eradicating child marriage

An estimated 700 million women worldwide were married as children. In many regions, this equates to one in three girls marrying before they turn 18. Researchers conducted a large survey and found that reversing this trend must begin with changing perceptions of gender norms.

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