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Good news for mangrove conservation, for now

The loss of mangrove forests is slowing, thanks in large part to conservation efforts, a new international study finds. However, results vary by country and rehabilitation efforts show mixed results. 

How malaria hides from immune cells

Malaria parasites can sense immune cells coming, then use the body's own cells to hide in plain sight. The mechanism could be a potential drug target.  

The rosette defense

What to expect when you're expecting electric transportation

How to reduce carbon emissions without slowing economic growth? A new analysis finds a combination that might surprise you.

Zoom zoom

Tiniest particles saved us from annihilation

If the universe had remained equal parts matter and anti-matter, we wouldn't be here. Gravitational waves may contain evidence about what neutrinos did to tip the balance.

Thanks guys

Beyond the Journal
The science of communication

Handling breaking science news

When a story breaks and the full facts are not yet clear, what can researchers and communicators do to help media gather information? 

Best practice

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All-in-one device for better brain studies

A wireless device enables long-term studies of the mouse brain, delivering up to four different drugs, individually, with the touch of a smartphone app. It is also soft and can control single neurons with light.

Easier than replacing the printer ink

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